You Know You're Right

Album: Greatest Hits (2002)
Charted: 45
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  • "You Know You're Right" was recorded January 30, 1994 at Robert Lang studios in Seattle just before Nirvana embarked on a European tour, which turned out to be their last. It was the last song the band recorded, as Kurt Cobain killed himself on April 5, 1994. The song wasn't released until eight years later when it was issued as a single and included on the Nirvana Greatest Hits album.
  • The group recorded this when they had some spare time one weekend. It was not intended for any specific album, so when Cobain died, it went unreleased.
  • Kurt wrote this song as a sarcastic reference to his wife Courtney Love, at a very turbulent time in their relationship (shortly before his suicide), the title and predominant lyric: "you know your right" and also "nothing really bothers her, she just wants to love herself", both refer to Kurt's frustration with Courtney. >>
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  • When Cobain died, the two remaining members (Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic) formed a partnership with his widow, Courtney Love, that controlled the rights to Nirvana's songs. Grohl and Novoselic wanted to release this sooner, but Love refused, and it was not until 2002 that they reached an agreement where she allowed a Nirvana Greatest Hits CD with this on it. As part of the agreement, the Universal Music Group, which released the CD, let Love out of her contract with the label.
  • Grohl went years without listening to this song. Until it was mixed for the Greatest Hits album, he didn't even have a copy of it.
  • Before the song was released as a single in 2002, it was called "On the Mountain" by bootleggers. The only time the song was performed live, Dave Grohl told the audience, "This is our last song, its called 'All Apologies'" without realizing Cobain had started playing "You Know You're Right." The poor audio quality left the bootleggers unable to make out exactly what Grohl had said, hence the mistaken title. >>
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  • Before Nirvana released this, Courtney Love played a live acoustic version of it called "You've Got No Right" for an MTV Unplugged special with her band Hole. She sang "Hey" instead of "Pain." Here's how she introduced the song: "This is a song that Kurt wrote. We worked on it a little bit, we can't do it that well but it's Valentine's Day, and maybe he can hear it, and he'll go, 'You know, you really f---ed up my song, Courtney. Don't even try it.' But if it works, it's dedicated to my mother-in-law. >>
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  • There is a very rare bootleg recording of Nirvana playing this live on October 23, 1993. >>
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  • Dave Grohl recalled the sessions that produced this song during a 2014 interview with Studio Brussel. "We had some time off before a tour, and Kurt wanted to go in and demo some stuff, so I said, 'Hey, why don't we do it at this studio down the street from my house,'" he said. "And we went down there, and we had three days booked. Kurt came in the last day and we were like, 'Okay, what do you wanna do?' And Kurt said, 'Well, why don't we do that song we've been doing at soundcheck?' And so we rehearsed it, I think, once, and then recorded it. Kurt did three or four vocal takes, and that was it."

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  • Joey B. from N.cKurt is transcendent on this tune!-but of course he is!!-dude was not of this earth. A gift from the gods. Definitely heavier than heaven! -Thank you man...
  • Jesse Hutchison from 58203If you do the research there is plenty of facts to convince anybody CL had her baby’s daddy offed.
  • Chris from Greenville, NcMight as well from Cleveland I see your frustration. However being born in 92, I believe Courtney had everything to do with Kurt's death except the actual murder. Kurt killed himself, I do believe. I also believe she helped his addiction get worse. His obvious stomach pains were from the fact that he was addicted to heroin. Obviously he was broken from the age of 7 when his parents divorced, he failed to fit in where he was from, and he wasn't happy. But I believe Courtney was the final nail in the coffin if you will. This song is my favorite song, not just by Nirvana but my favorite. I think after this song was written it was pretty blatant that Kurt was at the point of no return and couldn't take it anymore. "Never speak a word again I will crawl away for good."
  • Mightaswellhurt from Cleveland, TnI am guessing most of you that believe Courtney had anything to do with Kurt's death were either in DIAPERS in the 90's, or not even born yet. Addiction and mental illness count for nothing, here?? Add to that the fact that it wasn't his first history of suicide, etc. And the jackass who said Kurt wasn't even an addict, that it was part of his image...REALLY???!!! I have been a fan from the beginning, and I remain a fan. I will always love him and his art. I have fought the same demons. I'm not saying I've won....when I die CLEAN, then I win. I have been down that far. It is only by the grace of a loving higher power that I am here now. The truth is that the only one who knows the why is Kurt. He loved his wife and daughter. Insulting her disrespects his memory. He HATED for people to put her down or to make him sound like a bullied dumbass who couldn't form a thought or opinion without her.If you are a true fan, you know better. Amen. The end.
  • Sardona from Montreal, Qcone more note, I wonder if grohl distanced himself from kurt because he was afraid. Maybe thats why kurt was angry at him when he was targeted by the bikers, everyone stayed away.
    I know songwriters write about mostly current things in their lives, maybe the problems with Courtney were due to that night and she was upset because when he hit the guy in the pit, he put all their lives in danger. maybe the song is an apology and also him saying he will leaving town and never bothering the bikers again. If it was Appology or Mountain it was about that night because of the meaning behind where the song took place. On top of a mountain of people or he wanted to run for the hills. I wonder if kurt was saying he would dissapear and not speak so they could not find him... its too bad everyone's so afraid of bikers ...this is just a theory anyway...
  • Sardona from Montreal, QcKurt was killed by the bikers in the crowd that he smashed in the head a few times with his guitar in the mosh Pit thing! I think they planted the paper in Courtneys bag when she was out or sleeping or stoned. Im sure they wrote the note themselves because the note looks like a dumb bikers handwriting, Im a songwriter and that is not a songwriter like Kurts voice in that note at all! He was too sensitive a person, notice the caPital letters saying we love you and in french its so nice ' je t aime'. Courtney knew but Im sure they threatened her child and her family and more. She has to live with the whole world judging her on something she never even did, and she's taking the fall it because she loved him more than anything, just look at the pictures of them, she was just stronger than he was and more in touch with how to market him. He was a hurt kid with a lot of uncontrolled love and anger in his heart. Thats just my theory
  • Jana from Milledgeville, IlWow, poor Kurt...he has fans that argue argue argue and it's all about his stupid cause of death... I COULD REALLY GIVE A f--k LESS! Kurt hates you all, just saying... I love the man because of his music and no matter what, he will live on in my heart for the rest of my life... <3

    R.I.P Kurt D. Cobain
  • Ripu from North Shore, New ZealandWow this song is so haunting to me. It sounds like he's singing from beyond the grave. I allways thought he killed himself not because he was depressed or anything, but to be immortalised. Because he used to say to his sister when he was younger that he dreamt of joining the 27 club. Hm I think if you don't understand what this song is about, maybe it should be you who blows themselves with a shotgun..
  • Mark from Worcester, MiJosh you know what I found? I fell down that rat hole too. It's really not about justice. If we were concerned about justice, there's a lot of injustice in the world to fight. Kurt killed himself and it's hard to handle. Really this can't be good for his kid, and I had to force myself to stop, and I think people should consider doing the same.
  • Josh from Jackson, Miive argued to much to prove he didnt kill himself and for the people who say what does it matter...SOMEONE KILLED HIM! wtf do you mean it doesnt matter??? if someone killed your mother, father, or child would you say "what does it matter who did it they're dead"? i dont think you would...were not morons we know the truth wont bring him back but its about justice its about proving to the world he was no coward and especialy for his daughters sake whos been told all her life that her father would rather die than be with her...I'm sick of hearing what does it do you explain the credit card missing from his wallet? and the fact that credit records show that it was charged after his death but before the body was discovered? i assume dead men can use credit cards right?
  • Steven from Winnipeg, Mbgood song i like it i understand
    the complexity of it and what it stands for
    and the moments in his life that "sucked" and the
    others but most of all i love this bittersweet tribute to a memory or to Love
  • Aaron from Detroit, MiMy take on the line "You know you're right" was from hearing that Courtney Hole used to always tell Kurt things along the lines of "You should just go kill and yourself already" Like he finally had enough and just said "Fine. You know what? You're right."
  • Aaron from Detroit, MiThis song has always been bittersweet to me. Such a great song, but hearing what their next album may have sounded like is... sad. Just knowing what we missed out on.
  • Maria. from Montclair, Cai love this song. i hear it everyday.

