Moist Vagina

Album: All Apologies B-Side (1993)


  • Recorded for the In Utero album, this was originally titled "Moist Vagina And Then She Blew Him Like He's Never Been Blown, Brains Stuck All Over The Wall." It was left off the album for fear that there was already enough controversy over the song "Rape Me."
  • The song is not about women or sexuality but about drugs, specifically marijuana. Kurt Cobain said that this song explains how marijuana is the only partner he needs to "eat." >>
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  • Faust from West Of Eirealways thought it was called moist vagina because it sounds kinda like marijuana
  • Soma from Baja, HungaryCreamofweber, maybe They were expecting the controversy? Not too hard to figure out that a song called 'Rape me' will cause some controversy problems...
  • Creamofweber from EarthDon't believe everything you read on the internet kids. The controversy over the song "Rape Me" didn't occur until after the album was released; So the decision to leave MV off the album has no connection.
  • Roman from Wroclaw, PolandI've always thought the song is about him having oral intercourse with a girl, then they both (or only the girl) smoke marijuana and she loses her sex drive. Kurt uses present tense in first verse when referring to "qualities" of said woman, then sings "marijuana", and in second verse past tense is used.
  • Doug from Ontario, OnWow. Have this song in my playlist under the name "Marijuana". Never understood the lyrics until I decided to look them up today. It's forever changed for me.
  • Seth from Ararat, Vadoes he say i've been tickling around the circumference or i particularly enjoy the circumference?
  • Steven from Winnipeg, Mbgood song!
    i like the apperant real meaning of it
  • Maria Castaneda from Montclair, Caweird ass lyrics but good song.
  • Sanitarium from Sharon, KsHas everyone forgotten that Kurt was a cunnilingus freak and half the time HE didn't even know what his songs meant?
  • Josh from Perth, AustraliaI thought it was a play on words, moist vagina- marijuana?
  • Brett from Andover, MnWell done Joe and Sarah, those are both great view points of the song. I agree with both of you.
  • Akara from Birmingham, AlWow... I've never heard this song, but the lyrics are... quite disturbing. I don't think I would get the drug reference if I heard it without reading this, even with the "marijuana" in the lyrics. Crazy.
  • Joe from Lockport, IlSarah, I always thought the "Moist Vagina" reference was the end of a joint shaped somewhat like a vagina (a hole at least) becoming moist with the saliva of its users.
  • Milosh from Novi Sad, YugoslaviaThe song is of artistic nature,and I quite like it,the whole atmosphere and especially to play it on guitar.
    I don`t understand how can you say :"all he does is scream it out loud"
    xD Its excentric and better than some classical songs like...I can`t find any commercial songs from Nirvana,well,I can say Smells like teen spirit...
  • Truth from Mississauga, Canadathis song is about wicked.all he does is scream it out loud
  • Defri from Samarinda, Indonesiai don't understand this song at all
  • Sarah from Irwin, PaObviously the reference to a "moist vagina" would be the pistils on the female plant producing resinous buds. When they don't get fertilized, the female goes crazy with the resin and the result is some kicka** weed.
  • Flowery Twat from Philadelphia, PaWOW!!!
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhThank God... all this time I thought it was about Courtney Love... (shivers in sheer fear)
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