Never Make It On Time


  • This is a track from jazz-pop Canadian singer Nikki Yanofsky's self-titled debut studio album, which she released at the age of 16. The record combines standards and originals that Yanofsky co-wrote with songwriters Jesse Harris and Ron Sexsmith.
  • Yanofsky told The Associated Press that the trio secluded themselves in the basement of her family's Montreal home writing. "An hour goes by, two hours goes by and you forget to eat because you're so consumed with writing," she said. "So my mom would just knock on the door and like, bring us cookies and water."
  • Yanofsky told the Associated Press that each track she co-wrote reveals a little bit about herself. She explained: "Every song kind of opens up a tiny little crack into who I am, like 'Never Make It on Time,' because I'm always late. And I was late going into the studio to record it and Jesse texted me, 'You never make it on time,' and I'm like, at least we have a song about it."


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