    well i think this song shows how Kurt felt. he says he will NEVER do alot of things cuz he's gonna 'move away from here' and he 'will crawl away for good. he feels warm and calm he doesnt have to hide, hes finally letting his feelings out. pain is simply all his pain that why he repeats it so much. he made this song his last for a reason. just let Kurt rip.
    Kurdt Cobain.
  • Mark from Worcester, MiShe has the rights to the songs because she killed him before he could change his will and leave her. That's why.
  • Nick from Seattle, Albaniawhy the hell does Courtney Love hold rights to nirvana songs...she was not in the band and did jack shi%%%% to help them! krist and dave are the only people who should have anysay...they wrote the songs! Love sucks so much
  • Melanie from New York, Nyyes a very haunting final song..the truth will come out kurt- peace,love,empathy
  • Johnny from Pittsburgh, PaHAHAHAHA!!! All these Courtney killed Kurt comments and all the Kurt killed himself comments make me laugh. Every forgets about the music which is what it is really about. If you want true conspiracy, try this one, Kurt Cobain was never a junkie that was just a persona, just like Tupac's gangster persona, read up on him too his history is quite interesting. Kurt didn't die at all, he was slowly undergoing plastic surgery operation to remove the cleft in his chin and slightly alter his voice. Shoot forward to 2009, let's see, are there any rockstars out there who resemble Kurt and came out after he died? I know, how about Rivers Cuomo. They are the same height, same build and the even talk the same, listen and compare interviews they both have done. Also, how many people know that Kurt wasn't a true lefty, he was ambidextrous, he wrote right handed and could also play guitar right handed. Now, Rivers is also obsessed with Nirvana, so much that he actually has a notebook of every Nirvana song mathematically broken down to find Kurt's songcraft formula. Oh, and Rivers also did a Nirvana cover band called Goat Punishment in the late 90's and sounds eerily similar to Kurt and Nirvana. Theory? or Truth? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • Ben from Ocean City, NjWow...a man with countless drug addictions would never kill himself? Open your eyes, Kurt was extremely depressed, and drugs only enhance these emotions and blow them out of proportion. If you are addicted and you're thinking of killing yourself, chances are you're not going to just stay alive so you can keep getting high..
  • Lola from Norwich, United KingdomI am baffled as to how anyone who has heard this song can believe that Kurt DIDN'T kill himself.
  • Hillary from Lburg, Inwasn't this song meant as a goodbye to francis?
  • Luuk from Maarsbergen, NetherlandsThe song was actually called "On The Mountain" it was one played, in chicago, on the 23th of october, 1993.
  • Jessica from Birmingham, AlI have NEVER believed that Kurt killed himself. I'm not saying he wasn't depressed or a junkie. I'm not even saying that he wasn't suicidal at one point of his life. If Courtney did murder him, she would have used every bit of that to her advantage. Be honest- would it be so hard to believe a man who has multiple addictions and depression problems would kill himself? Especially if he had attempted suicide or thought of it earlier in life? It would be a genius plan to murder a man like that and make it look like a suicide. Congrats, Courtney- you have your money, half the world believes the man who loved you enough to marry you after he got you pregnant shot himself because he was a worthless junkie. Does Frances miss her daddy, or have you poisioned her to think he was a bad man, too? Hey, look, I'm sorry for ranting, my father's dead too and it's getting close to the 7th anniversary and no one pay attention to me.

    I love this song, by the way. I love the way it means different things depending on what mood your in. Has anyone heard the acoustic version of this song? It's really good...
  • Bernard from St. Louis, MoCLARIFICATION -

    This song was never called 'On the Mountain.' Bootleggers came up with this name because the one time this song was played live, Dave Grohl told the crowd "This is our last song: its called 'All Apologies'" without realizing that Kurt had already started playing 'You Know You're Right.'
    The poor audio quality left bootleggers with the dilemma of naming an unknown Nirvana song, hence 'On the Mountain.'
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --The bass line shares some simarilarity's with Alice in Chain's Would.
  • Anonymousyou guys are so clueless. kurt did not kill himself!!! i either think courtney did it or she hired someone else to do it. first: why are there no pictures of the body? hmm? 2: theres no 'readable' finger prints on the gun which means someone cleaned them off. i dont think kurt cleaned off a gun after shooting himself in the head. 3: anything you touch theres fingerprints. no matter what. 4. courtney hired a dude to kill kurt. he refused. that man told the media that and a week later he 'accidently' got hit by a train. coincidince? i think not.(true fact) 5:he had like five times the amount of heroin in his body to kill him within 1 second. so he would have died 5 times. in one second. 6: so i think someone shot him. then injected the drugs in him to make it look like he got high and did it himself but obviosly didnt know how much and put too much in. thats my theory. 7: why would he shoot himself and leave himself there for his daughter to walk in and see him like that. that would be horrific to a kid. it happened to me. and kurt loved his daughter more than anything in the world. he wouldnt want his daughter to see him like that so if he did then he probably would have gone to a secret place. i have many other facts. i will do what i can to convince the world that he did not do it. and maybe the court will re-open the case(they closed it like two weeks after his death i think
  • Joel from Columbia, ScKurt commited suicide. Sad but true. I was 24 when he died and was devistated. Like Kurt, I am bi-polar. All this crap about who killed him and why is just that, crap. It doesn't really matter anyway so what's the difference? About the song, yeah I think it rocked. Let's don't ruin the memory of a good but troubled singer like they did with all the theories about Tupack and Biggie.
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --K time to disprove the murder theories. One, Kurt was pretty sick so we shouldn't act suprised he killed himself(you ever listen to there lyrics)Two, the might not have stopped him because they were high to(if there was another person in the room)i mean you can't think straight.
  • Sabine from ., --Courtney really messed up the song, it sounds horrible, she doesn't have the voice to sing it.
    But Nirvana's version is awesome!
    All the emotions behind it, you can feel how he's mad and sad at the same time. Brilliant <3
  • Hannah from Hampshire, England, United KingdomI think this is definitely one of the most powerful Nirvana songs.
  • Lola from Norwich, United KingdomI don't understand how people that have heard this song can possibly believe that kurt didn't kill himself- Of course he did. Just have a listen to the lyrics.
  • Tomislav from Zagreb, CroatiaI don't know why do you bother about Kurt's death? Who caress if he was murdered or commited suicide? It's not going to bring him back to life if you find out the truth. All I know is that his life returns every time we listen to his music.
  • Erin from Tulsa, OkGenius song. God Kurt, may you Rest in Peace, beautiful soul!
  • Nadia from New York, NyWoo so many comments! Well, alot of you are saying "Courtney pulled the trigger, Courtney killed him". She couldn't have because she wasn't there. There's proof about that, but I DEFFINATELY think she hired someone to do it. And if she didn't hire someone to do it, then someone else just killed him for some unknown reason. But he deff. didn't do it himself, and it wasn't actually Courtney pulling the trigger. About the suicide note, everyone's already said the thing about hopw the last four lines that are the only ones that make it seem like a suicide note aren't his handwriting. Did you know also that once the investigation started after his body was found, a piece of paper with practiced handwriting (like different letters and stuff) was found in Courtney's backpack? If that doesn't say she was behind it, idk what does. Also, I find it amazing that (assuming she did forge the last lines of the note) she actually was so narcissistic and self centered to write about herself. I deffinately think the song is about his frusturations with her. God, how the hell did she get away with this!?
  • Nadia from New York, NyWas this song ever in a movie?
  • Kaycee from Houston, Txmk, so posting this to everyone that says its a suicide; there WAS PROOF another person was doing herione with him, & if it was suicide,why didnt they person try to stop him? why did they lock the door to the greenhouse after they left? & WHYYY didnt that person call 991 instead of leaving him there for THREE DAYS?! it was murder.. but she didnt murder him,she couldnt have. she was in LA so she either had someone do it or she had nothing to do with it..ok KURT WAS MURDERED!! he also had way too much heroine in his blood so he was too doped up to pull the trigger, and the shotgun was also too long for him, they tested that too, his arms wouldve been long enough to reach the trigger.uhhh DUHH!! he would have to use his toes, but he had both shoes on and you cant pull the trigger with shoes on
  • Alex from H-burg, OhThe Ending of this song totaly rocks!easily in my top 10 songs.!
  • Bill from Arroyo Gande, CaKurt was killed be either Courtney or sum1 working 4 her. At least that's what i think
  • Ryan from Mobile, Al"Nirvana recorded this a few months before lead singer Kurt Cobain killed himself in 1994. It was the last song the band recorded."
    Seriously, people, atleast say "Kurt Cobain's alleged suicide." I, for one, believe Kurt didn't kill himself.
  • Robert from Madtown, WiTo people who say "let it go", if I was murdered I would want people to figure out who did it. I'm not saying he was, (he was) but it is fishy enough that it needs to be reopened. One last thing I didn't see anyone mention, his injection sites were very "forced", could be someone else injected more after he was dead.
  • Jt from Tullahoma, TnWell Molly he did say that, and you're from TUllahoma? Wow, I'm from Tullahoma too! It's so odd to meet people on here who live in the same town.
  • Ryan from Cincinnati, OhOk Kurt was murdered go to ......there are case files, the note, diagrams, and all the evidence you need...JUSTICE FOR KURT..btw, this is a gr8 song
  • Joe from Chicago, Arkool song.....not nirvana's best....but it's still a really good song i wish they had played it at MTV unplugged in new york
  • Kira from Bonita Springs, FlTo Shane,Kildare, Ireland you are definatley right! me and my friends dont believe kurt killed himself either for all you people that think he did read his suicide note (the written version) the end of it is not in his handwriting and if courtney didnt kill him she atleast drove him to it RIP KURT WE ALL LOVE YOU!
  • Kira from Bonita Springs, FlTo go with the comment i left a few minutes ago i looked it up in my cd and kurt's exact words were "I don't have any new song right now. I have absolutely nothing left. I'm starting from scratch for the first time. I don't know what we're going to do." He said this 2 nights after the performance of this song
  • Kira from Bonita Springs, Flthis is a great song probably one of the greatest ones he wrote in my opinion anyway also when the band performed this song that one time when kurt was asked about it he denied even WRITING the song if you have the greatest hits cd that its on read the booklet if you dont believe me
  • Paindrain from Forbidden City, OtherNIRVANA and its overwhelming, incomparable legacy will live... forever
  • Joe from Lockport, IlThe only source of what the original title may have been is from the live version. Dave actually says, "This is our last song. It's called 'All Apologies.'" Not realizing that Kurt had already started "You Know You're Right." The people who bootlegged/listened to this song thought that Dave said "Autopilot" or "On a Mountain" (They do sound pretty similar to each other and the title "All Apologies.") But this song was actaully never given a proper title by Kurt before his death, so they just named it by what was said the most in the song.
  • Ed from Chodania, FlEric, Westland, MI, you are probably right... By saying Love killed kurt, you are giving her way too much credit. she wasn;t exactly the brightest apple in the bunch and still isn't. if you don't believe me, try to find the video of Madonna (i believe at the mtv VMAs) TRYING to give an Interview, and courtney love ruining it because she needed attention
  • Shane from Kildare, IrelandFirst of all, this is a great song, love the lyrics. I always assumed they were about suicide until i heard the murder theorys and i am now convinced that the song was written to go along with the "suicide note" (which actually sounds like a retirement letter, not a suicide letter and the last few lines are clearly forged) Cobain was murdered, anyone who denys it, WAKE UP!!! reads the facts before you automaticaly say no!
  • Maisala from CoffsGuys and gals, just give it up, there's more writing in that than in a ten page essay... sheesh... all I wanna say is that is a great song, and Nirvana is one of the best bands in the history of the universe!
    ~~~RIP KURT~~~
  • Steven from Gainesville, Ga"You Know You're Right" is my favorite song ever! It has so much meaning behind it! PAIN! I knew the whole song by heart after hearing like 2 time! And I have Nirvana greatest hits, which it's on, and I have the song on my iPod!
  • Erik from Willow Hill, Paadam of toronto, you are 100% right! that is one of the smartest things i've ever heard. everyone needs to read that.
  • Ross from Inverkip, Scotlandive had the same experiance that " - David, Lakeview, NC " had, and the song is so powerful its unbelivable . . . i just broke down in tears . . .

