Gotta Be Somebody

Album: Dark Horse (2008)
Charted: 20 10
  • This is about the long search for that one perfect love and the encouragement to keep on looking for that special person as he/she is out there somewhere.
  • Veteran producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange (Def Leppard, Shania Twain) helmed this.
  • This debuted at #10 on the Hot 100, which was Nickelback's best opening to date.
  • Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger told Billboard magazine how this song came about: "I had the chorus, and we recorded it, actually, when Mutt went home to go spend some time with his son. Before he came back I played him this chorus over the phone, and he was like, 'Oh, I want to get working on that song as soon as we get back to the studio!' The hardest thing was, honestly the harmonies in the chorus. We debated about those for what must've been three or four days straight, moving the harmonies up, down, just trying absolutely everything to make it as impactful as possible."
  • Kroeger told MTV News that he feels this is a song that everyone can relate to. He explained: "It's just one of those universal themes that Nickelback love to gravitate towards and something everyone can identify with. It hits such a common thread, because I think everybody that's single - or in a relationship and thinking, 'This may not be the one' - says to themselves, 'There's got to be that perfect somebody for me out there,' and that's what the song is about."
  • Kroeger explained the album title toBillboard: "I think we'll always be the dark horse. We never feel like we'll ever be done trying to prove ourselves, to ourselves and to the people who like our music. The minute you fall into complacency, it's going to reflect in the music. Too many times I've heard records from bands who were obviously, like, 'Well, we're at least gonna do half as well as we did on our last record. At least we can count on that.' You really have to keep that initial hunger that made some of your first best songs your first best songs. You have to keep that fire in the belly."
  • When this reached #1 on the Adult Top 40 chart, it became the fifth chart-topper for Nickelback, giving the Canadian group more #1s than any other act in the history of this survey.
  • This song swept the 2009 Canadian MuchMusic Video Awards, winning awards for best video, best rock video and best post production.
  • A version by country artist Bucky Covington from his second studio album, I'm Alright charted on Hot Country Songs.

Comments: 16

  • Izaiah Perkins from Madison MaineIt reminds me of all the relationships I have had that I thought to be the one but only to realize that they are not the one. So I keep looking.
  • Dave from Red Lion, PaEverytime I hear this song it gives me hope that I will find the woman of my dreams in the future. I am 20 yrs old and am still single and I feel great when I hear this song because "There's gotta be somebody for me out there".
  • Dave from Red Lion, PaI heard the cover version by Bucky Covington and I think that it was terrible! He ruined it with his
    "country pop". You cannot beat the original song b Nickleback. Nickleback is Awesome!!
  • Mark from Malinta, OhFirst time i heard this song,I wanted the radio to play it again.Too me this song has allot of meaning too it for me or too others too.I've been in a spot one time in my life,That i just gave up.But hearing this song made me felt good inside and possibility on a positive attitude that never give up.Threw ether a bad divorce or just a breakup with the other.I've definitely felt that way before watch all your friends have there fun but not yourself.I've also felt like that person that shows up by there self and everyone stairs at you when you walk in that door.I love music.This song holds a special spot inside me and makes me feel good when you feel down.I've seen them twice all ready cant wait too see them agian.But this song feels like it was wrote for me too never give up.I'm sure for other too well done from the heart.
  • Geno from Carbondale, Pai really relate to this song...cuz no matter how hard i try, i just cant seem to find tht 1 special girl...hopefully, tht 1 special girl exists somewhere and i can find her before my time is up
  • Snickers from Forks, WaI have this song on my iPod. Nickelback are some of the best rockstars ever. I guess I can kinda relate to this song. Guys have harrassed me in weird ways at school every day. It kind of hurt me. Then one day my friend asked me, "How's stuff goin with ur boyfriend?", and I'm just like, "I don't have a boyfriend". And to my surprise, she's just like, "What?!?! EVERYONE likes you!!!!!". I was so shocked when she said it!!!!! I had NO idea!! I really was fooled - I thought that guys harrassing me meant I turned them off!! Not many guys at my school are my type, but I feel so less alone now.
  • Mike from Denver, Cofor me, considering i've already found the one ill spend forever with, i cant really relate to these lyrics. even though we r still dating, my girlfriend and i have promised to marry each other and never ever leave one another, no matter what. I LOVE YOU BABY!
  • Crystal from Stuart, FlThsi is their best song in my opinion. I love it!And I do believe there is someone out there for every one. I believe that,because I finally found mine.:-)
  • Trina from New York, NyThis is like the BEST song! I'm not familiar with a lot of Nickelback songs, but this is like def in my top twenty songs. I luv it! It's just so meaningful, that everyone is meant to be for someone...god, I love it. Kory is right, this really hits your heart.
  • Jade from Narnia, Cathis song is amazing.
    it'sa sweet songtelling everyone not to give up, those who are single and waiting for the one. If you're single for a long time, that means you'll find the greatest person in the world for you.
  • John from St. Louis, MoI like the song because it expresses the belief that everyone has someone out there for them and that we are still looking.
  • Isabelle from Stockholm, SwedenTo me all Nickelback songs sound alike but at the same time they're all so different. (Not that I've heard them all but still..) I love this one but to be honest I think I'd like anything if it was sung by this voice! <3
  • Steven from Shepparton, AustraliaThis song grows on you, I didn't think it was anything special to start of with, but I've come to like it very much.
  • Kory from El Paso, TxThis song is amazing Nickelback your songs always hit right to the heart one of your best
  • Mara from Oshkosh, WiI overall like it. The lyrics have a good meaning when saying that everyone will find "The One" sometime. They just have to keep looking and keep their head looking forward at the horizon. No looking back at the past; focus on the future and the people that will be in it. (whoa, you don't hear THAT coming from my mouth too often)
  • Valerie from None Of Ur Buisness!!, Bcthis song isnt bad, but it's not classic Nickleback..i dunno...a 3 out of 5 for me :P
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