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  • This is Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Mesbitt's debut single. Some fans queried if it was about splitting up with Ed Sheeran, but she explained to The Daily Record October 14, 2012 that she penned it about a previous relationship. "I wrote 'Boy' about 18 months ago. It is about a relationship where you break up with someone and want to move on but they don't," she said.

    "I decided to write a song about it. I was still at school at the time," Nesbitt continued. "In June, I decided to go into the studio and experiment a bit with it. I'm a big fan of rock music like Nirvana and AC/DC, and I like pop and acoustic music, so I wanted to take all three influences. There are a lot of singer-songwriters that are similar to me, so this gave me the chance to do something a bit different.

    "My ex probably knows the song is about him. He did know he was going out with a songwriter."


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