Album: Love Riot (2016)
  • This song finds Michael Tait exhorting Christians to live out their faith, even though society is making it harder and harder for them to do so. He explained to NewReleaseToday: "The lyrics remind me of being a black kid growing up in DC, going to high school, best friends with TobyMac - we prayed in school back in those days. We pledged allegiance to the US Flag. Somewhere along the way, things got cray-cray. As my grandma would say often, 'honey baby, the world's going to hell in a handbasket.' I'd say we've lost the handbasket.

    If you do something immoral in our society and against the grain today, people are praised, and are considered courageous and brave. That's crazy. They are sinning against God, and they are doing something immoral. But we let it slide. There's no feeling of remorse or anything based on the act they've done. If you try to do the right thing and follow Scripture, and are a morally wholesome earthling, you're called a goody two-shoes or a 'Jesus Freak,' which is fine with me because I am."
  • The song features in the movie God's Not Dead 2. "Kids and adults today are persecuted for living out their faith and religious freedoms," said Tait. "The movie taps into that. What if it gets to the point that the courts are deciding what's right in the way we serve our God and live out our faith? That would be a real debacle. That's not a far-fetched scenario at all."
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