    i dont know how kurt died, but i think if he knew he was going to kill himself, this song is more of a suacide note than the " Dear Boddah " one is . . . .

    anyways, kurt was genius . . . we love you man
  • David from Lakeview, NcI love this song. Easily the best Nirvana song there is. I listened to it once when I was in a really low emotional state, and when the chorus hit, and I heard that long scream of "PAIN", I just broke down. Truly amazing.
  • Molly from Tullahoma, Tnwell, he did swear that he doesn't have a gun.
  • Adam from Toronto, CanadaFirstly, I like Nirvana, I like all their music, but I wouldn't call myself a die-hard fan.
    I have no idea how long its been since the last post on here but this needs to be said.
    I've spent the last hour or so reading over all of this bickering and its just the same thing over and over, seriously you conspiracy theorists need to find a new source of information because the one sentence you keep plagiarising is getting boring. "Kurt wasn't murdered, I KNOW this because 1)...2)...3)...200)..." and the pro-suicide fans saying "Kurt was suicidal, all true fans should know this", what does that matter - everyone listens to music for different reasons.
    Somewhere between reading that "KC couldn't have shot himself because his fingerprints weren't on the gun" and "KC DEFINITELY killed himself, there were 4 sets of fingerprints found on the gun", I realised that I was witnessing the widespread turmoil of a twisted (but funny) joke at the hands of Kurt. Many of you have mentioned many times (and i stress *many*) that his closest friends saw his sarcastic/dry sense of humour as one of his more upfront characteristics. So is it so hard to believe that he found something that made him happy or made him laugh to go out with?
    Consider this: You all probably call yourself 'true' Nirvana fans, but with all this needless arguing over how he died, and chewing up the crap being fed to you by god knows who from hell knows where, you're becoming like the 'pop' teens Kurt clearly despised. Ask yourself do you really miss him, respect him, cherish his memory and all that... or are you just being childish in trying to impress him. Is he looking down at you and smiling at your gallant efforts at justifying righteousness? Pffffft. No. He is looking down at you all bickering. Hes laughing at the havok (5000 people raging at police days after his death is havok enough, I'd say) he'd been planning for his whole life, that is if the stuff about him saying he was going to commit suicide as an adult from childhood or whatever is true.
    Anyway, maybe I'm completely wrong about the whole humour thing, but I'd always thought it was easier to deal with the death of someone you care about by remembering things they were best at.
    Oh and this rift thats come between all u Nirvana fans... forget it seriously! Suicide or otherwise, the man is gone. Enjoy the legacy of music. Because all this bickering is giving me PAIIINNNNNNNNNN - great song.
  • Dan from Sydney, AustraliaThe hole version is absolute rubbish. sometimes went under the name of 'on the mountain' ot 'Autopilot'. possibly best nirvana song. I hate courtney with a passion, it was all her fault. peace love empathy rip Kurt
  • Matthew from Kentucky, Kyas long as frances was his heir, he knew he would be dead before she turned 18.whether or not she got half of his money from a divorce. if he seemed morbid, thats why. and now the lyrics to all oun the mountain.

