Pocketful Of Sunshine

Album: Pocketful Of Sunshine (2008)
Charted: 5


  • This empowerment song was featured on the third season's finale of MTV's The Hills. Another Bedingfield song, "Unwritten," is the reality show's theme song. Bedingfield also performed this on the seventh series final of the Canadian teen drama TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation. "Pocketful of Sunshine also featured on the soundtrack of The Sims 2 Freetime computer game, Bedingfield recording a version in the unique language of The Sims called Simlish.
  • This was produced and co-written by American guitarist, writer and producer John Shanks. Other hits Shanks has been involved with include Michelle Branch's "Everywhere" (US#12 UK#18), Ashlee Simpson's "Boyfriend" (US#19 UK#12) and Take That's "Patience" (UK#1).
  • The album debuted in the Billboard 200 chart at #3, becoming the second highest debut placing by a UK female artist after Joss Stone's Introducing Joss Stone.
  • According to Billboard magazine, this song along with seven others including "Angel" were recorded to add to Natasha's follow up to "Unwritten" before it could be released in America. Epic Records wanted to make the singles more radio-friendly to fit American radio format. >>
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    Ramon - Cleveland, OH
  • The song was co-written by Bedingfield and Danielle Brisebois, the same pair who co-penned Bedingfield's breakout smash "Unwritten."
  • The song earned the prestigious Robert S. Musel Award for Song of the Year at the 2009 BMI London Awards dinner. The events are held by the US performing right society to recognise the most-performed European songs on US radio and television over the year and also to honour some of its most successful UK and European songwriters, composers and music publishers. The song also earned BMI's College Song of the Year Award thanks to tallying the most performances on American college radio.
  • This song was used in the movie The Ugly Truth staring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. >>
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  • This song was a running joke in the 2010 movie, Easy A, where Emma Stone's character gets one of those greeting cards that plays a song when you open it, and "Pocketful Of Sunshine" plays. After dismissing the song, she spends the next weekend sitting around the house constantly listening to it. Bedingfield's manager William Derella told Billboard magazine that he had reservations when he first heard the pitch. "They sent me the part of the script where the star of the film says the song is awful, so we turned it down," he said. "But then they sent me the rest of the script, where the character can't get the song out of her head and winds up loving it. I approved it, and we've seen a nice sales boost for the track."

Comments: 10

  • Nancy from Baltimore, Mdcute song. after Easy-A came out, I liked it better
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnCatchy chorus - wonderful singer.
  • Julia from Richland, WaI really like this song.
  • Matt from Houston, TxIt means she wants to go to her happy place but until she gets there she will have to just grin and bare it. No offense, but saying it's about drugs is a bit small minded. Trust me drugs do not take you to a place where you can forget your problems. It pretty much just puts them on hold. But you are right about1 thing. these days it's all about sex and drugs.
  • Trina from New York, NyI don't think this is about drugs, but I don't get it, because she's saying how happy she is, and then she's like "take me away from here!" If she's so happy where she is and she's saying how upbeat she is and she has a pocketful of sunshine, then why does she want to be taken away somewhere? It doesn't sound drug-related, but I don't know, everything nowadays IS drug-related.
  • Kane from Wytheville, Vathe remix is worse
    pocket full of moonshine!!!!!! thats a joke!!!!!
  • Shilo from Noneofyourbuisness, ItalyI love it,it's so happy and upbeat! ^^ ~Shilo~
  • Stupid from Boston, MaThis song is about her having drugs in her pocket. By a secret place means getting high. Isn't it obvious???!!!!! This song is bad for a little kiD!!!!
  • Jlew from Yazoo, MsI Love This Song!!!!!!!!!
  • Valerie from None Of Ur Buisness!!, Bcwow, im the first comment.... umm well i kina like this song. i mean, its an upbeat, happy song. =) just what the music scene needs. =D
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