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Album: Heathen Chemistry (2002)
Charted: 1
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  • Guitarist Noel Gallagher admits that, unlike almost all other Oasis songs, this is about absolutely nothing. It just sounds great.
  • This was released as a single with "Just Getting Older" and "Idlers Dream" as the B-sides. These songs aren't available on an album.
  • Although this went nowhere in the US, it hit #1 in Italy and Canada.
  • This was the first time that Oasis released a DVD single. The DVD includes two different audio versions of the song, as well as the first part of a documentary covering the band's life on the road during their 2001 "Tour of Brotherly Love" with the Black Crowes.
  • This was the first single from the album. They planned to release the song "Force Of Nature," but felt it just wasn't good enough. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Carlos Arredondo - Monterrey, Mexico
  • Noel got the title for this song off of a T-shirt he had found. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ian - Kalamazoo, MI
  • In the video, Liam Gallagher mocks his boozy image by drinking milk. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Steve - Laconia, NH
  • Heathen Chemistry was recorded at Wheeler End Studio in Buckinghamshire, England. It's owned by Suzanne Lee, the former wife of Blues rocker Alvin Lee, and the studio's facilities have also been used by the likes of George Harrison, Paul Weller, Ian Brown and Robbie Williams.

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  • Davie Boy J from GlasgowWho gives a s--t where this or that came from. Fact is it landed like a grenade. Bangin tune (superb) hats off
  • Ollie from Jersey, United KingdomStereophonics actually lifted this harmony from an old Abba tune. Noel didn't get the name from a t-shirt, it's an actual name of a newspaper he saw in India.
  • Neil from Birmingham, United Statesi also think that this song is definatle about drugs. i think its probably about cocaine. it has a cocaine feel to it in its hyper activity.
  • Neil from Birmingham, United Statesfalse fact there at the top. The song was a single in the uk
    im sure i bought it ...
  • Shaun from Melbourne, AustraliaCoolest Oasis lyrics ever :"God gimme soul and all rock 'n roll babe"
  • Martijn from Arnhem, NetherlandsKelly Jones, frontman of Stereophonics, wasn't angry at Noel because of ripping the riff of their song 'Same Size Feet'. Kelly said that he used so many Oasis riff that now Noel could have one of theirs, it didn't matter.
  • Andy from Halifax, EnglandThe title has nothing to do with the lyrics. This song started out as an instrumental and was called 'hindu times' then the words came later. The title for the album also came from a random t-shirt, this time for the 'society of heathen chemists'
  • Sara from Fairfax, Va"Force of Nature" would have made a great first single.
  • Carlos Arredondo from Monterrey, MexicoThe b side "Just Getting Older" was made by the time of the release of the Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants Album
  • Carlos Arredondo from Monterrey, MexicoIt came to substitute the song "Force Of Nature" as Heathen Chemistry's first single
  • Denis from Cork, IrelandThe guitar riff on this is lifted from the song "Same Size Feet" on the album "Word Gets Around" by the Stereophonics
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