No Longer

Album: Every Mile Mattered (2017)
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  • Nichole Nordeman finds herself at a crossroads in this song, comparing it to stories from the Bible that marked turning points. "This song is about risking risk," she said in a Songfacts interview. "It's about abandoning the safe structures that have always defined my life. It's about pushing out past the careful and measured ways that I approach my life and my faith."

    "I always know where the emergency exits are located," she added. "I always take inventory and draft pro vs. con lists. I never run fast and wholeheartedly toward the beauty of God's love. I'm much more calculating than that. This song is who I want to be. Burning down the safety net. Running with my heart on my shirt, unafraid of risking pain in my pursuit of the dreams God has given me."


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