Nirvana Artistfacts

  • 1988-1994
    Kurt CobainVocals, guitar
    Krist NovoselicBass
    Dave GrohlDrums
  • Cobain was found dead on April 8, 1994 by an electrician sent to install a burglar alarm. He had killed himself three days earlier with a shotgun, leaving behind a rambling suicide note.
  • Cobain was married to Courtney Love from the group Hole. They met at an L7 and Butthole Surfers concert and were introduced by Grohl. They had a daughter, Frances Bean, in 1992.
  • Grohl formed The Foo Fighters in 1995, playing guitar and lead vocals.
  • Cobain had extensive drug problems. He walked out of rehab five days before killing himself.
  • They were popular on college radio in the Pacific Northwest before signing with David Geffen's record company in 1990.
  • Their first single was a cover. They recorded "Love Buzz," by The Shocking Blue, in 1988.
  • The rights to the band are shared equally by Grohl, Novoselic, and Courtney Love. All three must agree on any decisions to license Nirvana material.
  • Two days after Kurt Cobain's body was found about 5,000 people gathered in Seattle for a candlelight vigil. The distraught crowd filled the air with profane chants, burnt their flannel shirts and fought with police. They also listened to a tape made by Cobain's wife in which she read parts from his suicide note. >>
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    April - Houston, TX
  • During Nirvana's last tour, a second guitarist by the name of Pat Smear joined the band so Kurt could focus more on singing and less on lead guitar. Smear performed on MTV's Unplugged with the band. He is still an active musician in underground music today. >>
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  • Some of the bands they toured with include Mudhoney, Jesus Lizard and Dinosaur Jr.
  • Novoselic is 6' 7" tall, and is known for how he jumps around on stage and throws his bass in the air.
  • The first instrument Novoselic learned how to play was the accordion.
  • After Nirvana, Novoselic played in the No WTO Combo and Eyes Adrift. He eventually quit the music business, but hosts a radio show on Saturday nights at the Astoria, Oregon community radio station KMUN under the name "DJ K-No."
  • Before joining Nirvana, Grohl began his music career in the '80s as the drummer for several Washington, DC area bands, most notably the Punk band Scream.
  • Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham was a big influence on Grohl, who had Bonham's three-circle logo tattooed on his wrist.
  • Grohl played drums on several tracks on the Nine Inch Nails 2005 album With Teeth. >>
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  • They're from Aberdeen, Washington, but are often lumped in with Seattle. Aberdeen is about 110 miles away from Seattle, which is apparently close enough to link them with that scene.
  • All three members came from divorced families. Cobain was seven years old when his parents split, and he claimed that this was when he became antisocial and rebellious.
  • Quentin Tarantino received a special thanks from Nirvana in the liner notes of In Utero as he asked Cobain to play Eric Stoltz's heroin dealer part in Pulp Fiction. Cobain didn't take up his offer as it was too close to home.
  • Frances Bean Cobain, Kurt Cobain's daughter, said in a 2015 interview that she doesn't like Nirvana - she prefers Oasis.
  • Grohl's first drum kit consisted of pillows and furniture. "Until I was 17, I didn't have enough money to get a drum set," Grohl told Uncut in 2007. "But I knew the configuration of a drum set, so I'd set up a pillow between my legs as a snare drum, and I'd use my bed as a tom and a chair as a high hat. I'd just play along with the records all day long, (mostly) fast hardcore punk rock albums like Bad Brains and Minor Threat. It was great. And it was cheap."

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  • Nateron1986 from Charleston, WvPaper Cuts, was the first Nirvana Song I actually got drunk listening to as a 10 year old depressed, angst ridden youth and found myself in complete amazement in 1996. I couldn't believe someone who could Scream all the Emotional pains, of awkwardness, coupled with severe dissociation, and a pure feeling I thought only I felt. By a temperamental ghost, coming with Flashing lights, to take my family away.....
    Existential or profoundly longing to develop a indifference, and maybe its a misrepresentation misunderstood raw feeling of not belonging or a absent realization to that fact. Knowing subjectively or wholeheartedly it won't change any outcome that would reap some generalization way to relate to common ground. As I drank more and more, If only to see if how lower I seemed to get; if it would somehow help me realize I was an Adult, in my youngest concepts instilled with pleasantries bitter sweet how I found comfort in hastening my Sadness, harboring thoughtless notions, refueling hostilities inward; Embracing them, then inhaling all my harnessed dissociative morbidities. How I felt deeply Verbose, benefiting belligerent harmonizing Wholeheartedly within my voice, with a violent Screams of 27 seconds, Serendipitous, forced but easily counter, intuitive.
    nihilistic insecurities of coherency, "An very Later, I had learned to except some friends of ridicule. My whole existences is for your amazement, and that's Why.. I'M HERE... WITH YOUUUUUU........To take... Me with, your Eyes......Nirvana, Nirvana... NirvanAaaa. NIRVAan, NirvAnAa. Nirvana.....:::::{{{{{{{{{ :(
  • Amy Ersgeb from Chicago, IlYeah, Kurt was definitely murdered. It's so sad because everything was finally looking up for him. His stomach issues were figured out. He had a beautiful daughter who absolutely brought him so much happiness. He was looking forward to doing new musical projects and was quoted as saying he'd like to start doing acoustic music and be known for his songwriting and musical talent instead of grunge.

    The only turmoil in his life was with Courtney Love, who he was about to divorce. I believe she had him killed for his money because she signed a prenup and if they divorced she would be left with nothing. He was also about to change his will and write her out of it and if that happened, again she would be left with nothing. So, before he could change his will I believe she had him killed.

