Album: Sticks And Stones (2002)
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  • This is about the death of lead singer Jordan Pundik's grandfather. His grandfather's nickname was Sonny. >>
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  • Ryan from Conneuat, OhNew Found Glory has gotten me through alot of rough times through my childhood and teenage years and now the roughest of starting life on my own I actually remember being in line to get the first A New Found Glory cd From Your Screen To Your Stereo and givin they are all covers but.. as they released more albums it seemed as tho I could sing with the CDs even tho i was hearing them for the first time and when the sticks and stones album dropped it really sucked because the band that i had loved for those few years and felt that they were my band and noone elses had picked up a larger audience and suddenly the people who made fun of me for listening to them were now making fun of me becuase I wasnt going to there shows, and because im not one to obsess as much as to know every name and age and little tid bit of individuals of a band i was put down but I still felt my self that NFG was my own little worlds Sound track and I remember being in line to get that CD and I listene to Sonny for the first time and instantly my mind went numb I was speachless that song hit me so clost to home it was outragouse, it made me think of my grandmother who died just two days after the WTC atacks who had told me a week before she went into the hospital and was the last time we ever spoke to eachother that is was my fault she had gotten sick with the cancer and then just 24 hours after the 9/11 we had to bring her hospital room into my house because my family couldnt afford to keep her in the hospital so because they had opened her and closed her and all the morphine they pumped her with she couldnt even eat so i remember a little after midnight my brother had woke me and told me that grandmas not going to make it and us much as my grandma hurt me my little kid insticts came in and i said no she will be fine just settle down and go to bed and i remember my mom yelling and i awoke and there she was just across the hall there my grandmother she lay dead and never was i able to appologise untill i heard this song so the minute i could afford to buy my own guitar i learned it and made it my goal to learn and play this song and sing it and when i did i went to my grandmothers grave and sang it and now its not whole but i feel more better that that song has come out thank you NFG i love your music just wish i could see you live .
  • Jake from Lynchburg, VaI love this song. I always listen to it on the anniversaries of my grandparents deaths. Today its been nine years since my grandpa passed and this song really helps me. Thanks guys
  • Samantha Harris from Coral Springs, Flits a beutiful song and i think its great to express the way you feel and if you love someone that dearly hold on to them for as long as you can! Family is so close and it hurts...jordan if you read this everything is ok you told someone i know that the band is just like family....
  • Samantha Harris from Coral Springs, FlHey Jordan,
    sry about the death....i would like to say thnx for the autograph i dont think you remember me but i was at bagle land in coral springs 3/6/05...for all of you read this alway remember life is to short to waste....
  • Jeni from Beaverton, OrThe first time I even saw this song was a lyrics post in a friend's LiveJournal. Reading over it, it actually brought tears to my eyes. I recently lost my mom so it defenately hit close to home. Even though artists generally write about personal experinces, songs like this tend to be a universal echo for people who have lost some one close to them. Songs like this, Evanescence's "My Immortal" and Josh Groban's "To Where You Are" have become personal anthems to my struggles and I'm sure there are others out there who've been through the same and have thier own lyrical latchings that have helped them cope.
  • Anna from Louisville, KyI always thought it was about their friend who died when they were young. like when they say "theres an empty chair at all the tables" i thought they were referring to school and how he's missing...but i'm glad i now know it's about his grandfather
  • Blair from Baltimore, Mdoh, p.s.- 2 Rachel of Upper Derby, should listen to some of their other Story so Far or Singled Out. NFG rox!
  • Blair from Baltimore, MdI once talked with Jordan (Pundik), and we got to talking about this song. *Bet he dosen't remember me*, I told him how this reminds me of my Great-grandfather that passed away, and how it helped me thru. He explained everything- i can't remember much of it, but it was soooo touching.
  • Rachel from Upper Darby, Pathis song always makes me cry...and it's actually the only nfg song i like.
  • Tawny from Honolulu, Himaybe from his perspective ( jordans ), because he keep saying how everyones "telling you its okay, and everything happens for a reason".. maybe it was his way to cope.
  • Andy from Halifax, EnglandBeautful song
  • Lauren from New York, Nythats not what the songs about, its about jordan's(the lead singer) grandfather's death, his grandfather's nickname was sonny
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