Album: The Black Parade (2006)
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  • My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way mentioned at a concert in Birmingham that this song was about "Living in the dream and waking up one day inside that dream and realizing it is ugly and dead." >>
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  • Logan from Kearney, NeThis song leaves me in tears every time I listen to it. To me, you can feel the pain in his voice. I love it so bad. Perfect song if you ask me.
  • Rae from Buxton, NcThis makes me go into hysterical sobs, this is awesome!
  • M from Toronto, OnI play this on the piano. Makes my heart sing! To me, this song is about believing the world is one way, only to have it all come smack you in the face, but you say, "You know what? I don't care! I'll do it my own way!"
  • Ian from Ragama, Sri Lanka (ceylon)Love the way the song starts and ends...... Leaves a sad feeling inside me....
  • Logan from Indianapolis, Ini really love this song sooo much!! i love all they're songs! but this one is SOO amazing!!
  • Amanda from Manitowoc, Wievery one of you are wrong. this song is all about dreams. i know that because on the album the black parade is dead, he says " this song is all about dreams, its called disenchanted."
  • Aoife from Bray, --This song is about lead singer Gerard Way's brother Mikey who suffers from Bipolar Disorder or "Manic Depression."
    While recording the album Mikey's depression got worse, he no longer enjoyed being on stage "the roar of the crowd gave me heartache to sing"
    This nearly caused Mikey to leave the band.

    I love this song, definitely my favourite on the album :)
  • Knowlet Mownick from New York City, Nyfor me disenchanted means being tired or being disappointed of something...disenchanted...
  • Rose from Dumfries, United KingdomI think this song is about being sold an idea and being sucked in by the glamour and excitement of it (eg drugs, alcohol, even a contract of some sort). It sounds like he feels used and he feels like his life lacks a point and meaning. He feels like he's been let down by life,soceity and the rest. It's one of the saddest songs on the album.
  • Landy from Bj, ChinaI am a Chinese student. I love this song!!!! The melody is so beautiful! Though it's a little bit hard to catch what mcr exactly wanna convey, but I love this song !!!
  • Lory from Ft. Worth, Txi think this about sumone whos life flashes before there eyes and c's how hw has been treated and how he treated people and then changes but knows he can't change other people
  • Chelsea from Forks, Wai think its about a person who is dieing and is watching there life go by and reilzize they never learned anything
  • Latasha from Austin, TxI still have no idea what this song is about, but I love it
  • Lolo Brown from Gertrude, Bahamasso i think this song is about a person placing standards on life and what it should be but then repetedly getting dissappointed by everyone in their lives and eventually just saying "i cant change these people so im just gonna do what i want and live my own life" i love this song dearly, it hits close to home. ive been really dissappointed at the realites of life lately and how people run away from their problems through alcohol or drugs or other things like that instead of fixing them but yeah... thats all.
  • Latasha from Austin, TxThis is my fav song by them, i still don't understand what it's about tho...
  • Toni from Cincinnati, OhMikey Way once listend to this song for a five hour span on repeat while waiting in a lounge somewhere because this is his favorite song on the cd. Yeah learning that made my life happy.
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