Song For Another Time

Album: Meat and Candy (2015)
Charted: 59


  • Lead singer Matt Ramsey penned this with songwriter Matt Jenkins and fellow Old Dominion members Brad Tursi and Travor Rosen. However it almost didn't make it onto the Meat and Candy record. "We wrote it after we thought we were done with the album," Ramsey explained to The Boot. "We got done, and we said, 'We've got to have this song on there,' so we booked a special flight, got everybody back together."
  • Old Dominion realized they needed to add the song to Meat and Candy when they were opening for Kenny Chesney on his 2015 The Big Revival Tour. "We were actually at a soundcheck. We were on the Chesney tour, and we soundchecked with it one day," Ramsey recalled. "It felt so big, just hearing it echo through the stadium. We were all like, 'Man. This is a big song.' So we went home and recorded it."
  • The lyrics contain 20 different song titles that tied together tell a love story. They span multiple decades and styles, ranging from Hank Williams' "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." "For the first time in history, all of us have now grown up where our iPod maybe had Hank Williams on it and it had P. Diddy on it," Matt Jenkins told Billboard magazine. "People are listening to Katy Perry and they're listening to George Strait, so I think it's cool to incorporate all that where it's not just all country. It just speaks to music in general, which was very intentional."
  • The band explained the story of the track: "When we were writing this song it was all about seeing the end of the road ahead. It was about two people realizing their love isn't going to be enough and the need to hold on to those last few moments."

    "Music plays such a huge role in everyone's life, especially in relationships. We felt like it would add much more weight to the story if we told it using the titles of songs that are timeless somehow. But when it came time to make the video we realized we had an opportunity to show people a little of our history as a band. We had family and friends that supported way back when digging up old footage and sending it in. The journey our music has taken us on sometimes doesn't seem real. But watching this video proves that it is real beyond what we ever imagined. We are very proud."
  • Old Dominion originally pitched "Song For Another Time" to Kenny Chesney. He told them it's a great song and they should record it themselves.


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