Big Kick, Plain Scrap!

Album: Labour of Lust (1979)


  • This punchy, percussive song is about a drug addict with a volatile personality. The title came from an advert for a brand of tobacco. Nick Lowe told The A.V. Club: "I used to share a flat with my manager, Jake Riviera, who actually is still my manager. Back then we had this really squalid apartment in London, and he had all this junk. This little flat was filled with junk. And one of the things in the flat was this old-fashioned advertisement for a brand of tobacco, which was called 'Big Kick.' The tobacco was called 'Big Kick,' and it was rolling tobacco, which they used to call 'plain scrap.' And so he had this little cardboard advert that you propped up on the counter, I suppose. I'd never seen it before or since. I think it's American, actually. But actually, he had this thing in the flat that said, 'Big Kick, plain scrap,' and it was the sort of nonsensical combination of words that appealed to me back then. So I came up with something."
  • Labour of Lust was Lowe's second solo LP. The album was more successful in the US, where it peaked at #31, than in Lowe's native UK, where it peaked at #41.

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  • Nesto Ern from RenoOne of those Cool songs that I would, once in a blue moon, happen upon a snippet of, never hearing it in its entirety, and as such also never able to peg the title or artist. Its jam did resonate in my brain's subconsciousness though and when the intro popped on as I was listening to a newly acquired "Best of Nick Lowe" c.d. I got that sweet feeling of " Oh yeah... I vaguely remember this. Cool! Now I can finally hear the whole song--Diggin' it!" Then, at that moment, it all came together for me.
    Plus, I dug the whole compact disk! All twenty-five selections, and realized for the first time how much I enjoy and appreciate Nick Lowe's musical style. I hadn't the slightest clue how much cooler (solid!) he is than-Cruel to be Kind.
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