    The horrible irony of this story is that Kurt is quoted many, many times as saying "he couldn't care less about the money and fame, and that he truly found out that money doesn't buy happiness and would be perfectly fine without it. In fact, Kurt wore secondhand clothing, when Courtney bought a Lexus for them as their family car-he demanded that she take it back because it was too flashy for him and he was embarrassed to be seen in, if Courtney had told Kurt she was going to have him killed if he divorced her, or even had a serious adult conversation with him about it, I'm sure Kurt would've given her everything.

    I've seen all the documentaries about his death and saw the most recent one produced by Courtney and Frances. And, it's amazing to me to see Courtney basically talk about Kurt being suicidal and wanting to kill himself without one hint of emotion(this may be because she knows she is telling a huge lie). She is either a psychopath or a sociopath. I have no idea why the Seattle Police Department refuses to reopen his case or change the cause of death from suicide to unknown....

    Despite all of this, people need to remember Kurt as the talented artist he was, not as a dead body lying on the floor of his greenhouse.
  • Aurore from Seattle, WaI personally believe kurt was murdered, but THAT DOESN'T MATTER. what matters is his music and his legacy and the impact he made when he was alive. murder, suicide...what the f--k ever. he's gone. let him go.
  • Shadow from Depression, VaOkay, so everyone here says that Kurt either killed himself or was killed by Courtney Love.
    If Kurt killed himself, then he was either:
    1. Severely depressed (such as myself, but that is not the point here)
    2. High when he did it (people have been known to kill themselves when they are high, it's not exactly uncommon)
    3. Too stressed out (not very likely, though)
    If Kurt was killed by Courtney Love, then we know that:
    1. She wrote the last, strange part of the "suicide" note.
    2. It explains the fingerprint thing (he might've worn gloves though, or shot himself with one of his feet, with the gun pointed at his throat)
    But personally, I think he killed himself. There are books and articles about this, and a lot of them say that he was killed, but most say he committed suicide.

    Nirvana was amazing. Kurt Cobain was amazing. NO ONE CAN IMITATE HIM, COPY HIM, HAVE HIS WRITING STYLE OR HIS VOICE. THAT IS A FACT.
    Kurt Cobain was Kurt Cobain and nobody else can BE him.
    R.I.P Kurt Cobain
  • Zach from Tallahassee, FlPearl Jam is the greatest band ever. Nirvana were way too overhyped and didn't deserve all the credit they got. I can tell you that Ten-Backspacer are all way better albums than Nevermind was.
  • Randy from Colerain Twp., Oh If Kurt Cobain did commit suicide then I am also conviced that John F. Kennedy was killed from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. There were just too many discrepancies in the report submitted by the Seattle Police... Thanks, Seattle Police for botching the MURDER investigation.
  • Crazygrungehead from New York City , NyLEAVE KURTS DEATH ALONE
    Let him rest in peace, it doesn't matter if he killed himself or was in fact murdered. He lived made some of the best music some of the best art was a poet an icon and a legend. he will be missed forever among many generations. Just leave him alone!
    R.I.P Kurt Cobain
  • Naioka from Sptsyltuckey, VaI simply love Nirvana. Though I think SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT is a wonderful song, Nirvana has also recorded many more terrific songs. I just wish more people would give them more credit for their lesser known songs.
  • Christina from Perth, AustraliaKurt Cobain was one of the most truly talented musicians of our time. He was amazing. Im my eyes he is a musical genious and the true meaning of talent. There will never be another out there like him. He has had a huge part in shaping grunge/metal music into what it is today. R.I.P Kurt.

    - Christina, Perth, Australia
  • Keriah from Naples, FlNirvana was and wilol always be the greatest band of all time, I love and worship Kurt Cobain. I miss him so much, the more I read these blogs the more I'm getting convinced that he was murdered. Kurt was the most talented singer, why does everyone says he was a horrrible guiter playern I think that he played pretty well. Krist and Dave deserves respect also they were al wonderful. I hope Kurt is finally getting the peace he wanted I know he wasn't into all of us talking about him like this but I also think that he would be happy that he went down in history as on of the greatest and that his legacy as an one of the most important people in music is secured.
  • Lordkelvin from San Antonio, TxI have to admit this. I have always loved metal and I hated alternitive (as it was called then) or grunge music when it first came out. I was such a metal head that I couldn't admit that I liked nirvana, my ego wouldn't let me. But man, every song on bleach is just sick. This guy, cobain really had something. You know its coming straight from the heart! He was a musical genius! I like most of their stuff and I think they are all just great musicians. I really don't understand why they hate metal so much. As far as I'm concerned, Bleach almost sounds metal (it has solos). I can't really say any more.. Everything about this band is just sick. While metal bands were trying to play faster and harder than everyone else, these guys used the same guitar sound (the killer distortion but actually a very cheap pedal) and just blew everyone out of the water. The idea of a song is make the listener want to hear it again. He should have the reaction, "what the f**k was that.. let me hear it again".. Not like.. Cannibal Corpse where by the third song they have really said and played all they are going to say ever. I still like metal but I have grown up and opened up more!
