In The Closet

Album: Dangerous (1992)
Charted: 8 6
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  • Michael Jackson never seemed very interested in girls, with caused some publicity problems and led audiences to question his sexuality. He made a solid attempt to answer these questions in this song, which is about two lovers who must keep their affair a secret. "In The Closet" is a phrase that means secretly gay, which made it an interesting choice for a title, but in the video, Jackson dances seductively with the model Naomi Campbell - strongly asserting his heterosexuality.
  • Jackson wrote and produced this song with Teddy Riley, who was one of the top beatmakers of the '90s. Some of Riley's tracks include "Rump Shaker" and "No Diggity."
  • The female vocalist was credited as "Mystery Girl." It was later revealed to be Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. In 1991, she released a solo album called Stéphanie, which sold dismally. The original choice for the "Mystery Girl" was Madonna. However, after she dropped out at the last minute, Princess Stephanie stepped into the breach.
  • Herb Ritts directed the video. Ritts, who died of AIDS in 2002, was a fashion photographer who also directed steamy commercials for Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein. He directed the famous video for "Wicked Game."
  • The video was considered so raunchy that it was banned in South Africa.
  • Producer Teddy Riley told that this song "was something Michael came up with, and it came out exactly as he wanted the track to be. He kind of put his vocals on a Dictaphone when he was in another room. He'd often record the vocals on a Dictaphone and take them into the studio and then see how it would all work out."
  • Riley commented on the song's raunchy lyrical content: "This is some of Michael's more explicit material on there, in terms of lyrical content [laughs]! But it didn't surprise you at the time. No, not at all."

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  • Miley from GermanyLol! You must be a hater. Go do you further research and make sure you're in a reliable sources not just a fanmade or corrupt media tabloids. The message of the song is about a relationship that has been kept behind closed doors. Michael Jackson had some secret girlfriends (it was since his handlers wants him to be single, bc they believe he's way more sexier being single) he even have a codename for them for privacy, his bodyguards only knew the girls by the codename not by their real name. If you knew Tatiana (his leading lady in The Way You Make Me Feel video) she messed up in one of MJ's concert. She kissed him on the lips on the stage, in front of the crowd. That made MJ's manager upset and they fired her right away for disobeying.
  • J Taylor from Texas, Usa@Karen from Manchester Its actually a great video. Have you seen it? So to answer your question..."or what."
  • Ekristheh from Halath, United StatesWelcome Charisse, when you want to correct lyrics you can click on "view lyrics" and submit your corrections at the bottom of the window that appears. Good luck.
  • Charisse from Cheltenham, MdHey, this is Charisse, sorry if I missed a part int he song in the closet by michael jackson. I f you were wondering what the lyrics were, here they are. 'It's just a feelin' you have to soothe it
    You can't neglect it
    you cant abuse it
    Its just desire
    you cannot waste it
    thn if you want it then won't you taste it.
    Sorry again, I'm a first timer
  • Ekristheh from Halath, United StatesI don't think it's so bad. Boy, she's pretty.
  • Karen from Manchester, NhNo offense to the late Messrs. Jackson and Ritts...but is this the WORST video, or what?
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