Album: The Moon And Antarctica (2000)


  • This song offers some view into lead singer Isaac Brock's mother. It is clear that he has issues with her: "My mom's God is a woman and my mom she is a witch." >>
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  • Kathleen from Brownsville, TxI LOVE ISAAC BROCK!! This song ROCKS!! I LOVE MODEST MOUSE!!
  • Jake from San Fran, CaI wonder if he hates it when people make judgments on his prefrences when THEY HAVN'T EVEN MET HIM
  • Weston from Whitefish, Mtmy comment below is referring to jay's comment
  • Weston from Whitefish, MtActually he hates it when people ask him to interpret his songs because he thinks everyone should come up with their own thoughts and ideas from the songs. They can mean whatever they want to whoever it doesn't matter.
  • Jay from Allentown, PaI dont think thats true, especially since the next line is "I like this."

    I dont think it has anything to to with Isaac's real mom at all.. I think its all metaphoric.

    Plus, these are the things that piss Isaac off. He hates when people try to interpret his songs. He says that he wrote tham at a specific time in his life and mean stuff only to him.
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