Headfirst For Halos

Album: I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (2002)
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  • This song deals with drugs and suicide. Lines like, "We'll fly home" and "I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling" indicate the singer is getting high and having suicidal thoughts. MCR wrote this song for the people out there that are so down and depressed that they feel they need to kill themselves - they wrote it to try and make these people happier, hence the upbeat tempo of the song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Rhiannon - Manchester, England
  • The line, "Now these red ones make me fly and the blue ones help me fall" resembles a scene in the movie The Matrix where Neo decides his fate by choosing either a red or blue pill. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Laura - Toronto, Canada
  • This song started out as a joke, but lead singer Gerard Way saw potential in the song and encouraged the band to develop it. >>
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    Jazmin - Gilbert, AZ
  • In 2013, Gerard recalled on Twitter that the song opened a lot of creative doors for the band, and they wanted it to sound like "Thrash Beatles."
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  • Maxx from Fort Atkinson, WiI heard frank iero was high an he was talking about blowing his brains against the ceiling an when the skull fragments fell they turned into pixie dust an they could fly away like in peter pan with pixie dust an never never land.. Hense the lyrics 'and I think ill blow my brains against the ceiling And as the fragments of my skull begin to fall Fall on your tongue like pixie dust just think happy thoughts And we'll fly home we'll fly home You and I' And when they talk about skull fragments falling on your tongue it reminds me of pixie sticks:) hehe Nummy:)
  • Amanda from Manitowoc, Withis song was a joke because frank iero was high and that was sort of how it was brought up.
  • Todd from Metropolois, ScObviously about how thinking happy thoughts will get you thru suicidal times. The red ones and blue ones refer to prescribed drugs and baddie drugs. One of the happy thoughts is the day that started his relationship with a girl. (the day that starts is all..i cant begin to let you know what i'm feeling.) and of course there are the peter pan references but what it seems noone has noticed is that they probably came from the play of peter pan that gerard played in as a child.

    by the way, i believe that good luck is just the ability to instinctively choose the right choice in a seemingly irrevelent situation. What do you think?
  • Kasia from London, United KingdomGerard Way (lead singer) started writing this song whilst they were on tour as a joke, but then he thought it had some potential and it adapted into this great song! It is about drugs, because at the time he was an addict, I read this in their biography (This Band Will Change Your Life) and it has been in interviews but also it says 'And now the red ones help me fly and the blue ones help me fall' referring to drugs. 'And as the fragments of my skull begin to fall
    Fall on your tongue like pixie dust just think happy thoughts' is implying he is getting high and what happens like thinking happy thoughts, and it says as the fragments of my skull begin to fall which is saying how drugs are bad for you. Also the song is repetitive which suggests that it is the same routine with drugs and he has been pulled in by it and can't get out.
  • Sammi from Candyland, FlI think this song is somewhat disturbing but i love it anyway
  • Laura from Southport, EnglandThis is one of those songs which links to Gerard Way's quote in the biography of My Chemical Romance ("Something Incredible This Way Comes") - 'if a song is extra catchy or poppy, i will make sure that the lyrics are so f-ed up and dark you can't play that song on the radio'. It made me laugh when I read it :P I love the contrast between the lyrics and the actual music. Great song, awesome band.

    I like the link you made to Peter Pan, Andee :)
  • Lauren from Livingstonethe red and blue tablets he refers to are anti-depressants. the upbeat tempo of the song indicated they are saying they do not support suicide
  • Morgan from Gresham, Orhow i see it its supposed to mean that he is abusing pills to get high (now the red ones make me fly) and is supposed to be taking anti deppressants or pills to help with his addiction (and the blue ones make me fall) and the whole deal is making him suicidal (and i think i'll blow my brains against the ceiling)
  • Hannah from Hampshire, Englandthe whole pills thing could relate to real drugs such as the red pill adderall, which is often perscribed for teenagers with adhd. the blue pill could be something like ambien, which is actually blue, and is a sleeping pill it's a little bit specific but it fits with the concept
  • Amber from New York, Nyya cuz supposidly if you commit suicide u go to hell..but this song title is headfirst for halos.... this band is amazing
  • Yoseph from Cupertino, CaFor some reason, i really dislike this song. Its the only song off this album that i dont like.
  • Nicki from Pittsburgh, Pai really understand this song it kinda reveals my old life when mcr came to pittsburgh for a show i told them about my life and asked how i could turn it around and at the time gerard was going through the same thing alcohol and anti depreesit pills and he said all i can really do is STOP!!!!!! so i took his advise and i did it took a while i did have thoughts of suiside but it actually came to my attention i cant do this i have a life i really have a life. so yes i really do think this song is about being high but that is just my oppion!any who i love mcr tootle loo *(xNIcKIx)*
  • Chelsey from Lake Charles, Lai think i agree with that girl jennifer. it is a up beat song. im going to an mcr concert so maybe he will talk about it then.
  • Jennifer from Leesburg, FlGerard Way said that the song was about not commiting suicide. It's an upbeat tune to try and make you get your mind off of suicide.
  • Avalon from London, Englandit would have a lot of significance to the song if the references to peter pan were geniune, because if you watch Life on the murder scene you'll know that gerard played peter pan in a school play when he was a kid and it was a sort of turning point for him.
    also, i read in an interview that gerard said about this song "this song is about suicide- dont do it kids." so i reckon its about suicide, drugs... and peter pan?! great song whatever though- no matter what it really means
  • Elizabeth from J-ville, Flthis song is actually very important. Gerard said it was the most important song on the album. It's important because its such a "silly" (Gerard's words, not mine) song and he said that if the band could pull it off and make it work, than that would prove that the band is really ready for this and the band is going to work and whatnot. good thing it did work!
  • Sarah from St. Louis, Moi was watching an interview with my chemcial romance and gerard said that this song is about peter pan.
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, Fli love this song..its like about drugs and suicide..but very upbeat..lol awesome song/album
  • Tina from Philidelpha, Nji feel the same way when he says "We'll fly home" and "I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling" the only thing is that im not high when i think that. the only reason i think that is b/c i just went through a death in my family(my mother. from a die in heart
  • Christina from Bryn Mawr, PaYeah, i have mixed feeling about this song; it's most likely that it's about drugs, but when i first listened to it, I also thought it could have been about the Matrix, because of the pills, and about Peter Pan. Which ever one it is, their still awesome.
  • Nives from Ottawa, Canadablue and red isn't it like blue butterfly, the extasy pill?
    it's about drugs.
    Brendon, they are more impressive than any other band in concert. their show was the best one I ever attended.
  • Andee from Elmhurst, IlThis song has a lot relating to Peter Pan. In fact, several of the lyrics are directly taken from the Disney movie. "We'll fly home."(to Neverland)
    "Think happy thoughts."

    In the movie, the kids think happy thoughts to fly!
  • Michael from Dallas, Txa beautiful guitar for a beautiful lady laura :) (aww how sweet)
  • Brendon from Paxton, IlThe band is incredible, but they are not impressive at all in concert. However, they have mastered the art of the music video (case in point, Helena and Ghost of You).
  • Kelly from Chandler, AzMy Chemical Romance is a great band. Aside from talent, they are intense. It's apparent how much passion they have for their music.
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