    dave-this is our last song, its called all on the mountain (this is about frances)
    I dont believe i found god, I know something oh god, is that even what we really had, some we'll leave here and the others pass, some we'll hear and they'll cry out yeah, I can walk my baby up higher, and who will take the word of god, I'm too weary of my house, is this when we find him, a cool day yeah god, come on baby up by my side, I can walk my baby up higher.
    We shouldve known on pale roots, look how i found the fun in your house, have it all around i promise you, sometime lets hide the long payouts, look im tired of long payouts, look on baby ruin his hair.
    way aye hey way hey aye hey you know it
    listen over here your barking at us, this isnt mine or my town, i dont really know i probably should, come on baby up by my side, come on baby lets guess, look around at all the fun we can have, i need a warm god, listen over here or i'll cry out, listen over there or they'll cry out, listen all around the eyes i have, we're gonna play in graceland, we're gonna play in rome,
    way ayellot (ayellot is hebrew for child of god, yaweh is god, so what is weh?)
    you know it
  • Josh from Fort Smith, ArNirvana performed You Know You're Right twice under different names
  • Jordan from Shokan, Nyi really doubt that grunge=dead
  • Dan from Lee, NhI agree with Abby and Matt, but if you could back up your opinions it would be easier to choose a side to take.
  • Grunge=dead from Nowhereville, Caanother great nirvana song...
    LOVE KILLED COBAIN, Need I say More??
  • Sarah from Seattle, WaI don't know how recent all of these comments came out, but about a year ago (2004) a book came out called "Love & Death". Anyone who wants to know the truth should really read this book. It's full of facts, not opinions. I'll give you a little taste:
    1) Kurt had 3 times the lethal dose of heroin in his system. It would not have been physically possible for him to put away his drugs, pick up his gun, shoot himself and then wipe off his prints. He would have been instantly incapacitated. There has never been a similar case, it's not physically possible.
    2) The coroner who performed Kurt's autopsy was an old party pal of Courtney's.
    3) Nirvana was breaking up. The "suicide" note said nothing about killing himself. It was a retirement letter. The last lines are in completely different writing, and that's the only place it talks about how Frances would be better off without him. Days after his death, Kurt and Courtney's friend found a piece of paper in Courtney's backpack, on it were letter's and letter combinations as if she were practicing to forge something. A lot of the letters are the same one's as the last lines of the "suicide" note.
    4) A month before Kurt's death, he OD'd on Rohypnol in Rome, you've all heard that. What you didn't hear is that Courtney and Cali (male nanny) joined him in the hotel, Courtney had a prescription for Rohypnol and made reference to it in an interview earlier that day. Royhpnol is the date-rape drug. No color, no scent, no memory. Courtney said she woke up at 3:30 in the morning and saw Kurt unconscious on the floor and that she thought he was dead. She waited until 6am to call an ambulance, in the picture you can see her make-up is freshly applied. Kurt survived and had no recollection of what happened. When asked if he tried to kill himself he said no. This is believed to be her first attempt on his life. This was never labeled a suicide attempt until after his death, by Courtney.
    5) On his final tour all of the other musicians touring with him commented on how he was totally clean and sober, drinking Evian water and how they expected him to take part in the debauchery, but he was just real mellow. The last week of his life when he was in rehab all of the doctors and nurses commented on how happy he was and how he played with his baby with such joy. Later they said he didn't at all act like someone who wanted to die.
    6) Kurt had filed for a divorce. When they got married, Courtney made him sign a pre-nup because she thought she would be the bigger star. When her lawyer told her she wouldn't get anything if they divorced. Her lawyer said that the only way she would get anything was if he died.
    7) A man by the name of Eldon Hoke said that Courtney hired him to blow Kurts brains out. He gave a whole account of this. She offered him $50,000 to do it, she would call him when she was ready for him to do it. She called the "Rock Shop" the place he hung out, a few days before Kurt's death asking for him all frantic, when they said he was out of town, she was angry and said "I need to talk to him. He's got a job to do." He took a polygraph test and passed with 99.91% certainty that he was telling the truth. When interviewed about it for a documentary he's asked if he knows who did it, he's totally plastered and the name "Allen" accidently slips out. He looks scared after realizing what he's said. (You can see this on Kurt & Courtney) A week later he is killed by a train. The last person to see him alive was a man named Allen Wrench. When interview he takes the writers of "Love & Death" to the spot where Hoke was killed and brags that it would be easy to push someone onto the tracks at that spot because nobody would hear the screams if there was a struggle and there would be no way to investigate this kind of death. When asked about the these suspicious circumstances he says, "Look, if I were to admit to you that I killed Cobain, I'd end up in prison, and I'm not going to risk that...". When they persisted: there must be some reason why Hoke named him as Kurt's killer. He said abruptly, "OK, off the record, I whacked him, as long as it's off the record."
    -There is sooo much more to this including 3 other deaths, if you want to know what happened read the book or look it up online. If you wanna keep believing the crap that Courtney Love has spoon-fed us go for it. Regardless, if anyone of us was murdered we would want the person caught, Kurt deserves the same, he was only 27! Don't be silent, urge the authorities to re-open the case.
  • Matt from Millbrae, Caamen abby. its not like we're ever going to know. courtney love is in all kinds of drug trouble anyways these days she doesnt need half a million kids accusing her of murder. kurt cobain most likely committed suicide. if any new evidence came forward, of course I'd be willing to hear it, but the case has been stuck for a few years and it's not getting easier to believe the muder theory. Just listen to the music, remember Nirvana's legacy, and keep the peace. Rest in Turmoil Kurt Cobain.
  • Abby from London, United StatesDear God, people!
    he's dead. leave his spirit alone. his music rocked, but he's dead. just enjoy the music. we can research into the matter a hundred time over, but we'll never bring him back. we can on ly re-live him through his music.
  • Joe from Lockport, Ilpaige, pirate town. um., CA- He was murdered, there are so many facts that point in the direction of murder and nearly none for suicide. Go to , theres tons of stuff there thatll blow your mind.
  • Joe from Lockport, IlI heard Hole's version of "You Know You're Right" really sucked
  • Rutgen from AntwerpOfcourse it's about Courtney, listen to the lyrics...And why do you think the song hasn't been released earlyer, because Courtney knew it...Dave an Krist had to fighyt a long time to get this song on the market and to the fans...
    By The Way She still has 48 songs in her closet of nirvana(she has got the rights of nirvana) that she doesn't want to publish...48 UNKNOWN SONGS OF NIRVANA
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhWhy does Courtney Love believe she has the rights to the Nirvana name? She is a pyschotic, talentless, loser.
  • Dia from New York, Nyhey i like listening to nirvana.Ok it really odd how he died but leave the man alone.Just focus on his music, that's wha matters.If not, think u'll meet him in heaven or whatever.
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoI have never cried to a Nirvana song before I heard this. The music video is excellent. Nirvana rocks!
  • Chris from Mansfield, Txcan't believe limp bizkit cover this song. i heard it and it sounds like crap. i feel sorry for Kurt Cobain.
  • Jeff from Edmonton, AlI'm not saying Kurt was murdered, but I think that for him to truly rest in peace the case should at least be reopened, and there are more than enough facts to do that. I just think that this great man's inconclusive death should be settled once and for all so that it won't overshadow his unbeleivable career. This songs also killer.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaScott does have a point. The lyrics are definitely different on the box set./..and not just the chorus either. He also says "I will never walk with you" (take that and run with it). There's even a rumor out that Courtney convinced Kurt to change the lyrics to "Pain" but that could be complete crap, who knows.
  • Strawberry from Battle Creek, MiI started out with having to pick two musicians to compare. I have read alot about Kurt and the group Nirvana as a whole. They are one of my favorite bands, and when I heard this song I got chills. Knowing that this was the very final song recored by them, when the final symbol hit, it was like a finality of no other kind. It is an amazing song. As for his suicide/murder, I can only hope that in death he found the peace he couldn't while he was with us. I still listen to his music, and love it, him, and the group for what it was and is. Rest in peace my friend.
  • Ctina from Winslow, AzWord ... mad love to Kurt and Company.
  • Natalie from Winslow, AzOMG!!! The spiritedness (albeit some disjointedness) of this page is driving me mad. But I love it. Keep putting out the good comments guys!

    I believe it was actually courtney that died easy of a broken heart disease.
  • Scott from Tn, Tnok in the box set version if you listen it has very different lyrics than the greatest hits album, and kurdt sings "FREE" instead of "PAIN". I mean wtf. free from what/who. do I even have to say. the one and only Mrs. Courtney Love. but thats not the only difference lots of the lyrics are changed. I'm honestly surprised she let it be released on the set. But I guess she thought "well f**k I mean everybody already hates me"
  • Paige from Pirate Town. Um., CaOKAY THIS IS TO THE PERSON BELOW ME AND ALL OF YOU WHO CONSTANTLY POST A COMMENT ABOUT HOW KURT COBAIN DID NOT KILL HIMSELF. ENOUGH ALREADY! for the love of mankind.. WE ALL KNOW THE STORY! okay if we want to know more about this so called "murder" then we can google it. but u dont have to explain it over and over and over.. personally i can't believe you would be stupid enough to think kurt cobain was not suicidal. i mean oviously you have never heard nirvana's songs? most of them have a depressing sound to them. um have u never even listened to "you know you're right" ??... "paaaaaaiiiinnnn" need i say more? also try reading "journals" it's scraps out of the pages of kurt's many journals. i think you'll see for yourself that kurt was indeed a suicidal person. he even brought up his suicidal thoughs in an interview once. try looking on for the interview. AND PLEASE STOP EXPLAINING YOUR IDEA OF KURT'S "MURDER"... just drop it.. he's dead.. it's over.. enjoy what he did when he was ALIVE!!
  • J. from Seattle, Wareally great song. *** to those of you who think he killed himself : get a clue. You don't need to be a "Conspiracy Theory Freak" to smell a rat. If any of you knew what it was like to be a host to dozens of parasitic junkies like he was a situation ripe for something bad to happen. the type of lowlifes that were sucking off him were people like Cali Dewitt - Cali was a young kid/junkie who was butting his nose in where it didn't belong.
    And to those of you who say "let it go" - that's exactly what those who are responsible would like to have happen.
    What would it hurt to have all the remaining evidence and facts THOROUGHLY investigated by the FBI? nothing. Courtney is a suck-fish who has gleaned all she can from riding on the coattails of true talent....whether it's been Kurt or Billy Corgan, or any of her other musician boyfriends....she's always tried to keep herself in the spotlight.
    My father-in-law killed himself recently in the same way Kurt you think his widow wanted to call the media and get on TV immediately following...? Courtney did. She's sick. She's the kind of lowlife that you find in the nasty biker bars - the kind of scum that knows people that do "dirty work" do you think she spent her years before meeting Kurt....?

