Only Love

Album: Wilder Mind (2015)


  • Mumford & Sons' Wilder Mind album finds the band ditching their acoustic folk instruments in favor of a more stadium-ready rock sound. Rolling Stone commented during an interview with Marcus Mumford that this song has elements that could have been on the previous two records, but then when the electric guitar comes in, it's very powerful. Mumford responded: "With acoustic guitars, whenever you hit them, you get back exactly what you put in, whereas with an electric guitar plugged in, with the amp turned loud, you don't actually have to hit it that hard for it to make a big sound. And we'd been experiencing that."

    "Then of course there's the question of control, and the idea of space comes to it more, because you have to be really intentional about the space that you leave," he added. "here's also way more space on this record than there was on the last two. And that's certainly intentional: enjoying the space, enjoying the kind of more patient structures of songs. I mean, we play what we wanna play. No one tells us what to do. We're in a very lucky position in that way and it's the same with this album – this is the noise we wanted to make, so we made it."


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