Goodnight Rhonda Lee

Album: Goodnight Rhonda Lee (2017)
  • Rhonda Lee is the name Nicole Atkins gave to her alter ego, who showed up when she got drunk, which was quite often in the years leading up to the album. After Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, she found herself drinking harder and more frequently. "Rhonda" was a good-time party girl, but also tiresome and self destructive.

    In 2015, she entered rehab, where she met a hip-hop producer who convinced her to drop the "indie-rock bulls--t" and record more soulful music. With a change in musical direction and newfound sobriety, she put her drunken gremlin to bed on her next album, making "Goodnight Rhonda Lee" the title track.
  • Atkins wrote this song with Chris Isaak, which explains the twang. Isaak brought Atkins on tour in 2007 and they remained good friends. He also co-wrote the song "A Little Crazy" from the album.


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