    It's not just hype - it wasn't suicide.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaA really haunting solo version of this is on the box set as well. the lyrics sound even more desperate and saddening, if you can believe that.
  • Tanya from Rotterdam, NetherlandsThe problem, Jer, is that the personal life of an artist is often very much related to his songs. I'm getting a bit sick about the constant discussion about suicide/murder too, because people claim they 'know' what happened, and because they really accuse someone of murder, but in a way it IS related to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. When Cobain died, so did Nirvana.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaWe should just focus on the music. None of us are ever going to know what happened on April 5th. This is an amzing song, and no matter how tempted we are to read into the lyrics and say whether or not we think he was suicidal, we have to just realize that Kurt's music was amazing, but that he had some demons. You Know You're Right will never be a normal Nirvana song, but you kinda have to treat it like it is.
  • Shawn from Lansing, MiJames from Cleveland (I think it was Cleveland---- it was many posts ago) was right. This song was never called "On The Mountain". It's been bootlegged by that title since 1994 (from the Chicago show in October '93 which WAS the only time they ever played it live). The audio quality is pretty bad, as it wasn't professionally recorded and it's easy to hear "on the mountain" but if you listen closely it does say "All Apologies". Yes it is Dave Grohl saying it, not Kurt. As Dave is saying this, Kurt is playing a random melody and as soon as Grohl gets it out of his mouth, Kurt starts the melody of "You Know You're Right". You can tell it's not fully formed/written/rehearsed and that it took Grohl off guard (note that the drums are kind of off for the first verse). In all liklihood, the song didn't really have a title at that point, as was the case with many of their songs in the early stages. "On The Mountain" was plausible for one good reason--- Nirvana had a habit of deliberatly announcing new songs with ridiculous ficticious names just to see how many bootlegs would show up with whatever title they announced (this is the reason they called tourette's "The Eagle Has Landed" at the Reading Festival in '92 a full year before it came out on "In Utero". You can tell he was being sarcastic with that title but sure enough, it was bootlegged under that name all over the place (and that's the same version they later put on "From The Muddy Banks"). There were a few other songs that this happened with as well (in addition to bootleggers just making up names in order to re-sell the same songs again and again). But this is a definite--- despite the myth, they never actually said "On The Mountain"--- listen closely if you have a copy and you will hear "All Apologies". As for ideas about what it's about.....the earlier version in particular sounds like it defintely could be about Courtney but who knows. Half of the songs Kurt ever wrote had different, noticably unfinished lyrics when they were first performed live. The live version of this, as with many others, sounds as if he had a few lines written and was ad-libbing the rest as he went. The song sounds very sad and depressing in either version. I think he was just very unhappy at that point in general (hence the sad outcome). Nirvana will always be ones of my favorites. I'm very glad I grew up to that music. I just wish his music could have helped him more.
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaThis is a good song. Probably NIRVANA's greatest. As for Kurt's death,give it a break. It was ruled suicide. Not murder. You have no proof it was murder. But we have no proof it was suicide. Nobody will ever no what went on the day he died. But just give it a break.
  • Tessa from Ottawa, Canada"This is a song that Kurt wrote. We worked on it a little bit, we can't do it that well but it's Valentine's Day, and maybe he can hear it, and he'll go, 'You know, you really f---ed up my song, Courtney. Don't even try it.' But if it works, it's dedicated to my mother-in-law.

    Thank is cute!
  • Tessa from Ottawa, CanadaThank you Jason! You said everything I would have said! Bravo!
    Us Canadians, man!
  • Jason from Newmarket, CanadaJo Beth. Many of your arguments are void.

    Kurt Cobain comitted suicide.
    What does it matter that Love was in detox? She was messed up just as much as Kurt, so I dont see how it could be considered "convenient".

    Cali wouldn't have killed Kurt. In the last couple of months before Kurt's suicide, Cali and his girlfriend were 2 of the only people Kurt would communicate with. They were pretty much his only friends during that period. Kurt and Cali were close. Cali had no reason to kill Kurt. There was no motive. Why would he accept money to kill his friend, when that same friend had given him a nice place to live, as much narcotics as he wanted, and payed him to do nothing but lounge around the house high on coke? Kurt was NOT clean at the time of his death. He was spotted at dealers house's weeks before his suicide. And how could it be convenient that Kurt was clean at the time? If anything that would make it more suspicious.

    As to your comment about fingerprints. There wer officially 4 sets of prints lifted off that gun. Many of them were smudged/unrecognisable, but it is KNOWN that Kurts prints were on the gun BECAUSE IT WAS PRIED FROM HIS FINGERS. Are you suggesting dead people dont leave fingerprints? Thats obsurd. And the reason many of hte prints were smudged is because they had to pry the gun from Kurts fingers after riga mortis set in.

    The triple overdose. For Kurt Cobain, this wasnt a triple overdose. For most people, it would be. Kurt was noted on many occasions to take MUCH more heroin than most people could safely take. He almost couldnt fit enough in the syringe to get his regular high, let alone an overdose. Also, because heroins effects werent as drastic on Kurt as other people, he easily would have had time to put away his works and shoot himself.

    Yes the note was adressed to Boddha, in a metaphorical sense. If you've actually read the suicide note, its easy to understand that his intentions are suicide. The handwritting at the end of the note is different, because when he wrote it he was in the greenhouse on a LINOLEUM floor. Have you ever written on linoleum? Its guarenteed to make your writing look different.

    Kurt Cobain most deffinately was suicidal. After the life he lived (have you even read his non-biased biography by Charles Cross? Maybe you should) full of abondoment and his lack of self esteem, its easy to understand why he'd be suicidal. How can you say he isnt suicidal when he already had a previous attempt?? The man knew what he was doing when he would overdose. He was playing a dangerous game, and was clinically dead many times before from overdose. You dont think that it was a coincidence that Kurt picked 9 of his 14 songs for Unplugged that dealt with suicide? Everyone that knew him felt he was in some way suicidal. It wasnt just his sense of humor. It was deeper.

    The tires of his car were flattened earlier before a confrontation. Courtney herself flattened his tires so he couldnt flee the confronation. And if you're going to incapacitate someone and kill them, what purpose does slashing their tires serve? And so what if his credit card was stolen. If Courtney was about to make a load of money from his death, why steal his credit card??

    Shotgun shells create pellets. Kurts entire face was disfigured from the shotgun pellets that had riddled his head. You make it sound as though shotguns fire a single bullet, which isnt true. And it shouldnt have been deposited on the right side of his body, because he shot himself in the head. And if you were talking about the shell instead of the pellets, well you know those things are round, right? So they roll? Why couldnt it have neded up on his left side after being ejected?

    The majority of suicides dont have a note? How is this relevant? Majority certainly isnt all of them, and Kurt Cobain had previously written a note in Rome, so it wouldnt be strange to find one in the Greenhouse.

    There is no proof that Kurt was going to write Courtney out of his will. It wasnt even proven that there was going to be a divorce. Courtney had her own successful band, which was making money. She didnt need Kurts.

    And here I quote you directly:
    9.) With a suicide, Courtney only got half of Kurt's money, at best, and she would lose custody of Frances Bean. With Kurt dead she got all of it.

    You say she only gets half of his money if Kurt commits suicide. It was recorded AS A SUICIDE. Why would she bother making it look like suicide if she only got half?!?! You say with Kurt dead she got all of it. HELLO, YOU CONTRADICT YOURSELF. WAKE UP.

    You say Eldon Hoke passed a polygraph test that said he was offered the money. You do know that those things arent 100% accurate, right? Why do you think they dont use them in court? They can be cheated, or just be innacurate.

    You say that just because a person is famous it doesnt exclude them from killing their spouse for money. Well I say thats a void motive becuase Courtney was already rich. What did she need Kurts money for? Like you said, Kurt passed up millions skipping Lolopalooza, so how much money do you think he really had? It wasnt worth the risk for Courtney to have Kurt killed.

    You say Courntey is a bad person. I'm not going to argue that, but she and Kurt loved each other. Bashing her does nothing to furhter your point that Kurt was murdered. Yes she may have spoken about her relationship with Billy Corgan, but so what? Its not like it was a secret. Kurt knew they had been together. Thats one of the reasons they got together in the first place. Courtney went to Kurt after Corgan was cheating on her.

    Kurt Cobain commited suicide. There are more facts suggesting this than false rumors saying he was murdered.

    Kurt Cobain was a musical icon, and the last thing we need is for people to disrespect his choices. Saying he was murdered would be an insult to him. The man knew he was going to kill himslef even as a kid. Thats another reason he killed himself at 27 years of age. Just like Hendrix and Morisson before him. It was planned.

