Album: Strangers to Ourselves (2015)
  • The video for this exploration of the predatory nature of humanity follows an actual coyote taking a train ride through Portland. The clip was inspired by the true story of a coyote that rode Portland's MAX light rail train back in 2002. The incident also inspired the song "Light Rail Coyote" by Modest Mouse's fellow Washington rock legends Sleater-Kinney.
  • Here are some coyote fun facts from The Encyclopedia of Trivia:

    The name 'coyote' is derived from the Aztec word for a prairie wolf, coyotl.

    Coyotes make several distinctive sounds to communicate to their pack members as well as other packs. Their various barks, howls, growls and yelps each have specific meanings.

    As an aggressive gesture to rivals, the coyote makes its tail bushier and turns it sideways.

    Coyotes will sometimes kill livestock, which causes farmers to resent them. As a result, 400,000 coyotes are killed every year in the USA.


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