Talk Tonight

Album: Wonderwall (1995)
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  • Written by Noel Gallagher, "Talk Tonight" was inspired by an incident that occurred during Oasis' first trip to the US, which did not go well. After a horrible show in Los Angeles on September 29, 1994, where most of the band was high on meth, Noel quit and flew to San Francisco. None of the band knew where he was for days.

    As Noel tells it, an executive at his record label named Tim Abbott finally found him, and Noel vowed to him that he would never return to Oasis. He was frustrated with the business, hated the United States and was sick of Liam. Abbott and Noel decided to take a trip to Vegas, thinking it would be a good way for Noel to clear his head. At a bar in Vegas, a woman from Philadelphia approached Noel and told him he looked just like George Harrison and asked if he was a musician. He told her he "was in a band."

    She and Noel got to talking and she started telling him about her own fascination with The Beatles and how she saw them in concert when she was a teenager. This woman, her newlywed husband, Abbott and Noel hung out all night drinking and talking about music. The next day Noel decided to join the band at a studio date they had in Texas. This woman reaffirmed Noel's commitment to the band's success and made him realize that it was worth bringing his music to America. As a thank you to this woman, Noel wrote "Talk Tonight."
  • A woman named Melissa Lim claims that this song is about her. In her story, Noel Gallagher met her backstage at the Oasis show in San Francisco three days before the LA concert when he left the band. He went to San Francisco to be with her, and she convinced him to return to the band. She says the line, "All your dreams are made of strawberry lemonade" is a reference to her Snapple strawberry lemonade habit.

    Lim also claims credit for album title (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, as she would use that phrase (from the film Bye Bye Birdie) to answer the phone.

    Lim has pictures of her and Gallagher, and her timeline checks out, but Noel is loathe to acknowledge her. In the Oasis documentary Supersonic, she is never mentioned by name, but their producer Mark Coyle credits her with getting Noel's head on straight. Noel, who began dating his future wife Meg Matthews a few months after meeting Lim, says in the film of Lim, "I can't even picture the girl. I can't remember her name."
  • This was the B-side to "Some Might Say." The single was released only in the UK in 1995. >>
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    Fiona - Philadelphia, PA
  • The line, "Sleeping on a plane, you know you can't complain" were inspired by "I'm on a plain, I can't complain" from Nirvana's "On A Plain." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Noel Gallagher told Uncut that the line, "Sitting on my own, chewing on a bone," is about "chewing your face off on cocaine, a thousand miles from home."
  • Noel Gallagher wrote "Half the World Away" on the same bender when he wrote "Talk Tonight."

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  • Fiona from Philadelphia, PaNoel didn't marry Meg until 1997, he met her in 1994. My version of the events came from book "Getting High: The Adventures of Oasis"by Paolo Hewitt. Can't say whether it's entirely true, but I never read that the band disputed anything in the book.
  • Valo from Moscow, Russia FederationThe tune from the refrain (on the other guitar) is the same as in 'Wonderwall' (when he sings 'And all the roads we have to walk are winding')
  • Nati from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFrom Noel's acoustic repertoire. Beautifully tender, its thoughtful air derives from a Texas studio session: Noel was back after his brief flounce from the band on a US tour: "Me and Liam had a disagreement, probably about what shoes he has wearing, so I'd f--ked off to Vegas". It was an Oasis fan in San Francisco who talked him down off the ledge. (from The Masterplan songbook)
  • Craig from Scotland, United KingdomThe facts listed above are quite accurate but not entirley true. Noel walked out on the band after a physical fight with Liam because Liam had made insulting comments about his then wife Meg Matthews. He did fly to Vegas where he met a woman who talked him out of quiting the band. He wrote the song as a thank you to the lady and an attempt to reconcile the sibling rivalry that had always exsited between Noel and Liam since Noel joined the Rain.
  • Elisabeth from Lake Oswego, OrThis is such a great song! I love Noel's voice (I think I might actually like it a little more than Liam's). First Joy Division and New Order from Manchester and now Oasis. I think I love Manchester!
  • Natalie from Bromley, United Kingdomeverone knows this one! well if your an oasis fan anyway...i love the live version with paul weller
  • Daniel from Rio De Janeiro, BrazilAs with all the b-sides from "some might say" single, this also made it to "The Masterplan" compilation, hence why it's regarded as one of their top singles.
  • Mr. B from Doon Bish, EnglandTHE single most underated song of all time. It's pretty simple but it is AMAZING! Just another phenominal B side by the best band since The Smiths.
  • Chrissy from ManchesterThis is one of Oasis's best songs to date, but very few people know it, which is sad.
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