Bathroom Sink


  • This Country rocker finds Lambert contemplating self-image and women's pressure to look good: "It's definitely more pressure on women, and we put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way, to look like other women," she told Spin magazine. "It's hard; some days you do feel beautiful, and then someone will knock you down with a mean comment. It's exhausting. Weight issues, fake lashes and tanning, and all the stuff that goes into just going out into public sometimes. I wish I could just not do it for a day and see what happens."

    "A lot of the girls I've played the record for really relate to 'Bathroom Sink,' and 'Being Pretty Ain't Pretty' on the Annies record," she added, "because it's so real, because we all go through it."
  • The one Platinum track on which Lambert has sole writing credit, the singer told Billboard magazine she came up with it, "on a plane by myself headed to a show."
  • The song finds Lambert hiding "the tough stuff" behind false eyelashes and a fake smile. Laying her soul so bare is "kind of scary, for the rawness, and for the emotion in it," she admitted to Billboard. "It's just, 'Here I am, here's me.' But it's just real, just a real moment. I don't live there, but it's something you go through. Everybody does."


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