Album: Hurricane (2013)


  • This is the title track and lead single of Christian singer-songwriter Natalie Grant's eighth album. It was birthed during a dark period of Natalie's life that included a battle with postnatal depression and her father's cancer diagnosis. She admitted to New Release Tuesday that it wasn't an easy song to write: "The day that I went to write Hurricane' - which was the very first song for the album - I was going to the studio, and it was literally drudgery for me," she said. "I didn't want to go, and I was thinking of every reason to cancel the appointment. It was with Matt Bronleewe and Cindy Morgan, who are two people I greatly respect. I felt empty and insecure. I walked in the studio, and told them all I've got is this, "ooh-ooh, ooh" idea. It was kind of hooky, but it was all I had. In my personal life, I had been walking in these storms, and it's funny because this first single and first song ended up shaping the entire album."
  • Natalie explained the song's message to New Release Tuesday: "We cry out to Jesus to stop the storms in our lives, and the fact is that sometimes Jesus wants us to know that the storms are still going to happen, but He'll be standing right there with us," she said. "The Bible says that Jesus didn't hesitate when Peter cried out for help. Jesus reached out His hand. In writing this song, the fog didn't lift, but hope began to resurface in my mind, truthfully. The moment of thinking I was in an unending storm, I knew Jesus was with me, and I can ask Him to stop it. He's telling us to not look out at our problems, but to look up, because He understands."

    "'Hurricane' broke open wide the creative dam for me and began the process of knowing I could have hope that a better day is coming," Natalie added. "It's hard to admit as a Christian artist that sometimes we have our own crisis of faith, but it's true. This song has been an anchor for me, in my own marriage and family, in my own life, and in my own faith. This was a great opportunity for me to share my own struggles. It's easy to say, 'We're a victor in Jesus.' We are. We really are. It is the truth and makes an awesome bumper sticker. It's hard to live that day in and day out when you are being pounded by the storms of life."


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