  • Me. from Not Telling You : ), KyR.I.P Kurt.if he killed himself, then none of this stuff could hav happened.:.:.:.:. There was not a single finger print on the shot-gun. This indicates that it was wiped. Now if Kurt shot himself there would have to be a finger print, belonging to him, on the trigger. There wasn't. The amount of heroin found in Kurt's blood after the autopsy was very high. Infact it was so high that the toxicologist stated that a person under the influence of that bigger doseage would be totally incapacitated. He said that there is no way Kurt would have been conscious, let alone been able to write a note, load a gun and pull the trigger. Marks on Kurt's body idicated some kind of struggle before death occured. The puncher wound left by the needle used to inject the heroin was deep and messy, indicating the needle had been stabed into the flesh, as if by another person. The suposed suiside note makes no mention of Kurt killing him self or atempting suiside. The note is more like an appolagy for leaving the band Nirvana. The last 4 lines appear to have been added by someone else, handwriting experts agree this and the ink in the last 4 lines was fresher and different to the ink on the rest of the note. Courtney had tryed to hire a hit man to kill Kurt before for $50,000. There marrige was over according to friends and witnesses, Kurt was talking about changing his will and writting Courtney out of it and leaving everything to Frances. This was witnessed by the Nanny. A stool was used in the investigation, which it was said that Kurt used to block a door. The door used had no access from the outside anyway. The blast patern left by the gun shot indicates Kurt was shot/shot himself whilst laying down on his back. but yeah this is a great song! not nirvanas best but truly awesome. if u want to see more about kurt you can visit my webpage[[this is the nirvana page]] by going here.
  • Gregory from Manalapan, NjNobody here has any right(including me) to make a conclusion as to what happened and then go tell people they are wrong if they have something different. NOBODY KNOWS!!! There's evidence to both sides, You can read all that evidence TOm Grant found, and then you can read a rebuttal, both with very strong evidence. I'm tired of all you obsessed Kurt Cobain obsessers going around and spreading your theories. Jeez, its becoming a fan religion! I love Nirvana, I respect Kurt, who rests in peace regardless of what happened, and I think some of you should tone it down. I know you may think of me as a bonafide hypocrite for going nuts, but I felt i should have gotten that out of the way. I feel that Kurt ws murdered, but not by Courtney, and I'm not gonna yell at anyone to believe what i say, but i also expect everyone to jump on me because i wrote something different. GO ahead and prove me wrong, don't start yelling and spewing evidence.
  • Kaycee from Houston, TxShelby, the dark side, uhh yeah he IS resting in peice no ones ****** with him, he doesnt even know were talking about this sh*t right now. and do you think that if you were murdered then you'd want everyone just saying it's a suicide and just letting that go as that and not catching your murderer? mhm no, you sound like a hippy offence hippies are cool, and im not trying to be mean about any of this i just hate how people say its a suicide under the nirvana facts, when no one knows for sure.
  • Shelby from The Dark SideYeesh. People...Kurt, who was a magnificent poet and tortured soul...the debate on how he died is getting old. Can't we all just leave him alone, y'know, let the poor man REACH HIS NIRVANA wherever he is now. He deserves the proper justice, but it's been 13 years. Kurt needs to rest in peace. He deserves at least that much. Nirvana are marvelous by the way. <3
  • Kyle from Oxford, EnglandWhy do a lot of people listen to Nirvana who don't listen to song meanings? Kurt hated that as he says in IN BLOOM. Can't anyone feel his soul or his torment? He should be up there with the all time great song writers. I can't belive people are surprised he commited suicide. R.I.P.
    Dave Grohl is also an Ace drummer, but whatever happened to Krist Novalesic?
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaRecently, some evidence has been brought to light that seems to prove that the ancient band, Nirvana, was actually composed of three members. Previously, it had been an uncontested fact that Kurt Cobain was the sole member of the band.
  • Warren Mcfarland from Palmer, AkI think kurt did kill himself i mean he was a serious drugee he hated being famous, I know its grunge and it rocks but if you listen to him you can tell he was probly actually depressed, anyway nirvana rules!
  • Lilac from Washington Dc, DcOkay Lets get this straight.Kurt Killed himself. The pulled the trigger THE END cased closed.Y'all are blaming the Murder on Courtney Love because you can't accept the fact that Kurt killed HIMSELF. So.... you play the blame game and blame it on the "YOKO ONO OF NIRVANA.....COURTNEY LOVE". he killed himself because he hated the fame so the only way out of it was to kill himself.
  • Jessie from Seattle, Wai would just like to say that Kurt Cobain did NOT commit suicide. there's no evidance that he commited suicide, yet there's a lot of evidence saying that he was murdered. Courtney Love was the one who started the "Kurt commited suicide" thing. do you really want to trust Courtney over rock-solid evidence?
  • Megean from Somewhere, Gai personally dont think Cobain killed himself, but like all of you others, its just an opinion. I've heard, and it actually makes sense if you've read it, that the suicide note was actually a note to the fans telling them that he was quitting the music business. If you read about the evidence found at the scene and the things thats were going on in his life at the time, you would have reason to believe that he didnt commit suicide. He was facing a divorce from Courtney Love. The divorce was because he had just turned down a 3.9 million dollar tour. Whether he was murdered or commited suicide, i will always be a Kurt Cobain fan. Always a Nirvana fan. Without Dave and Krist he couldnt have made it. All of you "obsessed" people need to realize that.
  • Mark from Buffalo, NyThe music is what counts here people! Sex, drugs, and Rock n Roll are just a great foot note to Nirvana's history. Their raw energy drove millions to dig deeper at their local record stores. Nirvana opened the doors to many great and innovative artists.
  • Ashton from Nevermind., NyHonestly the majority of you are fools. Nirvana has 3 band members not just kurt. In fact of you know anything about kurt cobain he would have hated how obsessed you are with him. Did you happen to forget about Dave and Krist? Lay off Courtney Love also. I personally dont like her for one reason. She had no right to sell kurt cobains personal journals. Sure there is a possibility she killed him but why try and prove something that you cant. So just enjoy the music and forget about all the extra baggage.