    Just let him rest in peace already.
  • Marcus from Grand Blanc, Milove the song. i have all of thier albums. this is by far one of their greatist hits. but i hate courtney love. i want her to die. seriously. after kurt was murderded, which i strongly believe, courtney talked about how his death would bring in record sales for her new album. I hate her!
  • Justme from Nyc, NyOkay, when I heard this song the first time I immediately got the impression that this was written by Kurt about him wanting a divorce. That would fit the picture since it's commoon knowledge that he wanted the divorce. I'm not gona start disecting the song here word for word but what I'm gona say is that when instead of ''you know you're right'' he says ''you know your rights'' it brings to my mind an image of courtney knowing her rights after the divorce.

    About Kurt's death, I duno. personaly i've always believefd he was murdered but what really annoys me with this is why can't they sue someone or just go to court and bring the case to the public? I'm no expert on criminology or any law yet but i imagine that would be possible.
  • Tanya from Rotterdam, NetherlandsOkay, Queen, I'll reason with you. I visited , so I read all the arguments. First of all: it's all a lot of guesses, from both sides. No-one was there, that day in april. So no-one really knows. The so called facts about the amount of heroin in his blood, I can't command on: I'm no doctor. I think it's a fact that the police did their job quite sloppy, but that alone is no prove of Cobain being killed, of course. For instance: this sloppy work may have caused the fact that there were no fingerprints. The gun was checked on fingerprints a month after Copbain was found. A lot of things may have happened to the thing during that period. The motive of Courtney Love is inept: Cobain wanted a divorce. Well, if that would lead to killing so apparently, a lot of people would be murdered by now... If that's all there is to a motive, I'm not impressed. On the other hand: Cobain was clean, but had fallen back into using again. That must be detroying for a person. He wasn't a very happy man, suicide ran in the family, in Rome he almost killed himself already AND he wrote a farewell letter (if that was only to tell his fans that he quit the music business, a press conference would have been a more obvious thing to do). And the argument that he wouldn't have wanted to leave any prints in Frances' head: it's very hard for people that stay behind after a suicide, but people that kill themselves are in a place we can't imagine. So they do things we don't understand in this regard. "How could he do this to his child!?" This thought is possible because we are not suicidal. I realise those points all are no prove as well, but it's enough for me to decide: I think Cobain did kill himself.
  • Queen from Carmel, NyI have many things to say but I gotta go soon so I will make it VERY short

    okay one this song is completly amazing and I am gonna bring it in to my English class for the rest of the student to interpret I think it was how Cortney was always very stobborn and how she always had to be right and he was so sick of her so he just didn't bother her and Cortney didn't want it realeased because it showed the world her faults the lyrics and the guitar of this song is AMAZING!!!!!!!

    okay murder/ suicide thoughts

    1 okay 3 times the leathl does would have incapacitated him IMEDIATLY so uh yeah shooting himself would have been pretty damn hard as it has been said "dead men don't pull triggers"

    2 yeah why would he leave that image in Frances' head the love of his life the one who he would do anything for?

    3 uhh PRINTS??? yeah there were no prints on the gun or the drugs that killed him most people would not put on gloves incapacitate themselves shoot themselves die and then destroy any remains of the gloves does that make sence

    4 Suicide note?? yeah why would it be that the anly part of the note that would make anyone even fathom it was a suicide note and that part seems to be in the handwriting of the nanny Cali who had been there at the time

    5 the nanny the only one near the house at the time of his death just happened not to check the greenhouse when everyone was freaking out that Kurt had gone missing and his handwriting seems to look like Kurts and Cali was a good friend of Cortney and that is how he got the job of nanny for the Cobains

    6 David Groul noted that before Kurts death he "was the best I've ever seen him" David said he was him walking around not at all suicidal with a water bottle talking and sounding really well why would someone be better than ever just kill himself and just come out of rehab he came out because he was doing well and told people where he was going

    7 the gun... 3 bullets, that gun was for safety, it is said that to load a gun with 3 for protection, and that is how many were in his gun. he would need just one to kill himself

    Yet..... I know it was not cortney because she wasn't in town at the time of his death I think it was the nanny Cali who did it because Cortney was very upset because "she didn't know where he was" and that he was going to divorce her

