Back to Me

  • The second tune released by Of Mice and Men following the departure of frontman Austin Carlile, "Back to Me" was recorded like the first song "Unbreakable" with producer Howard Benson (In Flames, All That Remains).

    "'Back To Me' is a very meaningful song for us," said vocalist/bassist Aaron Pauley. "When going through major life changes, whether it's loss or growth, it's incredibly easy to feel like you've lost a part of yourself - and like you'll never be yourself again. I've come believe that we can never truly lose ourselves. I believe we persist through these changes, and that if you can discover, tap into, and ignite your true passions, you'll always be able light the way back to you."
  • Pauley told Alternative Press how Austin Carlile leaving the band played into the creation of this song.

    "For maybe a fan of the band this is an entry on our Wikipedia page about the chronology of the band, but for us Austin leaving the band was a life a event," he said. "That's a big thing, and I think in major life events, it's easy to feel like you lose yourself or to feel like a piece of you is gone or to feel like, 'How can I be the me that I've always known that this is different now?' If you can hold onto the passion - whether it's passion in art, or music, or, I don't know, video games, anything - if you can find what you love and work diligently towards it and remember that that's a huge part of you, then you will always be able to find a way back to yourself."
  • The song is accompanied by a live video which chronicles the band's past few weeks before the release of this song. It features footage of Of Mice & Men performing at the Welcome to Rockville, Carolina Rebellion, Fort Rock, and Las Rageous festivals.
  • Aaron Pauley discussed the track's meaning in a Kerrang track-by-track interview: "That song's all about re-igniting passion within yourself. When you feel like you've lost your way, you need to find those passions and a way back to yourself."
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