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlHe's just a conspiracy nut. The internet is full of them...LOL...
  • Olga from America, Nywith all do respect for all those people who's saying that they dont know about kurt cobain's death,life,personality and all,people please off kurt cobain let him rest in peace(life is not about music or being famous,those things are a very small part of our lives,trust me there are alot of other things that should be taken care of and if you didnt then you will be unwhillmed for the rest of your life as well as depressed,unhappy,lonely and one will ever know what was inside a man or a woman who commited suicide probably couldnt take what life had threw on them and people should understand that cause i know i do, and not because some people have this perfect life it means that others do(life is not fair sometimes...
  • Ben from Baltimore, MdNirvana is not about Kurt Cobain's death, how he died, and all those stupid conspiracy theories. It's about the music of the band and the music of Kurt Cobain.
  • Mike from Petersham, MaI am truly sorry for that. My liitle bro knew i was once a Nirvana fan and got on the coputer when i used the bathroom. He made that comment not me. To all who were offended i'm sorry.
  • Gerrit from BelfastMost overhyped band since the Beatles. They're not my cup of tea. I find them noisy and chaotic. Nah, I won't ever spontaneously play their music. I never got the hype back then, and now being older and wiser I still don't get it. No bad words on Cobain and his personality or so, it's nothing personal against him or so. I just don't like this music. To call him a pathetic junkie or so would be a bit low, because that's judging the man instead of rating the music. I have nothing against them, but I just don't like this sort of music at all.
  • Ashton from Nevermind., NyI am really offended and embarrised for you by your comment you just made. Its obvious that you dont know the meaning of music. So what if Kurt Cobain was crazy, and a junkie. Thats what makes him, him. Music doesnt have to make sense its a form of art.

    and for all you other self proclaimed fans that are so concerned with how he died then you really are not fans. Nirvana isnt about the death of kurt cobain its about the music. Maybe you should listen to it.
  • Mike from Petersham, MaTime to piss everyone off. Kurt Cobain is a crazy, stupid junkie and we can't understand the lyrics to his songs. He's retarded. And now the flaming begins.
  • Dude from Reno, NvI wasn't into Nirvana at first as much as I am now. It's taught me alot about music, listening to the music that is left to embrace. I'm three times the musician I was before I started to learn polly. He really was gienius in his writting. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so he couldn't solo like Steve Vai, but the sicerity of his ability is what gave him his greatness. I think the age old motive of millions of dollars is the case here. That kind of money could buy freedom, trust me.It could also motivate others to play dirty in the interest of the reciever of the fortune. I was personally surprised myself to hear that it was concluded so abrupt, practically no investigation. Except the passion of Tom Grant, and his much appreciated efforts to unviel the truth.What ever that is, I do believe that is only fair to the millions of fans, and his daughter, to reveal. I feel real sorry for Frances, all that she has to bear and be reminded of someone she's been brainwashed about, never to know the truth for what it is. She's so beautiful. She looks just like Kurt. There are two people of music I wish we could have stil, that's Kurt, and Jimi. I am sad now having bleed my thoughts to you all. I am glad to see and know everyone knows greatness when they see it.
  • Ben from Baltimore, MdAllright here we go, another comment about Kurt Cobain. HOPEFULLY it will enlighten some of you. First off, the man killed himself ok? Thats what the police said, and unless you were actually THERE at the crime scene and/or are a skilled detective then just deal with it. Yea I know it doesn't add up, the band is huge, great wife, new baby, and all that conspiracy theory. Every televised, important death has conspiracies. Second of all, why does it matter anyways? He's dead, the police said it was suicide THE END. No matter HOW he died you can't bring him back so deal with it. I think instead of reciting our conspiracy theories, I think we should discuss the greatness of this band and the amazing band it was how about that?
  • Chris from Austin, TxJoe from Illinois shouldn't trouble himself with the death of Kurt Cobain. Spend your time looking for a school where you can get educated about run-on-sentences and the such. And captain Jack ass from NC. Kurt wasn't "fresh" out of rehab. He WALKED OUT... As in "I'm sick of this, I'm out! Doesn't sound like a man too excited about his future.
    Chris Austin,TX
  • Chris from Dracut, Mareally though we werent there so stop fightin
  • David from Lakeview, NcI personally think Kurt Cobain was murdered. Other than all the scientific facts (like there being too much heroine in his system), there are some logical ones: 1.) He was fresh out of rehab. I'm sure he had no intention to quit drugs, but someone fresh out of rehab probably isn't going to be suicidal. 2.) I find it hard to believe that someone who had made it though 27 years of such a tragic and troubled life without letting go would suddenly give up pull the trigger. I say that agreeing that his two other "attempts" at suicide were just overdoses. 3.) He finally had someone to live for in his daughter. When someone finds someone that they truly love, they aren't that likely to be suicidal for the simple fact that want to see the person they love again. 4.) He got alot of his depression and anger out through his music. Music is universally recognized as something that keeps people from commiting suicide. Someone that immeresed in music probably wouldn't be suicidal. (I say that aware that several musicians have commited suicide. But many of them weren't as attached to it emotionally as Cobain was.) Anyways, whether you think he commited suicide or was murdered, we can all agree on one thing: Courtney Love either killed him or he killed himself because he was married to Courtney Love. And to my fellow murder-conspiracy theorists - Courtney Love is being punished. The only music of hers that was ever slightly good was the stuff Cobain wrote for her. I'd also like to say that people on these boards aren't recognizing Dave Grohl and Krist Novelselic enough. Both are very talented musicians (especially Grohl), and Cobain would've been nothing without them. I also think it's funny how everyone tries to make Cobain's lyrics seem so godly and read to deep into them. Cobain said that he didn't know what alot of the songs he wrote were about. He made up alot of the lyrics just before recording the song; and there are only a few songs that we'll ever actually know the meaning to. "In Bloom" is about a loathing for "Macho Men"; "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is about the media's invasion of youth culture; "Heart-Shaped Box" is about Cobain's volatile relationship with Courtney Love; "Come As You Are" is about what people are expected of and expected to do in society; "About A Girl" is literally about a girl (Tracy Marandar, Cobain's girlfriend at the time he wrote the song); and "Lithium" is about religion. It's really that simple people. Most of Cobain's other songs are that simple, too.