    Come on people reason with me
  • Rachael from Calgary, CanadaKurt's note doesn't sound like a retirement letter -- it reads like a suicide note. It was a letter to his fans, hence why he references his music career. Also, you can't really form an opinion on his death based on a few things you read over the internet. Fact is, anyone who claims to know ANYTHING regarding Kurt's death, without having known him personally, is jumping the gun and making assumptions. None of us know what happened in that greenhouse -- and the only person who does is long since dead. Let sleeping dogs lie, guys.
  • Tanya from Rotterdam, NetherlandsWhat I especially don't like about this whole 'murder'-story is not the fact that people claim he was killed. I have problems with the fact they also hand us the killer: Courtney Love. I hate it when people are accused of murder so publicly and so easily, on no real grounds whatsoever. It's dangerous and very stupid.
  • Oj from Green Place, SwedenI would really like to solve this murder/suicide issue!
    I've tried to figure out if he could have been murdered, but I don't find it belivable, just because it seems like a to perfect crime.
    Just think about the fact that he escaped from rehab and traveled home to his house. No killers could have predicted that. And then he meet the nanny, Cali at the house. How would he or anyone have overpowered kurt cobain and injected him with heroin? I think it must be an exaggeration to say that kurt cobain had no willpower and did'nt try to escape, and did'nt realise his wife was out to kill him.
    Last but not least, I'll never admit he was murdered before I see the autopsy report.
    What I know is that the trippled lethal dose of heron is just a rumor.
  • Tanya from Rotterdam, NetherlandsMy interpretation is that this is an early suicide note from a very very sad and tired man. The words hit you between the eyes like "Hiacinth House" from Jim Morrison. Just someone who can't face life. Life has just become too heavy. My native language isn't english, so when I first heard it, I thought he just screamed 'Hey'. When I learned he cried 'PAIN', it all fell together, as in a puzzle. This song on its own is to me the very prove that Cobain did commit suicide. It just was waiting to happen. To him it was the only solution.
  • Roodie from Brooklyn Park, MnHello friends...i completly aggree with all of those who said Kurt did not kill himself!!!!!
    Tom Grant (Kurts private investegator) says it himself that Kurt Cobain WAS murdered, and if you dont believe me do yourself a bloody favor and educate yoourself, go to Examine the evidence. Have a close look at the real facts. This is not rocket science. The medical evidence alone proves beyond a reasonable doubt . . .
  • Jo Beth from Centreville, MiTo Chainy:
    First of all, Kurt was locked in a room, and when the police came, Kurt told them he wasn't suicidal, and that he was just trying to keep away from Courtney. Courtney then retracted what she had said.
    In Rome, the prescription for Rohypnol was Courtney's...coincidence? Don't think so.
    Also, in Rome, you said, why didn't she just leave him to die if she wanted to kill him? Well, if Poppy Z. Brite's book, Courtney claimed she awoke between 3-4 in the morning and found Kurt unconscious. She claimed she called the ambulance then, but it was actually documented around 6:30. So...I'll leave the question up to you...what WAS Courtney doing??
    Rome was the first attempt by Courtney and Michael DeWitt to murder Kurt (Michael was in Rome too). When this failed they knew they would have to murder him because he would soon regain his memory. (Victims of Rohypnol induced assault, a.k.a the "date-rape" drug, often lose their memories. They knew he would regain his memory soon, and they were afraid. Courtney was also afraid that he would proceed to sign his will and file for divorce.
  • Jo Beth from Centreville, MiFirst of all, regarding murder theories that keep going around, Courtney Love did have Kurt Cobain murdered!!!!!! Let's get that straight. It doesn't matter if she was in detox or not because Michael DeWitt wasn't. He was in Seattle, where Kurt was. And plus, am I the only one who finds it strange that Courtney Love was in detox the day his body was found? She murdered him, whether she did it herself or had someone else do it, and it would be best for her as a conspirator to be distanced from the crime scene. Michael DeWitt was the nanny of their child. He had access to heroin and knew just how much to give Kurt to incapacitate him. This is convenient, because Kurt was clean at the time.
    Okay, get ready, I get pissed off when people say Kurt committed suicide:
    1.) There were no fingerprints found on the shotgun! Unless you think people who have just shot themselves can wipe the fingerprints off of a shotgun.
    2.) Kurt had 3 times the lethal amount of heroin in his system, to be precise, 1.52 milligrams/litre of blood. This would either have incapacitated him or killed him seconds after the intravenous injection.
    3.) Some people say the so-called suicide note was addressed to Courtney Love and Frances, but it wasn't! It was addressed to Kurt's childhood imaginary friend, Boddah. Also, the letter is actually a retirement note to Kurt's fans, explaining his resignation from the music business. It is a well known fact that Nirvana was about to break up before Kurt was murdered. The only lines that suggest a suicide note are the last four, and appear to be written in someone else's handwriting.
    4.) Kurt Cobain was not suicidal! People say, "Oh, look at his lyrics, he had to be suicidal," but that's a load of crap. That was his sense of humor. A lot of musicians write work that could be stretched to make it look like it was written by a suicidal person. And do you notice that the person who started the rumors of suicide was...Courtney Love???
    5.) All four tires of Kurt's car were flattened and his credit card had been taken. Someone attempted to use it up until the time his body was found.
    6.) The shotgun shell was found on the left side of Kurt's body, when it should have been deposited on the right, if he had shot himself. (Which he didn't.)
    7.) In the majority of suicides, there isn't even a suicide note.
    8.) Kurt was about to divorce Courtney Love and write her out of his will. Tom Grant, a private investigator, has taped conversations with Courtney where she admits that Kurt wanted a divorce and then rants about how he was pulling out of Lollapalooza and was "kissing millions of dollars goodbye."
    9.) With a suicide, Courtney only got half of Kurt's money, at best, and she would lose custody of Frances Bean. With Kurt dead she got all of it.
    10.) Eldon Hoke, a.k.a. El Duce, passed a polygraph test conducted by one of America's leading polygraph experts saying that he was offered $50,000 by Courtney to kill Kurt.
    Just because a person is famous it doesn't exclude them from the possibility that they murdered their spouse for money. Ordinary people do it everyday.
    And whether you believe that Kurt was murdered or not, I don't see how you can defend Courtney Love. She is a manipulative, malicious woman. She attacked two 14 year old girls at one of her concerts. She gets into fights with people all of the time, threatening to kill them. And don't use the excuse that she's grieving and she misses Kurt so much, because she doesn't. Grant has her on tape bragging about how she slept with Billy Corgan, the singer for Smashing Pumpkins! And this was three weeks after Kurt was found dead!!!
    If that's not proof she's a witch, I don't know what is.
    Visit these websites if you are interested:
    Also look at Roger Lewis's essay, Dead Men Don't Pull Triggers.
    You should check these out if you're remotely interested. I know when I first got into Nirvana I believed the media's lies that Kurt committed suicide. But then I decided to check some facts out. I saw these websites, and I remember thinking, "These people are crazy. They're just like the people who claim Elvis is alive. They're in denial." And then I read it. And it changed everything. Kurt Cobain was murdered.
  • Lisa from Shropshire, EnglandThis song rocks!I think this is one of if not THE best song Kurt wrote. This song is obviously Kurts suicide note to all Nirvana fans. The lyrics "i always knew it would come to this" show the Kurt always knew he would commit suicide because he sufferd unbearable pain each day and thought about commiting suicide each day....R.I.P. Kurt Cobain.
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cahey kayla ur the one who said stop talking about this. im sure you knew kurt and courtney and know exactly where she was for those three days. but when rosemarry carrol, someone whop actually DID KNOW courtney, had to tell her the news of kurts death, do u know where she was? IN DETOX. She gave an interview on April 5th as well FROM DETOX. April 5th was the official date of death for Mr. Cobain. If you're gonna get that serious, then I think ur the one with something up your ass , not me.
  • Kayla from Kersey, taking back what i said. okay, matt..i understand you're view on everything w/ kurt. she wasn't in detox under supervision. there are recordings of courtney saying that she was only SAYING that she was in the hospital to take attention away from kurt. so, shove your theory up your ass!
  • Kayla from Kersey, Pait's a good song. but honestly, you guys..don't you think it's time to give it up? don't get me wrong, i love nirvana just as much as the next girl, but honestly you was 11 years ago..get over it.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaSO MANY COMMENTS! Ok, one: courtney could not have killed Kurt because she was in detox, under supervision, when it happened. Two: Apparently, Courtney had talked to this random guy, asking him to kill Kurt because he was gonna quit Nirvana and join R.E.M. The guy was gonna do it, but backed out and threatened to go to the police. Three days later, he was mysteriously "hit by a train". Four: With the amount of heroin in his bloodstream, Kurt could not have raised a remote control, let alone a shotgun. Five: My theory...whoever killed Kurt was someone he trusted. That someone offered for them both to get high on heroin, and when Kurt had shot up, he killed him. Phew!
  • Wes from Cape, MoKurt was divorcing courtney when he died if he was divorcing her and said he hated her why did he say he loved her in his suicide note because I dont think he did all the way down the note till the bottom it sounds like he was going to leave Nirvana and when he talks like hes going to kill himself and its not even his hand writing, I think courtney (or who she hired) found it and that it looked enough like a suicide note so just added some stuff to the end. if you want to see the note go to
    also is the page of the investigator pf cobains case.
    R.I.P. Kurt
  • Katie from Dutch Settlement, CanadaIf you read up on it the amount of Herion in Kurt's system would have killed him before he had a chance to put his kit away and then shoot himself. When they found him his kit was put away in the box.It makes me mad to know that all these things don't add up, people just chaulk his death up to some junkie going too far. As for Courtney, its my theory that she did do it, but he asked her to do it. He said it himself "its better to go out in a blaze of glory than to fade away" and that is what he did...
  • Luke from Martin, TnAn interesting fact....
    After viewing some crime scene photos of Kurt's death, he was wearing his shoes...

    If I'm not mistaken, Kurt "killed himself" with a rifle, which is too long for one to reach the trigger with the barrel in one's mouth, and therefore it must be pulled with the toe. If he had his shoes on...
  • Andrew from Dartmouth..canada, CanadaOne way or another whether she physically(shot Gun) or mentally(drove him to do it)...she with out a doubt killed to courtney ...leave the shooting to 50,pac,and BIGGY
  • Neil from London, EnglandI agree that there are a lot of questions about Kurt's death, and it is possible that courtney may have killed him...but i seriously doubt that this song is any form of message to fans about his death

    If she did kill him, how was he suposed to know that it would be soon, that questions would be asked for 10 years later, and that courtney would get away with it even though many people do think that she did it?
  • Alex from Granite City, IlI doubt this has anything to do with the song but if Kurt was a really smart person and he thought ahead this song could be telling the fans that they are right and that Courtney did murder him....but i doubt it
  • Spyder from Someplace, MdYou know she killed him.
    You know she got away with it too.
    You know she knows that we all know.
    You know we're right >:]
  • Chris from Madison, WiThis may be my favorite Nirvana song. And this is unarguably one of the (if not the) most emotional and dynamic songs Kurt ever wrote and sang. The absolute passion in his voice, combined with the phenomenal lyrics, and the drastic changes in dynamics from verse to chorus simply amaze me. EVERY TIME I listen to this song I get shivers, especially at the very end when after the extremely emotional and chaotic final chorus and Kurts revert back to the timid and chilling opening Dave's ride cymbal fades off. Knowing that this was the last song Kurt, Krist, and Dave ever recorded and one of the last times they ever saw eachother before Kurt's suicide, and that cymbal was the last sound ever played by the band that represented an entire generation almost makes me shed a tear.
  • Maryalice from Virginia Beach, Vathe song is about kurt kind of talking with courney after a fight saying "you know you're right" because she was too stubborn to admit she was wrong. courney never wanted the song released because it was resentment from kurt towards her.. i just wish kurt could have gotten away from her before she killed him. r.i.p. kurt!
  • Peter from Montreal, CanadaGreat song, was the last song recorded by NIRVANA, but it was not the last one writing, i read somewhere that the last song he wrote was "Do Rey Me" and NIRVANA was supposed to do a studio version, but that never happened since courtney killed him. R.I.P. KURT
  • Chainy from Largo, FlI don't think Courtney killed him. Several incidents in his life proved that he didn't. Towards the end he had several guns lying on the floor and he had locked himself in his bedroom. Courtney was on the other side of the door trying to get in because Kurt was threatening to kill himself. She broke the door and picked up a gun and put it to her head and Kurt started shouting "Put that down! It doesnt have a safety! It could go off!" Also, when Kurt ODed on Royphynol in Rome Courtney could have just let him sit on the floor and die but instead she called the paramedics and saved his life. And the reason he didn't just OD and go to sleep instead of shooting himself was because he had already tried OD'ing and he failed and ended up just more miserable. I'm not sure if he killed himself, but I'm certain Courtney didnt do it.
  • Stephen from Broadalbin, NyJust an FYI. The dosage of herion was 3-times the lethal dose, but, it would take a short while for the ingection to actually hit the system. Most likely scenario; shoots up and pulls the trigger right after, never really feeling the herion, but knowing he had it.
  • Gilliann from Dublin, IrelandThis song is about Courtney always having to be right and never wrong, hence "you know your right" and is also being sacrastic to her "Things have never been so swell, i have never felt so well"
    And courtney didnt do it, get over it and just listen to the music.RIP Kurt
  • Dino from Adelaide, United Statesi love this song its awesome how awesome is the guitar in the song i LOVE IT
  • Erik from Nyc, NyIt means come on over and chat for a while and hang out...
  • Paul from Pueblo, CoOk for one thing you cant od and shoot yourself at the same time its just not possible believe me! Personally I think Courtney did it. If in fact there was two bullet holes in his head then she had to have done it! But maybe she got him all hopped up on heroin and put two bullets in his head the she put more heroin in his system to make it seem like he got high and killed himself. I still think she did it!REST IN PEACE AND TRANQUILITY KURT! WE'LL MISS YOU FOREVER
  • Dylan from Saskatoon , Canadaon the topic of his death, i was watching a documentry on the conspiracey's around his death and i foudn it quite interestign to hear that ther was NO fingerprints on kurts gun annnnd in a later otopsy reports it was discovered that kurt had a triple lethal dose of herion in his system an the time of the "suicide" making it pretty hard to picl up a gun and kill yourself according to studies. i have mixed feelings about what happened the day of his death, ther is alot of evidence on the table that makes it almost impossible to believe he committed suicide. BUT on the other hand, if i know kurt like every other nirvana fan i know that he was a emotional wreck in his dying months, this is showed in the mtv unplugged show...

