God Gave Me Everything

Album: Goddess In The Doorway (2001)
  • Lenny Kravitz helped Jagger write and produce this, and also played guitar on the song. Kravitz often opened for The Rolling Stones.
  • This was the first single from Goddess In The Doorway, which was Jagger's first solo album since 1993. The Rolling Stones lead singer isn't known for spirituality, but on this track he's very explicit about his feelings toward God.
  • This was released to radio in November 2001, but it was released over the internet on October 23 so that it would be eligible for a Grammy the next year. It was one of the first songs sold via download, and it cost $3.49 through Liquid Audio, which was the first company to provide this technology (this was long before iTunes). Along with "Dig In" by Lenny Kravitz, it was the first Virgin Records single sold through download. >>
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  • Jagger played a small club in Los Angeles a week before a documentary about his life called Being Mick aired on ABC. He performed this twice at the club so they could use the footage in the documentary, which aired on Thanksgiving, 2001.
  • As part of the promotion for Jagger's documentary, ABC played a video of this mixed with football clips during halftime of Monday Night Football.
  • This appears, appropriately enough, in the 2003 film Bruce Almighty. >>
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  • The video was directed by Mark Romanek, who also did Kravitz' "Are You Gonna Go My Way." He had Kravitz and Jagger wear camera rigs attached to their bodies, which they walked around in to get footage. This technique can be seen in many movies, including Mean Streets and Requiem for a Dream.

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  • Annabeth from Kutztown, PaZak, it's about how a guy has everything he needs, and he's willing to give it all to this girl he loves. Is that helpful?
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