Sad Song

Album: Definitely Maybe (1994)


  • This song is touching on the woes of life. The line, "We as people, are just walking 'round, what we don't see, well it can't be real" expresses how we live each day and dedicates a sad song to life. In the end we're "Throwing it all away." >>
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    Amina - Toronto, Canada
  • Noel Gallagher noted in the 2014 reissue of Definitely Maybe: "It is an early song, a hidden gem. I remember Clint Boon from the Inspiral Carpets going 'You're not gonna call it 'Sad Song,' are you? S--t title.' That's what it says in the song though. I don't give a f--k about titles. I've got one called 'Cigarettes & Alcohol', nothing's s--ttier than that." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • Jimmy Williams @stonerose89 from Wrexham Great song.. recently found out this was recorded on wrexham on the 22/06/1994 at the winding studio.
    After speaking to the previous owner
    She told me she used to prepare the bands meals. Its also rumoured that
    Up in the sky was demo’ed there.
    So some reason the studio was never credited for the recording.
  • Dave from Liverpool, EnglandThis is the most underrated Oasis song ever written. All the so called guitar bands out there would love to have a song like this in their catalogue and noel thinks its only a "b" side!!!
    I love playing this on my guitar!
  • Ben from Whittier, Cayeah this song great great work from noel it does remind me how do the working class people are i am that kind of person but the part were it says

    Where we're living in this town
    The sun is coming up and it's going down
    But it's all just the same at the end of the day
    And we cheat and we lie
    Nobody says it's wrong
    So we don't ask why
    Cause it's all just the same at the end of the day
    We're throwing it all away
    We're throwing it all away
    We're throwing it all away at the end of the day.

    that does hit me but it is true to many people.
    (Ben - whiitier, California)
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