Album: Heart-Shaped Box Single (1993)


  • In Dave Grohl's initial months in Seattle, Kurt Cobain overheard him working on a song called "Color Pictures Of A Marigold," and the two ended up jamming on it. During the sessions for In Utero, the band decided to record the song and released it as a B-side on the "Heart Shaped Box" single, titled simply "Marigold." >>
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    Emily - Mandeville, LA
  • It is the only Nirvana song to feature Dave Grohl on lead vocals. >>
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    Rob - Castaic, CA
  • Dave Grohl, who wrote the song, covered this with his band, the Foo Fighters on their 2006 acoustic tour. The cover was included on their live acoustic CD Skin And Bones." This was the first time Grohl covered a Nirvana song. >>
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    Bert - Pueblo, NM
  • This song is featured on the acoustic live record Skin And Bones. >>
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    Sam - Portsmouth, WA

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  • Luis from Xalapa, Mexicoi have this version of the son that says:

    He's there in case i wonder off and...
    He's there when i'm not
    He's there to pick me up when i fall and...
    He's scared cuz i want

    from where is this version of the song?

  • Jordan from Pennsylvania, Paneglectful parents and understimulated children
  • Jordan from Pennsylvania, PaI think it is about a child, and a coloring book or tv show used to keep the child occupied while waiting for parents to come back.
  • Jamie from Merthyr, United KingdomImagine the lines 'He's scared, incase I want it all' were about Dave being paranoid at the fact that kurt didn't want daves singing career to lift off
  • Jayne from Cleveland, OhDave wrote this song about a babysitter he had when he was a kid. Dave recorded the song while waiting hours for Kurt to show up to a recording session and played all the instruments. Go ahead, ask Dave!
  • Kayla from Hattiesburg, MsI don't think ALL of Dave's stuff would have ended up as Nirvana stuff. Kurt said himself that the other members had musical interests that they couldn't necessary pursue while in Nirvana. Too bad we'll never know what could have been!
  • Megan from New Eygpt, NjI always thought he was playing solitaire. It always wanted to ask Dave if I'm right. I used to play cards with a deck of cards with a field of marigolds on them. I really think that is what he is talking about.
  • Rory from Winnipeg, CanadaAnyone who plays drums knows that the drum track has Dave's style written all over it. The dvd features them playing the cover "seasons in the sun" and if you watch Kurt play, and you know a thing or two about drumming, you'll notice there is no way he can a make a drum kit sound the way it does in marigold. plus i think that someone mentioned that Kurt is officially credited with playing the guitar anyway.
  • Lance from Oklahoma City, Ok"If you have watched the DVD included in the box set and you will see kurt playing the drums performing in the recording studio. so Matt needs to check himself and not pretend that he knows what he's talking about."

    To the guy from Meep, CA:

    I think you're talking about Seasons in the Sun, which was recorded in Rio de Janeiro and wasn't even their original song. Perhaps maybe you should check your info first.
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhI really like this tune-me and a former girlfriend of mine are gonna record it as a duet with our band someday.
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaThis is probably the way this song was made. Since the song was recorded in the In Utero sessions, Dave probably asked if they can play a song he wrote. Kurt probably agreed because in Nirvana later career Kurt said he was tired of writing most of the lyrics and music by himself (Dave Grohl also write the guitar music for "Scentless Apritence"). Kurt is creidited for playing the guitar and singing back-up for this song.
  • Jeff from Federal Way, Wakurdt was really psyched about this song, and even encourged dave to take the lead and play guitar (perhaps this was due to kurdt's waining enthusiasm in lead performing at the time) and was happy to lay low and play drums for dave. the drumline is fantastic and when you listen to it you realize it's not dave style at all. so to add to the burning arguement, yes it is kurdt on drums.(lol) a fantastic song, amazing to think all of dave's best stuff from foo fighters would have all been nirvana tracks had cobain not passed away...
  • Liz from New York, NyThese lyrics are wrong.
    He's there in case I wander off
    He's scared cause I warned
    He's there in case I want it all
    He's scared cause I want

    All in all the clock is slow
    6 color pictures all in a row of a Marigold.

