Makin' Plans

Album: Revolution (2009)


  • Miranda Lambert is best known by many for her songs about shooting guns ("Gunpowder and Lead") and setting people's houses on fire ("Kerosene"). She told Rolling Stone: "I think I was getting close to being pigeonholed as the crazy girl who shoots guns and sets people's houses on fire." However on Revolution Lambert is stretching out with mature ballads such as this reflective number about settling down and finding love. She commented: "I feel I'm a little more stable in life, and not the crazy, wild-eyed kid that was writing 'Kerosene' at 18. I've been through a lot and grown up a lot on the road. And I've always kind of been a little older than my age anyway. I have a farm in Oklahoma, a place in Texas, I have a steady relationship, a good career going, and good people around me. I was just driving home from the airport one night thinking about all those things, and thinking about how I bought a farm in Oklahoma [to be with] a boy. Having someone that grounds you in your life is really priceless. 'Makin' Plans' is about having somebody that always is your foundation, and wherever they are is home."
  • Lambert told Billboard magazine that she didn't draw the album title from a song or a lyric; instead Revolution signifies a change in perspective. She explained: "To me, that's an exciting word, that something new is happening. I sort of reinvented myself musically on this record. It feels like there's change, that country music is more open-minded. To me, anyways."


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