    Someone said that Nirvana was the best band of the past 20 years. They weren't. But they could've been. I am by no means a Nirvana fan, but have immense respect for them. I think their music got better and better. People say Nevermind was their best album, but In Utero is much better. "Heart-Shaped Box" alone is better than both Bleach and Nevermind combined, in my opinion. And "You Know You're Right" is one of the few songs in history that is absolutley perfect. It's a shame that he died. At the rate they were going, they would've created some truly amazing music. But, as I see it, most of there work was just great potential that had it's chance of evolving and progressing robbed.
  • Joe from Chicago, Arlol pratically this whole thing is about how rock legend kurt kobain commited suicide i love nirvana their one of the greatest bands out there anyway i think that kurt kobain probably commited suicide because for some reason i just can't picture courtney love killing somebody but who knows maybe she killed him and wrote the suicide letter i hope they find out what really happened one day cuz i really wanna know what happened to kurt
  • Kayla from London, CanadaKurts two 'attempted suicides' were not actually attempted suicides. He had accidental overdoses, just as many others had had. Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Both died of overdoses but that doesn't mean they were suicidal. And yes he had found an alternative to heroine to help with his stomach pain. And, if you were really suicidal, why would you care if it were easy for other people to clean?? When you're in that state of mind, which is a MENTAL DISEASE by the way, you don't really care about that stuff. The only thing that you can focus on is your unfathomable pain and anguish. There are too many faults in the suicide story.
    If you look at everything in an actual medical and scientific point of view, he couldn't have killed himself. Its not physically possible for him to have done it by himself, there had to have been someone there. And I'm not saying that Courtney Love actually went and pulled the trigger, but I have no doubt that she knows alot more to the story than shes letting on.
  • Nando from Los Angeles, CaKurt Cobain was not murdered! Courtney Love who was in the exodus rehab center in Los Angeles had nothing to do with his suicide which happened almost 1000 miles north in Seattle. Kurt was known to be suicidal and even said that he felt so horrible that he wanted to kill hiself. The suicide note didnt look like Kurts handwriting because, if your going to kill yourself in just a few minutes do you think that you could write straight? The reason why Kurt kept canceling his concerts was that he was going through withdrawls from heroin. Also he had an incurable stomach pain that never went away. Kurt was known to be suicidal and had attempted it twice before. His suicide was carefully planned out from the location in the greenhouse because it would be easy to clean. he even put towels out for whoever would find his body. If you read the book "Heavier than Heaven" then you would understand why he did it. "He put his works away, floating faster and faster, feeling his breathing slow . He had to hurry now: Everything was becoming hazy, and an aqua green hue framed every object. He grabbed the heavy shotgun, put it against the roof of his mouth. It would be loud; he was certain of that. And then he was gone."
  • Mirranda from Rome, Nyi dont think that kurt killed himself.i mean come on after he did the heroin how did he shoot himself afterwards?its just not possible&i've been doing a project on him.and i've been reaing and he wasnt suicidal so i dont think that he killed himself i think someone had to do with his murder
  • Kayla from London, CanadaI agree with everyone who says that Kurt Cobain should be remembered for his incredible artistic talent, but I also believe that his case should be re opened. I too had doubts about Courtney Love being a killer, although I never liked her, that is no reason to believe she is a murderer. However, my feelings completely changed after I read the book "Who killed Kurt Cobain". There is no way you can not believe he was murdered after reading this book. Courtney Love is not a good musician. Hole only started to take off after Kurt practically wrote all the music for her. She is crazy and I have no doubt she had something to do with his death. The reason Kurt did so many drugs was because he had an excruciating pain in his stomach which no doctor could cure. So he did the drugs to numb the pain however, he had found a doctor that prescribed him medications to help him with the pain therefore I really don't believe he would have eventually killed himself from drug abuse but thats just my opinion. If you want facts read this book, it really will change your outlook completely on this whole situation.
  • Dustyn from Anacortes, WaI hate to say but I have been a nirvana fan since 89 when I was in fifth grade. and all I know about Kurdt and the band he killed himslef,I'm sorry guys let it go.

    Dustyn. Anacortes Wa.
  • Phill from Tasmanai, Australiahey i just heard that Kurt made the lyrics up on the spot for smells like teen spirit. Is this true??
  • Tanya from Rotterdam, NetherlandsExplaning his succes only by being "in the right place at the right time", that's a bit too simple. His talent has proven to be quite stable. Not just in one nice song, but in a lot of songs. Even the 'rough' songs that normally wouldn't speak to me at all "have" something. Maybe not a genius, but he was pretty talented. And I wouldn't be surprised if he would have developed himself in a surprising way. In each case: I'm convinced that Nirvana needed him more then he needed Nirvana, when it comes to making great music I mean. Anyway: we'll never know...
