Knights Of Cydonia
by Muse

Album: Black Holes And Revelations (2006)
Charted: 10


  • This song combines the subjects of Mars and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse mentioned in the Book of Revelations in The Bible. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse appear in chapter 6 v 2-8. The four horses represent God's judgment of people's sin and rebellion, and are a foretaste of the final judgment to come. The four horsemen are traditionally named pestilence, war, famine and death.
  • Cydonia is the region on Mars where some believe life has existed. In the January 2007 issue of Q magazine, Matt Bellamy said: "I'd definitely be up for a trip to Mars. I'd love to record an album at zero gravity. Or at least go up there and do a vocal take. The area of Cydonia is very interesting. There are parts of it that resemble abandoned civilizations."
  • This song, like much of Black Holes and Revelations, is inspired by corrupt political leaders. Matthew Bellamy says its not about any specific leader, but all leaders. Evidence of this is shown in the lyrics, such as "I'll show you a 'god' who falls asleep on the job," referring to leaders who treat themselves like God because they have power. >>
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    Bert - Pueblo, NM
  • Matt Bellamy's father was the guitarist with the Telstar group, The Tornados. The early '60s band influenced this song, as Bellamy explained to Q magazine: "The rhythm is quite influenced by the things he did - a lot of Tornados tracks had that rhythm."
  • Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme once described this song as "40 years of rock history in six minutes." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Director Joseph Kahn created a post-apocalyptic, spaghetti western-style world for the music video, which was shot in London, Romania, and Red Rock, California. The clip stars actors Russ Bain, Richard Brake, and Cassandra Bell. The band members appear throughout as holograms. This isn't Kahn's first trip to a futuristic landscape; he also created an anime-style future world for Janet Jackson's "Doesn't Really Matter."
  • Matt Bellamy told Q magazine that most of his songs are personal in some way. He said: "When I've created a slightly imaginary dystopian nightmare, I'm putting myself in there: what would I feel in that situation? In Knights Of Cydonia - 'No one's going to take me alive,' - I had that feeling of wanting to fight back against something."

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  • Jeffery Barber from HellThis tune is about me. Here is the reason. The second line refers to "running through the veins of history" I am the only "realized" true blueblooded avatar of a biblical giant in over 26,000 years.

    I am the last avatar of a dynasty almost 4000 years old. Other avatars in my dynasty include Jacques de Molay(Knight Templar) Oliver Hazard Perry, and Nàrada.

    Every Knight Templar also was a blueblood.

    In Nirvana's "teen spirit" I am referred to as "libido" the mulatto was Enoch, mosquito was Moses, who was a wiry little guy, and there was also avatars of Nephilim.

    There actually are multiple levels of understanding in the name, Cydonia is a libido enhancer, but if I'm already in Cydonia.

    The mars reference is about the fact that originally templars were protectors of the religious personages that traveled. They were not of terrestrial origin.

    The reference to the fool King is George Bush, who is the true Antichrist. He has allowed the CIA to perpetrate such madness, that it will ultimately bring our end.

    Don't waste time or time will waste you refers to the theme of what I have related to Oliver's Army, as the fool has allowed the CIA to place a nuclear charge on the moon, and will detonate it within the next year.

    This will be our undoing.

    The entire discography of muse is prophetically foretelling of the Battle of the Armageddon.

    The song, Assassin also is a reference to me.

    I am referenced in other bands music.

    Oliver's Army is he Army the I recruit. Oliver, is Oliver Hazard Perry, my direct ancestor. I am "check point charlie. My middle name is Charles.

    Bauhaus, calls me the " Sanity Assassin" (who killed mister moonlight?)
    REM, I am "monster".
    XTC, I am the Knight in shinning karma, and Scissor Man, as well as Peter Pumkinhead.
    Yardbirds I was little soldier boy.
    Morrissey, I am " November spawned a monster "
    The cure, I am "perfect boy"
    Johnny cash, "I won't back down"
    Black Sabbath, ironman
    Red hot chili peppers, Johnny kick a hole in the sky.
  • Tim from IndianaGreat song always pumps me up.
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiThe title isn't mentioned in the song. :,-(
  • Robyn from Jonannesburg, South AfricaThis song is amazing! Muse is amazing!
  • Grace from Liverpool, United KingdomMuse...mind blown
  • Zachary from State College, PaThe chorus is, in my opinion, a call to revolution, which we need ('but when you talk about destruction/ don't you know that you can count me out [in). Also, has anyone heard their latest single, Uprising? The message there is very similar to here (it's eerie!)
  • Justin from Covina, CaYeah, Shaun, it would. Too bad there aren't any plans (to the best of my knowledge) to make DT into a movie. :( Yeah, there are many Muse songs that would fit...
  • Liberty from Somewhere, InI don't know if this has anything to do with the Four Horsemen, but if you look at the cover of Black Holes and Revelations, there are 4 horses on the table. Also, you can hear the sound of horses in the beginning of the song.
  • Will from Baghdad, IraqMichael, u r very correct. Bellamy said in an interview that he tried to make this song sound a lot like his dad's playing in the song Telstar
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaI first heard this song at the Big Day Out (big travelling music fest in Australia) as I was walking through the crowd to find some shade and it was the "You and I must fight for our rights" bit and they had massive screens up with the words and I couldnt take my eyes off them!This song was suck in my head for days before I found out who they were! Two concerts later I think I can definately call myself a totally mental Muse fan!
  • Margaret from Missoula, MtIncredible riffs, awesome meanings, another great contribution from Muse.
  • Shaun from New York, NyIt'd fit perfect in the Dark Tower movie, wouldn't it?
  • Niki from Madison, WiGreat song. I never get tired of it!
  • Louise from Newcastle, United KingdomAmazing riffs, hardly any lyrics- works great. One of Muse's best.
  • Amy from Adelaide,this song got number one in australias hottest 100 on our youth radio station. That was one of the best moments of my life to date!
  • Russ from Davis, CaThis song kiks a**, Muse rocks, and the Dallas Cowboys are the greatest team in the History of the NFL!!!!!!!!!
  • Michael from Kearny, NjEarly in the song Matt's guitar intentionally sounds much like the Tornados sound on their only hit song "Telstar" from 1962. Matt included it as a nod to his father, who was the Tornados rhthym guitarist.
  • Yoseph from Cupertino, CaThe video for this song is sooooo trippy.
  • Nick from Edmonton, Canadaagain, another song that will get mass apeal because its on Guitar Hero
  • Robert from Chicago, IlThis song is due to appear in the next Guitar Hero video game...GH3: Legends Of Rock.
  • Ellie from London, EnglandAwesome song, strange meanings =D
  • Ben from Minas Tirith, MoI cant get enough of that riff at the end, i also believe that the movie 300 used the riff for a commercial they made
  • Ash from Mooroopna, AustraliaAmazing harmonies, need i say more?
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