Whiskey Glasses

Album: If I Know Me (2018)
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  • Here, Morgan Wallen is trying to drink away the pain of a breakup by knocking back glasses of whiskey.

    I'ma need some whiskey glasses
    'Cause I don't wanna see the truth
    She's probably making out on the couch right now
    With someone new

    Wallen's mind is plagued with thoughts about what his ex might be getting up to with some other guy. The only way he can forget about her is by getting inebriated.
  • The song was written by:

    Kevin Kadish, who co-wrote many of Megan Trainor''s early hits, including her breakthrough single "All About That Bass."

    Nashville songwriter Ben Burgess, whose other credits include The Cadillac Three's "Legacy."
  • The track was produced by Joey Moi, who is a Canadian record producer, songwriter and musician. He is known for his work with both rock groups (Hinder, Nickelback) and country acts (Florida Georgia Line, Jake Owen).
  • The music video, directed by Justin Clough, follows Wallen as he tries to mend his broken heart after his girlfriend dumps him. At first, he tries to cope by drinking away the pain but eventually he hits a bar with his friends and gives a live performance of the song.

    Wallen told People he didn't want it to be a traditional breakup music clip. "We wanted the video to start out sad just because that's kind of the way the song is," he said. "I think we've all been in that situation before where you're trying to get over somebody and you resort to [drinking]. I connected to it in many ways."
  • The song became Morgan Wallen's first Country chart-topper when it climbed to #1 on its 30th week on the survey. The country star got the good news of the song's elevation to the summit on his 26th birthday (May 13, 2019).
  • The song plays off the double meaning of glasses.

    I'ma need a double shot of that heartbreak proof
    And see the world through whiskey glasses
    (Ain't nothing else to do, but sip around the truth)
    And see the world through whiskey glasses
    (I need a better view, where I don't drink to you)

    Wallen explained to Genius: "If you hear whiskey glasses you immediately think glasses you drink out of and this one is a different kind, so it's cool."
  • "Whiskey Glasses" was the #1 song of 2019 on both of Billboard's main country charts: Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay.


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