    whatever happened that day, whats doen is done, he was an amazing musician he will n of our time, one of the best and always be missed
  • Ava from Minneapolis, MnKurt was a god among men... truly the greatest musician to have ever lived. And he didn't kill himself... there were two shots to the head. Anyone who thinks it was suicide can tell me how you can shoot yourself in the head twice.
    I Love You Kurt... peace, love, empathy
  • Hillary from Seattle, Wagaahhh I have sooo many theories on Kurt's death. Some that are not even reasonable. But I definitely do not think he killed himself. If you were going to hold a gun, wouldn't you sometime hold it with 2 hands?? the only prints on the gun were his of which he had when the gun was laying in his hand and mouth. Its so confusing. But I love Kurt. I will always love Kurt and Nirvana. I hate Courtney. though I do have a small amount of respect for her, being that Kurt once loved her, and shes the mother of Frances. Anyways... its a gurrreat song. I think there is some secret message through it... there has been in many singer's last songs.
  • Levy from Starkweather, NdI dont think he killed himself because of courtney alone. There had to be another reason why.
  • Rachel from Waurika, OkWhat I beleive is that Courtney either helped him along by killing him that way it wouldnt make her look bad if Kurt had ever decided to leave. So she made it look like suicide. Also, if you read in Kurts journal he at one time loved her very much, but I think Kurt started to realize you cant love a whore so she killed him. She makes herself look bad even with Kurt gone. R.I.P Kurt.
  • Alatriel from Lothlorien, Otherok. here's what happened about kurt's death. it was suicide, but he didn't do it of his own free will. courtney manipulated him into believing that she and frances would be better off without him. so after hearing this for most of their marriage, he finally got sick of it, od'd and pulled the trigger. and this song is about courtney, and she obviously knew it because she fought so hard to keep it unreleased. courtney, man, you had kurt cobain. how was that not enought for you, that you had to drive him to suicide and take him away from those of us who actually loved him? and kurt, r.i.p., nirvana still rocks.
  • Christina from Vancity, Canadaactually i disagree with everyone who thinks the song is about courtney, i think its about frances bean, because he said that she reminds him of when he was happy and young and he doesnt want her to ever be sad like him... i dunno just a theory.
  • Frank from Fv, CaI would love to hear the live versions for this, but the lyrics are wrong in my oppinion, here's my interpretation:

    I will never bother you
    I will never promise to
    I will never follow you
    I will never bother you

    Never speak a word again
    I will crawl away for good

    I will move away from here
    You won't be afraid of fear

    No thought was put into this
    Always knew it would come to this
    Things have never been so swell
    I have never failed to feel

    Pain (x3)
    You Know You're Right (x3)

    I'm so warm and calm inside
    I no longer have to hide
    Let's talk about someone else
    Steaming soup against her mouth

    Nothing really bothers her
    She just wants to love herself

    I will move away from here
    You won't be afraid of fear

    No thought was put into this
    Always knew it'd come to this

    Things have never been so swell
    I have never failed to feel

    Pain (x5)

    You Know You're Right (x17)

    Pain (x4)

    I've listened to this song 50 thousand times, slowed it down, and turned it up, so I'm 99% sure those are the exact lyrics from the 'Greatest Hits' album, which IMHO was a load of crap. It wasn't greatest hits at all.

    Kurt Donald Cobain
    1967-1994 RIP

  • Caleigh from Orange County, Cai luv nirvana. i luv kurt. i luv this song. i don't think courtney killed kurt, although i use to. i respect courtney. afterall she is the mother of kurt's daughter frances bean who he loved very much.
  • James from Cleveland, OhActually during the time that they performed this live, they did not call the song "On the Mountain". If you listen to the live version very closely, you can tell that it is Grohl talking and that he says "This is our last song, its called All Apologies". Grohl did not know that Kurt was going to sneak in You Know You're Right so thats why he said that. Personally I find the live version much better than the studio version. You can get it by downloading or by getting a copy of Outcesticide 5. Great song.
  • Jimbo from Boston, MaAwesome song, and yes On the Mountain is an older version of You Know You're Right. Kurt wrote On the Mountain on the In Utero Tour and started playing it live on occasion. He also used to call it "Sappy". There are some bootlegs online. During the end of the tour he revised the lyrics (he hated Courtney even more by the end of the tour) and recorded it. Then he renamed it You Know You're Right.
  • Jay from Toronto, CanadaOn a bootleg album, the song is reffered to as "Autopilot" and was recorded live from Chicago October 23,1993. The lyrics are close to "You Know Your Right" but there are some interesting things said in autopilot that are not on the studio version. "i won't ever promise you", "since i don't love you"........... "i will never promise you", "i won't even want to". The last part is a little fuzzy but i really sounds like "it's ok to be sad", "it's ok to want to die". Who know's what this song means, who knows what he was thinking?
  • Vick from Hicksville, NyYou know you right....
    you know your rights....

    the change in the lyrics...that kurt often plays with is awesomee...
  • Shane from Hector, ArWhy would Cobain kill himself in such a brutal way for his daughter to remember him that way. Why not just OD and go to sleep. Also, he was so full of drugs he couldnt have pulled that trigger. Also, why was the note in two different handwritings. The first part of the note that Cobain was supposed to have written only sounds like he was leaving the music industry, but the part that wasnt in his hand writing makes the note sound like a suicide note.......Courtney?
  • Austin from Holly, Miit may have been assisted suicide which would explain a lot seeing as how he had done 3 times the lethal dose of heroin
  • Eric from Westland, MiAbby, you're slightly off. I don't think she killed him. I think that she paid someone to do it. More along the lines of assassination, not suicide.
  • Abby from Altoona, IaThe one time Nirvana performed this song, it was called "On The Mountain" (right before the play it, Kurt says 'this song is called ON THE MOUNTAIN). The live version is harder to understand, but differs much from "You Know You're Right" on the greatest hits album. Although it's the same melody and the same cords, the lyrics are much darker and show Kurt's frustration toward Courtney was anything but sarcastic. I advise you to all download this track if you haven't already. I can email you the lyrics if you email me. COURTNEY KILLED KURT.
  • Ozzy from Detroit, Meit was meant to be called "on the mountain".
  • Nick from Paramus, NjIs the version on "Greatest Hits" different from the radio version, because these lyrics seem wrong.
  • Allison from Somewhere, NjCourtney Love performed a version of this at Hole's Unplugged show, but changed the lyrics to make it seem like she would leave him. It's said that she didn't want the song released because it shows the resentment Kurt had for Courtney in his later life.
  • Shane from Hector, ArYou all loved Nirvana, you thought their songs rocked, you thought Nirvana was the best band ever and now "You know You're right"
  • Mark from Worcester, EnglandThis is a chilling song that really does communicate what Cobain was thinking at the time.

    "Never speak a word again, I would crawl away for good"


  • Patrick from Durham, NcA beautiful song that is brilliant. Honeysuckle children dancin in the moonlight on a truck, tryin to find a reason why we all eventually die.....Peace
    Love, and Reason
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