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  • A cocoon is a silken casing spun by moth caterpillars and other insect larvae as a protective covering when passing into the pupal stage. (In the life of certain types of insects, the pupal stage follows the larval stage and precedes adulthood.) The Milky Chance duo of Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch use the cocoon during this song as a metaphor for the studio, which they consider to be a safe place where nobody can hurt them.

    So let's go back to our cocoon
    On the blackened afternoon

    "For me it's easy - it's basically two things: music and family," Philipp Dausch told Genius. "I think for both of us music is something that since we were small kids, it just makes us be able to escape and by doing it, you set your mind free. Being in the studio, being in the cocoon—it's a place where you just concentrate on that."
  • The song was inspired by the Milky Chance duo trying to find a period of reflection on the runaway success of their debut album, Sadnecessary. Clemens Rehbein explained to AntiMusic they were, "trying to find a place where you can be yourself and not be distracted; to slow down and reflect on yourself."

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  • Black Shudderfly from Lumberton, NcEven though love's gonna kill me....I will try, I will try.
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