Make You Happy
by Mika

Album: The Origin of Love (2012)
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  • Mika explained to The Sun why he used robotic vocals for this track: "The song is basically a very modern take on a very old concept," he said. "It takes the idea of a really old love song and turns it futuristic. It's almost like a conversation between a robot and me. And also the chorus has the lyrics, 'All I want to do is make you happy' — they are very tender, like a mantra, and go round and round but are said by this vocoder voice, like a robot's voice."
  • A short film was made based around the themes of the song. "I commissioned a short film which I felt perfectly captured the sentiment of the track," said Mika. "The film was directed by Iouri Philippe Paillé and was made in Montreal. This is where the entire album started taking shape a year ago with Nick Littlemore at Planet Studios in Papineau."
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