Album: This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About (1996)
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  • Dramamine is a motion sickness medicine that can alter your mood. The title of the album suggests a long drive - possibly while on tour - and too much time for the driver (or passenger) to be left alone with his own thoughts. You take Dramamine when you are going on a long road trip, and being an opiate it can cause weird flashbacks to depressing or sad memories. >>
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    Bryan - Prescott Valley, AZ
  • When you overdose on Dramamine, your thoughts and conversations are useless. Basically, your mental functions go around in circles. Also, your speech is slurred and your hearing is magnified at the time, so everything seems louder than usual. If you stare at a TV turned off, it can appear to be on and strange images might surface on the screen. If you do look at your face in the mirror while tripping, your face can appear to be altering, which might be why Isaac Brock sings, "look at your face like you're killed in a dream."

    The lyrics are not detailed nor lengthy, leading to the notion that Brock was tripping on an overdose of Dramamine while conjuring up this song. The lyrics go in circles, much like thoughts are while on it. Also, the guitar structure in the song indicates the overall mentality while tripping on Dramamine.

    Punk/Indie music often sends messages about getting around things, and Dramamine is a way around more expensive psychedelics. It is at almost every drugstore in America, and cheap too. The title can be seen as a reference to beating the system or finding an alternative way around things and then writing about those experiences. >>
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  • Marcus Mcculloch from Orcas Island, Washington.For me, he is lamenting about a narcissistic relationship. Just that simple......for me.
  • Stump from Gulf Shores, AlHAHAHA oh the bulls--t people will post just because no one knows them. . You guys are getting f--ked up on DRAMAMINE?? I mean, Ive seen some desperation, but I would NOT be proud of that! HAHA "Oh look at me Im depressed worry about me Im taking dramamine it's a crazy drug you never know what I'm gonna do next cause Im so f--ked up on dramamine!"-- Pretty ridiculous. . .
  • Shannon from Lynchburg, VaSummer 1989(or '90) My first year as a east coast beach bum. Us locals tripped most every night on one hallucinogenic or another. One night with no real trip to be found someone mentioned dramamine, and off we went on the wierdest....I'm sorry what was I, hey that shoes a phone,why won't this(invisible)kitty drink milk? It was like that. Not recommended!
  • Wyatt from Winthrop, Wawhat you guys are it does to reminds me at night when i was a preteen i used to wake up and just wander around not knowing much it is not very pleasent
  • Tim from Seattle Right Now, Wait is the definitive song for me in my early Seattle days of residence - sweetness - dour tone and sense, terse, so good...
  • Elle from Chattanooga, Tnwhile it's not considered a psychedelic (thanks, it's with an E), it does produce hallucinations which is generally accepted as a psychedelic if any sort of drug produced psychedelic mindsets.

    i took a full pack (it's between 10-12 in a pack) last year and i tripped extremely hard. even then i was using a lot of psychedelic drugs (actual psychedelics, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms and the like) and it was one of the hardest trips i had had. it felt like searching for a radio station but not being able to stop on just one frequency.

    i had many auditory and visual hallucinations on dramamine. i feel as if this song captures the mood and essence of a dramamine trip quite well. as mentioned, the lyrics not being lengthy or detailed suggest that isaac brock was tripping on dramamine while writing this song - and i agree, it's plausible. it was very hard to muster up the energy to move, and by the time i had gotten the courage to try and speak or move, i had forgotten what it was i was going to say or do.

    quite the amazing song. in my opinion, it's one of the songs that proves that modest mouse is the led zeppelin of our generation.
  • Elle from Chattanooga, Tnit's not considered a psych>>>E<<
    i took 12 last year and i tripped very hard. the first thirty minutes i spent lying on a couch feeling as if i was turning a radio knob but couldn't focus on just once frequency, as if i was hearing frequencies. i rationalised that i was probably hearing the neighbours speak (which wasn't true at all, it was an auditory hallucination).

    i had very vivid visual and auditory hallucinations when i tripped on dramamine, i feel as if this song captured the feeling quite well.
  • Aaron from Phoenix, AzI would like to point out the first fact is false...dramamine is not an opiate, and opiates do not cause flash backs (Quite the opposite, actually)

    Also, Dramamine is considered a Delerient, not a psychadelic.
  • Destiny from Chicago, IlI took 18 and overdosed when I was 13. ITs true your thoughts and speech is higly impaired. Why would you be afraid if you only tookone
  • Kathleen from Brownsville, TxI LOVE THIS SONG!! When I took one pill of Dramamine, I became "dead" for a day and a half causing people around me to quickly hate me. Wow. I'm afraid to take that pill. Never take it with Zoloft, it really slows down everything.
  • Eli from Canton, United StatesI took 16 dramamine once, I tripped balls, I would talk to someone for like 20 minutes, and then they would jest disapear, and i would try to grab my pesi, but my hands would pass right through it, it was so awesome, oyea, this song is sweet too
  • Jake from San Fran, CaYah, dramamine is pretty crazy drug that a lot of people under estimate. It can lull you into a meditative state.
  • Amy from Lawrence, KsThe Best song ever. By Far.
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