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Canirvana is definitely not the best band ever, but it is still pretty good. got some great songs. i like the style.
  • David from Arlington, Vakurt cobain's favorite song was drain you. o and by the way kurt hated sells like teen spirit
  • Matt from Toronto, CanadaNirvana was a good band. I wouldn't consider them great, and I certainly wouldn't say that Kurt was a musical genius, he was just writing down his feelings, and they happened to be similar to what many other people were feeling at the time. The band was in the right place at the right time which is why they got so huge. I think if Kurt were still alive today, he wouldn't be doing nearly as well as he was back in the grunge period. This said, I think that Dave is an amazing musician and is doing better now than he ever would have if he stayed behind Kurt. This is all just my opinion though, so don't get mad if you feel differently
  • Scott from Bismarck, NdTom, the artistfact is technically right about Nirvana touring with Joy Division, 'cuz while Joy Division did quit existing after the death of Ian Curtis in 1980, the band New Order formed out of the remains, and New Order did tour with Nirvana.
  • Josh from Florence, AlI might be wrong but Kurt killed himself with a shotgun...if this is so could have he reached the trigger with his hand? its a long way from the trigger to the end of the barrel.. the only way he could have pulled the trigger is with his toe? Other suicide's using shotguns have been commited using the toe to pull the trigger. there is just one thing wrong with kurt using his toe.....he was found with shoes on
  • Phillips from Bronx, NyI do believe Kurt was kill but sincerely i think Courtney is paying on earth for what she did. Who i feel really sorry for is Frances Bean Cobain because the poor thing doesnt deserve the kinda of life she is living and i think that if as, her father did before her, if she put her pain into music than Nirvana will be reborn again. R.I.P Kurt Cobain the man who inspired me to learn how to play a guitar so i can make great music out my frustrations
  • Chez from Trenton, Njtoo much about Kurt and not enough bout the band
  • Vuk from Toronto, CanadaI think people should shutup about the possibilities that Kurt didn't kill himself and just let him rest in peace just like jer said. Even though I'm a huge fan of Nirvana I wouldn't wanna worship Kurt because its because of all those diehard fans that he killed himself. It was us that destroyed this legend and I'm tired of people giving all the possibilities of how he died. Nevertheless, Nirvana was a sick band in their own right and I hope their music lives on forever.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandHow could Nirvana have toured with Joy Division? They disbanded in 1980 and Nirvana didn't form until 7 years later!
  • Nick from Hartline, WaThis is very tragic, lol, but I used to go out with a girl who's birthday was the same day Cobain killed himself, she was 4 at the time and had no idea who Nirvana was, now she warships them, lol
  • Tanya from Rotterdam, NetherlandsUnder the song "You know you're right" is an interesting explanation by Jason, Newmarket, Canada about the reasons why Cobain did commit suicide, and wasn't murdered.
  • Frances from Hartford, CtToday is father's day,so everyone pray for Kurt and his beloved daughter, Frances,god bless them both
  • Krystal from Victoria, CanadaI LOVE kurt cobain. hate courtney love. I dont know how he died, but the truth is he did.. it doesnt really matter how. I guess it seems somehow less horrible if he was murdered, and people love kurt and want there to be someone else to blame. yeah, he could have been murdered. either way, its a tragic thing, and theres nothing to be done about it now. to tell yah the truth, I would be on the murder side except for one thing.. if he had that much heroin in his system, what would be the point of murdering him? like he would just die anyways ..I guess we'll never know. anyways, nirvana, and kurt, were one of the best, always will be!!! and Ill always love them!! <3
  • Frances from Hartford, CtHello my fellow kurt cobain lovers,now,to get right to business,my beloved kurt was murdered,end of story.I love kurt and have and never will, read his private journals.I could worship him but i won't because he would'nt want me to.And if you truly love him as much as i do, you will do the same.For school, i once did a report on his murder investigation in middle school,i was confident to read it to them but later on when i was walking home, they came and beat me up.But they cannot shake what i believe in,just like with kurt and his high school days.I luv u all, keep strong and R.I.P. my sweet, beloved Kurt.
  • Tanya from Rotterdam, NetherlandsYeah yeah. Look: Morrison and Presley are really dead, Paul McCartney never was killed in a car accident and Kurt Cobain really just committed suicide. Sometimes life is just as boring as that.
  • Jessica from ~~~~~~~~, United StatesHmmmm, he was found by someone coming to install a burglar alarm? he was afraid of somthing then.

  • Rachel from Louisville, KyFrankly, I don't really give a care about what happens to courtney love, she's too violent... but I can't pin ALL of the blame on Courtney Love for why Kurdt Kobain killed himself. He had a sucky mother! He was also addicted to drugs. In a few days, the anniversary of his death will come, April 5th. (He was discovered on the 8th... but killed himself 3 days before. subtract 3 from 8 to get 5.)
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaUntil the handwriting on the note changes, the note reads like a retirement speech! Anyway, for the music, everyone knows that Kurt wasn't the best guitar player, but he infused his sound with so much energy that it worked. In my opinion, what made Nirvana so great was their mix of beauty and rage in their songs. R.I.P. Kurt.
  • Andrew from Barrow, EnglandNirvana are the best band ever ive got all there cds and a lot of memrobelia my favorite song is it smells like teen spirit.
  • Ian from New York, NyKurt has got to be the most over-worshipped person in the world. He did nothing special but just because his band was connecting with teens he was made into an idol. I bet that if he hadn't died most of this "kurt is god" talk wouldn't happen. I also believe he wouldn't want this kind of worship.
