Somebody Ain't You

Album: Telling All My Secrets (2018)
  • Here, Mitchell Tenpenny is stuck in a relationship that's in the last embers. He knows he needs to move on, and both he and his lover have been seeing other people, but he can't make that final break.

    Why can't I fall in love with her like I fell for you
    Why do I feel like I'm lying every time I tell the truth
    Why do we restart every time we are trying to move on, girl it's so hard
    When you call me, your friends saw me with somebody but that somebody ain't you

    Mitchell Tenpenny wrote the song with Thomas Archer and Dallas Wilson. it finds the Nashville singer recalling a time he was struggling to leave a toxic relationship. "That's one I remember. I remember being stuck in that purgatory for a little while there back in the day," he told The Boot. "That song was really all about that."


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