Astro Zombies

Album: Walk Among Us (1982)


  • This song was inspired by a 1968 science fiction horror film called The Astro-Zombies. >>
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    Yoseph - cupertino, CA

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  • Joe from San Diego, CaNo. Glenn Danzig NEVER would've allowed this, but that pusscake jerry only controls the misfits now and he's a f--king sellout. With the exceptions of a few songs like Hellena, the "new" misfits suck ALMOST as much as MCR. And this song, like most of their songs, is not based or even "loosely based" on a movie- just the song title.
  • Sage from Warrenton, Vaits true that the Misfits had to have given MCR permission to use it. and after hearing what they did to it, i'm willing to bet they were blown away by how much they completely trashed one of the best songs ever recorded.
  • Johnn from Tijuana, Mexicowhy you people talk about pussy emo glam My Chemical Romance in a misfits song?
  • Cruz from St. Pual, Mn"Horrible bands covering great songs by amazing bands usually ends up in fail"-

    What the hell, stop PMSing just because you dont like hearing welcome to the black parade on the radio all the time
    My Chemical Romance needs to stop thinking they're great and making garbage songs in honor of bands they like"-

    Obviosly my chemical romance had to get permission to be able to cover this song

  • Tyler from Soldier City - Stc, Fli have to agree with everyone on here with common sense, my chemical romance blows and shouldn't cover this song, people have confused my old email (astrozombieseatmybrain) by saying, i love that MCR song, i said who? anyway this song is very loosley based on the movie, i has almost nothing to do with it, the movie doesn't even use th term astro zombies, it's one thing called 'astro-man'. awesome song though- evilive version is the best.
  • Nick from Berkley, MiGreastest Misfit song
  • Anna from Aberdeen, NcHorrible bands covering great songs by amazing bands usually ends up in fail, as demonstrated by this situation.
  • Karen from Long Beach, Caf.y.i. My chemical romance doesnt think they are great they KNOW they are great. :)
  • Chris from Basking Ridge, NjMy Chemical Romance needs to stop thinking they're great and making garbage songs in honor of bands they like. I'd be offended if I were the Misfits.
  • V-starr from ?????????, MiI LOVE this song. My Chemical Romance did a cover of this song for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. (Hearing that song on THAM got me liking MCR)
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