  • Kyle from Montreal, CanadaWhatever happened to Novoselic anyways? He in a band or what?
  • Lane Presson from Jackson, WyFor those interested I feel strongely that the music aspect of the nivana scene should be separated from the murder aspect. Nirvana and KC were wildly independant setting off a flare for the mind-controlled masses. The murder aspect is rather ironic because the people that Kurt was setting free from falselives buried him with incorrectness. The sad part is that we as a "culture" concoct and perpetuate misprinted lies to pacify our assassin protecting minds.
  • Steph from Guadalajara, MexicoWhen kurt cobain's body was found there were massive amountsw of heroine in his body...that much heroine could've killed him b4 he was EVEN able to grab the f**king gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    besides...there are proves that courtney had tried to kill him before,in Rome where he planned to dump her.
    You remember when they said he went to the hospital bcause of an emergency..well that was when.....courneygave him lots of her pills ond champagne..almost attemting to end his life :(....
    That mother-f......
  • Ferris from Ohio, OhAccording to a bunch of interviews with close family and friends of Kurt Cobain (except Courtney), have all said that Kurt Cobain was not suicidal, and he was not depressed either. And they also say that he was looking forward to acheving his hopes and dreams, and having grandchildren. I would also like to add that Kurt Cobain had so much heroin in his system, that there was no way he could of been able to hold a gun to kill himslef.
  • Zvonimir from Lexington, KyNirvana ROCKS. the first album i listened to was whatever and i got hooked. i bought cobains journals in a local store which they published and i am currently reading them right now. I am still asking myself why cobain would do such a thing to his fan. One thing that made the band great was not just the lyrics but cobains voice as well. rest in peace kurt
  • Jammie from Deckerville, MiThis ia a great band if Kurt was still alive this would probably be the number one band in the world. THey are KURTASTIC!
  • Emma from London, EnglandI really dunno if he killed himself or not but ther is this book called who killed kurt cobain i contemplated reading it then dicied not cos i cudent b asked
  • Tessa from Ottawa, CanadaAndrew (Dublin, Ireland)
    I am no expert, nor do I know anything about medicine. But I do know enough about heroin (as I myself have tried it and my boyfriend is an addict). It is poosible that he injected the heroin while the gun was in his mouth. He would have just enough time to pull the trigger. With the heroin, the little pain he may have, would be nothing. As for why. Fame is b***h. It's not easy, it's not as much fun as it seems. Plus, Kurt was a pretty messed up guy. RIP Mr Cobain.
  • Andrew from Dublin, IrelandThere's some conspiracy that Cobain's death was murder. The doctor said that there was too much heroin in his blood stream for him to do much, and he couldn't have reached the gun, it was too long, or could he?. But the real question is, why did it happen?.
  • Andrew from Cape Town, South Africa"In Utero" sold 5 million copies AFTER Kurt blew his brains out! Before that, it tanked! Likewise, Geffen originally decided not to release "Unplugged" due to In Utero's tanking. Only AFTER Kurt died, they realized that they could make money out of his death. They also released more compilations with "1 rare Nirvana track" then I can even begin to count. And just because Lithium, Heart-shaped Box, etec etc were played to death on MTV doesn't make them "hits". Nobody bought the singles, nobody requested them to radio stations, nobody likes, knows, or cares about them. Kurt was a 2-trick pony, those tricks being SLTS and CAYA. And, he 'borrowed' those 2 tricks from others.......
  • Scott from Bismarck, NdThere were far more hits than 'SLTS' and Come As You Are.

    About A Girl
    Heart Shaped Box
    Pennyroyal Tea
    All Apologies
    You Know You're Right (which is impressive, considering it was released post-humeously)

    Also In Utero hardly tanked, sure it didn't do as well as Nevermind (10 million +) but In Utero, unlike Nevermind, wasn't aimed to be a pop smash, it was aimed towards Nirvana's real fans, grunge fans, Nevermind was good, but In Utero was pure Kurt. In Utero sold 5 million copies, hardly a bomb in my book.
  • Legacy User from Legacy LocationI really don't know if kurt killed himself or not, but I question the suicide thing because even if he wanted to divorce Courtney he obviously loved Frances with all his heart I saw pictures of him looking at his daughter. He was actually said to be a lot happier before his death and he supposedly told his bandmates he was finally happy. So if he did commit suicide im sorry he had so much pain built up inside him to blow his face off. Kurt Cobain was a little disturbed but he put all of himself in to his music, and was a fun guy with a sense of humour and he he DID love Courtney at one point, but she just screwed him up worse
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandKurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison were all 27 when they died. Spooky! RIP all of them and to all the other musical legends who died way before their time: Bon Scott, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Randy Rhoads, Keith Moon, John Bonham, Cliff Lee Burton, Ronnie Van Zant, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Otis Redding, Tupac Shakur and I'm sure there's a whole lot more.
  • Edwin from Costa Mesa, CaKurt wrote lyrics with his right hand, and played with his left... Hendrix did the same...

    NIRVANA is probably the correct way to write it, because every album has the name capped... so.. NIRVANA... Kurdt Kobain is how people thought his name was supposed to be spelled.