    I think it's about an authority figure in his life (perhaps his father) and how he felt about "his" presence there.
  • Lisa from Sammamish, WaI think the "he" in the song is actually referring to an personification of Death. I imagined a waiting room because "six colored pictures all in a row, of a marigold" brought to mind those bland cheery framed pictures that are always hanging in waiting rooms, where everyone is tense and anticipatory. The pictures are supposed to calm you, and everything looks pleasant. But the person in the song is tense, and I thought Death was waiting in a room just beyond, and they were playing some sort of game where the person doesn't know whether he wants to go into that room beyond and meet Death or not.

    ...It seems kind of far-fetched, I know.
  • Harry from Chicago, IlThink of it this way:
    Kurt is asleep in the next room,
    Dave is in the Garage, And he's getting pissed about theyre band succeeding, while only kurt is getting eaten aliveby the public. Six colored posters of a yellow haired kurt cobain, with his band members in the background. "Hes scared in case i want it all. Hes there in case i won.
  • Matt from Hobart, InTo N/A. That studio recording of Seasons in the Sun is a totally different studio then where marigold was recorded. The DVD with Seasons in the SUn is from Rio Di Janeiro and Marigold comes from the "IN UTERO" sessions, which were redorded in the U.S. Marigold wasnt even recorded in Rio. So there you go. I have heard that Dave played drums and guitar and Krist on Bass to, just like Matt.
  • Jordan from Victoria, CanadaI do not beleive this song is about suicide or homicide, it is about a baby and a babysitter. I think you should stop looking into the songs so much, and take it for what it's worth: a smooth mellow song. The truth is, the majority of us will never know who plays what for this recording, so we should stop arguing.
  • Kurt from D.c, DcDave Grohl is actually very sadistic and this is not about suicide, but about murder....and the clock is slow cuz hes waiting to kill his victim
  • Conrad from Southwest Harbor, MeI really don't see why everyone thinks all nirvana songs are about suicide, there not and either is this one....
  • Sam from Adelaide, AustraliaSounds more like the song is about suicide watch but thats just a sadistic little childs view... Anyway tis an awesome song and i need to get the box set :P
  • Joe from Lockport, IlThis song is so quiet because Dave recorded it while Kurt was sleeping in the next room.
  • Nelly from Bumsville, CanadaI love this song, it's so mellow and beautiful.
  • Fungus from Here, ScotlandGrohl plays everything on this song, just like he does on the foos first album, it was just something that came out of one of the many studio sessions he did on his own, just writing and recording his own songs.
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaWell,to Matt and N/A,remember "Life is very short,and theres no time,for fussing and fighting my friends." But this song is awesome. I really like it because it is very soft and mellow.
  • Matthew from Fayetteville, NcThis isnt what I have heard from many other sources, other sources tell me that this song is about authority figures.But I believe that this song is simply about reliance on another to make one's self feel better to relieve depression.
  • Nick from Plainfiel, IlI agree totally. I think it's about about a baby being baby sat in the verse and in the chorus it's about the bored baby sitter who notices the pictures on the wall(of the marigolds). Just a thought. Awesome ass song. NIRVANA RULES!!!!!
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cahey N/A (great name!)...notice what I said "There's a RUMOR that Kurt did not appear". I have the boxset DVD too, except when he plays drums thats not marigold, its seasons in the sun.
  • N/a from Meep, CaTo Correct Matt from millbrasia, Kurt Donald Cobain did "appear" in this song. He played the drums, Krist on bass, and Dave on vocals and guitar. If you have watched the DVD included in the box set and you will see kurt playing the drums performing in the recording studio. so Matt needs to check himself and not pretend that he knows what he's talking about. his relation to the babysitter is a lame opinion and never Believe rumors. if you dont know for sure what your talking about, don't say it
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaThis is a really mellow song, but it's still good. There's a rumor that Kurt did not even appear on this song, that it was Dave on guitar AND drums, and Krist on bass. As for meaning, probably about a babysitter or a really boring world ("all along the clock is slow" "six colored pictures all in a row")
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