Album: Stop The Clocks (1995)


  • Alan McGee, the head of Oasis' record company, wanted to release this song as a double A-side with the eventual A-side, "Some Might Say," but Noel Gallagher disagreed and despite becoming a concert favorite this was only a B-side.
  • To acquiesce is to begrudgingly accept something without protest - it shows up in a lot of spelling bees. Noel Gallagher explained in the November 24th, 2006 Sun newspaper how it came together: "It was written going to a studio in Wales to record 'Some Might Say.' The train broke down and I was stuck for four hours and I wrote that song. Someone had said 'Acquiesce' on the phone and I'd written it down. Liam still doesn't know what it means. People have the misconception that the song is about me and Liam, which annoys me as the lyrics in the second verse are, 'To sing my soul to sleep, And take me back to bed.' It's absolutely not about me and Our Kid and we've never shared a bed-and if I was looking for someone to take me to bed it wouldn't be Liam!"
  • Liam and Noel Gallagher both sing on this - Liam sings the verses and Noel comes in on the chorus. >>
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  • Paul from Kingston Upon ThamesIs it my ears, or does this song vary in speed through the verse towards the chorus and then slow up again afterwards? If this is so, i only just noticed, and i rather like the effect, it promotes a sence of the dis-ease aquiescence might bring.
  • Neil from Birmingham, UkNoel probably saw greater commercial potential with 'Some Might Say', which was borne out when it made No. 1 in the UK. I hated the former but Acquiesce is, after 'Live Forever' my favourite Oasis track. I like the fact that some of their best stuff languished on B-sides. Suede had a similar tendency to put excellent tracks on the reverse. You got your money's worth from a single in the good old days.
  • Nati from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaAcquiesce is one of tose all-time "shoulda been an A-side". The song is about friendship in the widest sense and not, as often speculated, about the Gallagher brothers themselves. Noel sings the chorus because, he claims, Liam couldn't reach the high notes. Or he was in the pub. Whatever, it was witten on a slow train to Wales and made possible because Noel likes to travel with his guitar. (extracted from The Masterplan songbook)
  • Colm from Enniskillen, IrelandIt was. It is the first track on the Masterplan Album
  • Jason from Tampa, FlMerriam-Webster defines acquiesce as "to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively --often used with in and sometimes with to"
  • Dylan from New Britain, CtThis is on The Masterplan.
  • Dave from Liverpool, EnglandThis song should have been on an album, to think that noel classed this song as a "b" side beggars belief.
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