  • Kaylene from Moore, OrWhile Kurts playing wasn't all that great u gotta give him credit he DID start out playing a right-handed guitar {he was left handed}. I personaly dont think the music should be thought about as much as the word.. He is lyric royalty!... As far as the whole suicide/murder thing... he couldn't have killed himself, its just not possible. I do believe he was murdered but not by courtney herself, she was known to have people to do that for her.. why do u think her own family is scared of her? And i know that we shud just move on with the whole case but if it was a member of your family and you knew in your heart that they cudn't do such a thing as to kill themselves wouldn't you want the person who did put to justice? I know i would. There are ways believe me i've looked into it.
    R.I.P. Kurt... you will alwayz be loved by me.
  • Maryalice from Virginia Beach, VaR.I.P. like you deserve, kurt. you left us too soon, but not without impacting us all musically wise first.
    everyone has theories about who killed him/saying it was suicidal. i think it was courtney. but thats just me. but come on... why dont we forget about trying to figure out who killed him, and just listen to his music. im sure if he could see all of us just argueing about it... he wouldnt like it. hes been gone for 10 years... he isnt coming back. yes, the person that did it should get punished but most of the evidence is gone away because the cops didnt care enough to do something about it when they were on his case... just ruled it a suicide by another heroin addict. i can only hope he will forever r.i.p. like he deserves... you all should hope that too.
  • Evan from Orlando, FlOK I just want to say some stuff about his death. I don't know if kurt killed himself or was killed by their nanny, but all the people who say that courtney hired the nanny to kill kurt are getting most of their information from the internet, which is about as reliable as a supermarket tabloid. Courtney love gets arrested about twice a day so she's prolly serving as much time as she would if she did put a hit on kurt. Everyone shouldn't dwell on the death of kurt, but instead just enjoy his music. Nirvana is the greatest band of the last twenty years.
  • Billy Carter from Bay St Loui, MsOk guys, from a musical standpoint he relied on power chords which are easy. The way his chords moved together and of course his sarcastic, poetic and sometimes plain nonsense lyrics were encouraging. I believe we have no right to pry into his life the way we do and I aswell am guilty of this. I think if he killed himself he should be left to rest. We will never know........ maybe things just happen for a reason.... dunno. I believe that Courtney Love cracked up after he died. It was almost like a check and balance system for each other. I think in closing nirvana was 3 people not just Kurt. They all deserve recognition. I'm sure there are lamers that feel he was the whole show but its not true.
  • Gilliann from Dublin, IrelandLook, Courtney didn't do it, and anyone who says why the handwriting is slightly different, if you were overdosed on herion, i dont think you would be perfectly neat, She didnt do it, get over it, just listen to the music.
  • Sean Knob from Berkeley Heights, NjKurt's music will live on forever... his life ended too soon and someone needs to pick up the torch... resurrect Nirvana... someone cover his work or something.... someone pick up his writing style... something... resurrect Nirvana help Kurt live beyond the grave
  • Bendover from Sydney, Australiakurt cobain is probaly rolling over in his grave or his ashes beacause he was such a private person and all of his notes and life is being sold lke candy
  • Lily from New York City, Pawe shouldn't be so caught up on his death. kurt was a musical genuis and he should be remembered for that, not some death that caused so much conteversy. i wish to god that he was still around but what the hell are you ganna do?? kurt was more than a suicide victem he was a way of releasing.
  • Keith from Fort Gratiot, Mifor those of you who think he killed himself your right for those of you who think he was murdered your right. he was the one that hooked up with courtney - he killed himself.but he didnt put the gun to the roof of his mouth (the place it was put, not under his chin) and pull the trigger, someone else killed him he was murdered. but the truth is his drug habit would have claimed his life later on that year. in 1993 kurt suffered from more than a dozen overdoses. and every time he shot up he just got closer to death. he didnt want to end his life kurt just didnt care if his life ended.kurt would have died sooner or later but rather later and thats why courtney love should pay for her crime (i mean she WILL pay for what she did to kurt, his family,and us!!!) kurt your never forgotten but rather the rest of the world is forgotten.RIP kurdt donald kobain (the way to spell his career name as a musician.potsmokin/nirvana/fan )
  • Bendover from Sydney, AustraliaKurt shouldnt be remembered for his contreversial suicide but his great talent and music.
  • Sarah from Hamilton, CanadaKurt was an amazing artist...but he hated the publicity. A person can only take so much of fame and fortune. Im saddenned by the loss of a person as talented as Kurt, but I wouldnt be happy listening to his music, if he was no langer happy making it.
    RIP Kurt
  • Ed from Victoria, CanadaI agree...I think he did change rock...I dont know why he did...he wasnt that great in my oppinion...but he not saying he sucks im saying I dont think he's as good as all you guys are making him out to be. I still have an intrest in the band which is why I came to this forum in the first place.
  • April from Houston, Txjust a fact: when Kurt said he wanted to kill himself like Jimi Hendrix did, he didn't know Jimi died of overdose. Kurt thought Jimi killed himself... ironic?
  • Travis from Sacramento, Cato joe. no matter how you look at it Nirvana had and will always have an everlasting impact in music history. Cobains lyrics came close to home for many of their teenage listeners. Cobain and Nirvana will stay strong for many years to come
  • Candice from S-town, TxGlad you pointed that out Abby, i would have, but i didn't want to be rude... We would all like to know if Kurt killed himself or not, but the fact is, we will never know and Kurt is not going to come back, even if we did find out the truth. Kurt would have killed himself eventually, so please don't act like it was such an unusual thing that he did... sad, but not unusual...
    RIP Kurt
  • Aj from Ny, Nykurt was probably murdered why would anybody commit suicide just because they were famous and even if you read the letter it says he is not going to commit suicide and some people say that the last 2/3 of the letter might have been written by some one else. Any way who will never anyway.
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