Reaching Out
by Nero

Album: Welcome Reality (2011)


  • Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates recorded fresh vocals for this song, which were based on the duo's 1984 hit "Out Of Touch." Nero's Dan Stephens explained to MTV News how they reached out to Hall for this track. "A guy that works in the office just next to our studio, he produced [Hall's] most-recent album," he said. "So, he said, 'Oh, I know Daryl. I can sort that out for you. He'd probably be up for singing some new material on the track as well.'
    So, back and forth through emails, he agreed that he would re-sing that passage and sing a whole brand-new fresh chorus for the track. So, it's all original Daryl Hall material, which is amazing! And he still just sounds so great. It's incredible."
  • In 2004 dance act Uniting Nations had a Europe-wide hit with a song also titled "Out of Touch," which again heavily sampled the Hall & Oates number.
  • The song also contains an arpeggio sample from 1980's Italian dance act Kano's "Another Life."
  • The video is based on the TV show Miami Vice, with a graphic look and style similar to the iconic '80s program.


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