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  • This song comes from a personal place as Posner reflects on his career to date. "I think a lot of people [are] scared to tell the truth in songs," he told The Boombox. "Especially when it's something that's not … flattering about themselves. I was one of those artists when I first started. I would always pretend I was perfect. That s— is so corny. Imperfect is the new perfect, you know? I just try to keep it real in my lyrics [now] — I have to tell the truth."
  • Posner sings here of still feeling unfilled even after getting a record deal and achieving some success in his recording career. "I think a lot of people in their late teens and early 20s [think], 'If I just get a dream job or money, that [will] fill the hole that I have in my heart,'" he told The Boombox. "My parents always told me money doesn't buy happiness, but I always thought that was something that people who didn't have enough money say."

    "I remember saying, 'Man, I'll just get this deal, and I'll be good.' So, I went for it and I got it, but it didn't make me happy," Posner continued. "That's almost like succeeding [in] your goals and not getting filled up is almost a bigger problem than failing. That's what I went through, and that's what I've gone through for the last two [or] three years."


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