This Devil's Workday

Album: Good News For People Who Love Bad News (2004)


  • This is about a total jerk who believes in nothing ("I am my own damn God!") and makes people's lives miserable. He eats an entire wedding cake (assumably not his), kills a bunch of puppies, "sets free" someone else's potted plant and tells them how nice that was of him. >>
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  • Steven from Clayton, NcI disagree intensely with all but Luke. This song seems to take on an almost Cajun style of explaining the devil. It's dark, cruel, bitter, nasty, sarcastic, morbid, rich with metaphor, and distinctly dark. I think this may be one of their best.
  • Hailey from Tc, MiI believe that this song it about a day in the life of your average devil. just a guy going around causing mayhem.
    and, i dont think you can technically be wrong about an interpretation of a song. brock writes songs about cars not starting and having a bad day, so i think there is reason to assume that this song could be about noting more that a man who tries his best to reak havoc on those around him.
  • Kp from Denton, Vaok, so your completely wrong about the meaning of the song, just like most people are completly wrong about modest mouse songs. The songs not about a jerk. Just listen to it and you would know that. Its about someone that doesn't want to be like someone else. They belive in themselves and they go their own way because he doesn't wanna be dead as a log floating in the sea just like everyone else working a 9 to 5. He doesn't need a reason, he doesn't need a job, he controls what he thinks, and he is his own damn god..
    Also the part about the potted plant isn't meant to make you think about the owners, I don't think.. its meant to make you think about all the potted plants you own and whether your right in owning anything.
    Think about that.
  • James from Lansing, MiThis songs (and most of the album) are heavily influenced by Tom Waits. If you Like this song you should check out Waits' Rain Dogs. His voice is a little rough, but he might be the best american song writer not named Dylan.
  • Jake from San Fran, CaThis song has a badass musical arragment
  • Luke from Martin, TnPersonally, I thought the song was written from an actual devil's point of view. Float On is a great song, but unfortunately it got overplayed and people started to dislike them.

    A bit of trivia: Their song Gravity Rides Everything was featured in a car commercial.
  • Daniel from West Covina, Cai agree thier newest cd is one the best i've heard in a long time there music is influental thier cd is very diverse from anyone alses i've ever heard i think they could be one the greatest rock bands ever know i encourage you to go out and buy good news for people who love bad news you won't be abale to stop listening to it they have great songs on ther like bukowski and black cadillacs all thier songs are great there music will move you.
  • Rob from Castaic, Casounds like a total jerk... but anyway, its too bad that Modest Mouse is such an underrated band. The success obtained by Float On overshadows some of their best stuff. I ain't saying that Float On isn't a good song becuase its actually very good, but a lot of their stuff is different.
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