Know Myself

Album: The Return (2014)


  • Nonpoint vocalist Elias Soriano told Artist Direct this is a personal track. He explained: "It's sort of a relationship song that stems from someone telling you, 'This is the path you should be taking with me, or this is the way you should feel about a situation.' Through the struggles of dealing with labels, the industry, and all the other things, you have to deal with, people try to pigeonhole you or paint you into a corner."

    "We've learned the survival of this band really does come from us putting our foot down when we need to," Soriano continued. "It's to protect what we've been growing all this time. We want to take these baby steps because it's built a better foundation for this band, and it's given us longevity that we can't trade right now. We've seen bands who have put out monster records come and go in the last sixteen years. Two years later, they're swimming in the pool of mediocrity and getting by with the same old, same old kind of song. We refuse to do that."


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