Nada Surf

Nada Surf Artistfacts

  • 1992-
    Matthew CawsGuitar, vocals
    Daniel LorcaBass, vocals
    Ira ElliotDrums, vocals
  • Nada Surf was discovered by Cars frontman Ric Ocasek after a show at the Knitting Factory in New York City. Ocasek, who had already produced several other bands, offered to produce Nada Surf's album. When negotiations with Elektra Records broke down, Ocasek introduced the guys to the people at Maverick and they were signed soon after.
  • Nada Surf's first audition for the A&R reps at Maverick Records was hectic. They flew to Los Angeles at the last minute and had to rent gear to play for the executives. On top of that, frontman Matthew Caws had the flu. Fortunately, it all worked out and Maverick signed the band. Strangely, Elektra was allowed to release Nada Surf's first album High/Low because the label had already paid for the recording before negotiations with the band broke down.
  • Nada Surf paid for the production of their 2001 album Let Go with $1 and $5 bills. The album was produced by their friends Louie Lino and Chris Fudurich, who took the cash that came directly from the band's tour merchandise sales.
  • Nada Surf drummer Ira Elliot describes himself as a slacker without any hobbies. When the band isn't on tour or writing new songs, Elliot says he's a couch potato. He claims he'll often "wake 'n bake" or just sit around watching bad movies on TNT to kill time.
  • Death Cab for Cutie lead singer Ben Gibbard sings backup vocals on Nada Surf's song "See These Bones." The two bands are good friends, so when he heard Nada Surf was recording in his home town of Seattle, Gibbard dropped by the studio to see what was going on. Death Cab guitarist Chris Walla also produced Nada Surf's 2005 album The Weight Is a Gift.
  • Nada Surf's song "See These Bones" was inspired by the tomb of a monk the band saw in Italy. The song is about some of the band members' friends and how they feel inspired to live life to the fullest when they come across deceased people's graves.
  • Although the band is from New York City, Nada Surf bassist Daniel Lorca actually lives in Ibiza, Spain. He's originally from Madrid, so when the band isn't touring or working, he prefers to be in his home country. Drummer Ira Elliot lives in the United States, while frontman Matthew Caws splits his time between Cambridge, England and Williamsburg in Brooklyn.
  • Nada Surf lead singer Matthew Caws believes he's not much of an environmentalist. In an interview with Exclaim! he described his carbon footprint as "insane" because he flys back and forth between two residences all the time. Caws added "If I was an environmentalist, I don't think I could be in a rock group."


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