Album: Nevermind (1991)


  • An early Nirvana song about being trapped in middle-class America, this was a song the band developed during live performances in 1989 when they toured Europe with their Sup Pop labelmates TAD. In our interview with Sub Pop founder Bruce Pavitt, he explained that this song was "hypnotic," and a stylistic breakthrough for the band. "Audiences would become ecstatic," Pavitt said. "They were experiencing Nirvana. And when you're experiencing really good, primal rock n roll, you break into a trance."
  • Kurt Cobain wrote this when he was first starting to more deeply explore his songwriting talent, and he had begun to write about the people around him. The original version was recorded at Smart Studios with Butch Vig, and it was the most complex song of the session: it began under the title "Immodium" - named after a friend's diarrhea medicine, yet there is very little in the version recorded at Smart to connect it with the medicine. Kurt instead used the title to suggest the running-on of the mouth. It was much more complex than much of Nirvana's early material, each chorus beginning and ending with the line "she said," implying that the song was meant to capture spoken dialogue, which is often overlooked.
  • The band Otep did a cover of this song on their 2007 album The Ascension. They also made a video for the cover with the lead singer dressed up as a housewife, referring to being trapped in your home and being bossed around by "the man."

    In our interview with the group's lead singer Otep Shamaya, she explained that Nirvana inspired her band to take on the occasional cover song, since Nirvana's renditions of songs by the Meat Puppets and David Bowie were so powerful.

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjThis is a little out there but I get from this a little kid/teenager escaping to his/her own little dream world where anything's possible (We can plant a house/we can build a tree) as opposed to the stereotypical American dream of getting married and having kids (we don't have to breed). When you're young you don't really think about that stuff, you just want to have fun. (I don't mind, I don't have a mind) Anyway, that's what I get out of it.
  • Michael from Staten Island, NyBest Nirvana song ever. Grohl is awesome with the drums, and Kobain has (well, had) an excellent voice. I never heard "she said" at the beginning of the chorus, but I do at the end of the chorus. So fine, Kobain ain't the greatest gut-busting soloist, but it's still a great song. Nirvana lives on!
  • Filthee from Crackville, CoI love Nirvana and they can not and will never be replaced,but I like Otep's version better.
  • Joe Flake 2nd from Oklahoma City, OkThese verses are repetitive, but they still rock it! I dig it, i think.
  • Chris from Ontario, Canadame thinks justin timberlake helped write this right
  • John from Houston , TxGreat song. It's badass.
  • John from Pittsburgh, PaKinda sounds to me like this is about not always thinking about sex
  • John from Manila, OtherBarry played brilliant drums here. Are you still in Dubai p're?
  • Echo from Normalville, MaGo Dave Go
  • Zuzana from Bratislava, EuropeWhy do you have to diss Courtney? Whatever Kurt did was his decision and his responsibility. If she made him depressed, he didn't have to be with her. And the songs on In Utero aren't "depressed".
  • Gerry from Cooltown, MaThis song is featured on MLB 2k7.
  • Ed from Chodania, Fllol @ edwin in costa mesa, and the best version is probably on the Live and Loud show, where he plays this tuned 1/2 a step down.
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cathe band fuel did a cover of this. the lead singer sounds amazingly like kurt i suggest you all download it and have a listen.
  • James from ShaftesburyMost of the songs that can be linked to relationships on Nevermind were about Tobi Vail, from Bikni Kill, who he went out with for a while. They split up before Nevermind was recorded. The song Aneurysm is also about her.
  • John from Millersville, Md"Explore his song writing talents...named after his friend's diarrhea medicine" Wow, what a talented guy. I'll never understand how this sort of pseudointellectual junk got so popular=/.
  • Niall from Toulouse, FranceThe verses I think in this song are so repetitive. Mind tearing, I think.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaI agree paula.
  • Mario from Riverside, CaThats song ROCKS, whenever he played it. One of my personal fav's.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaBrendans right. Kurt wheels onto the stage in a wheelchair (mocking the press's stories on his bad health) and then he just jumps out of it and rips into the opening chords. Its SOO awesome.
  • Brendan from Arlington, MaI applaud the great opening that Cobain plays, watch Live Tonight Sold Out to understand how good it looks when he plays it
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaIt's about growing up in white-trash rural america.
  • Edwin from Costa Mesa, CaLike Justin said, He wrote this song before Dave Grohl introduced him to Love... How is this post Courtney? He sounds happy!
  • Justin from Parma, OhThis song was written before Kurt was with Courtney or Frances was even conceived, as are all of the songs on Nevermind. None of his songs are about Courtney until In Utero, notice how they are all depressed. (Married to her and he's depressed? Shocking...) And also there was no post Courtney, he died married to her.
  • Kelly from Houston, TxI hear its about Courtney and about Frances or a child, but I believe this was post Courtney so,
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