Ugly Lights

Album: The Weight of These Wings (2016)
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  • Miranda Lambert is heartbroken and is drowning her sorrows at the bar. She's there at happy hour and still sat on her barstool after the last call, when the bartenders switch off the dim lighting for the much brighter fluorescent "ugly lights."

    But I still go and stay too late
    And be the girl bartenders hate
    The one that doesn't need another one
    When the Romeos and Juliets
    Have bummed all of my cigarettes
    The last kiss in the parking lot is done
    I'll be sitting here alone
    When the ugly lights come on

    Lambert co-wrote this raw song with frequent collaborator Natalie Hemby and Liz Rose, who co-penned many of Taylor Swift's earlier tunes.
  • When Lambert performed this song in Evansville on January 26, 2017 during her Highway Vagabond Tour, she admitted to her fans the tune was inspired by the aftermath of her divorce from Blake Shelton:

    "I got divorced last year so I started drinking a little extra," she told the crowd, "S--t happens, you know?"

    "Anyway, I moved to Nashville and I started spending too much time at the Midtown bars, and I realized that I was taking an Uber for the third day in a row to pick up my Jeep - I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee," Lambert continued. "I smelled like smoke and I was wearing clothes from yesterday and I was like, 'This is three days in a row. This is probably a problem.'"


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