A Child of God (It's Hard to Believe)

Album: Millie Jackson (1972)
  • In this song from her debut album, Jackson sings about how it seems so unlikely that hypocrites, thieves and liars were all created by God. It's a powerful song, but it came easy for Jackson, who told us: "It was Don French's idea. And I just came in and put the lyrics to it. It was easy, it was simple. I'm great with poems."

    With her 1974 breakthrough album Caught Up, which told the story of an elicit affair from the perspective of both the wife and the girlfriend, Jackson became known for her songs about infidelity, and her songs about other topics were often overlooked. Said Jackson: "I write a lot of meaningful songs, but nobody ever heard them. Because in my case most people would rather only listen to infidelity." (Read our interview with Millie Jackson.)


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