All The Right Moves

Album: Waking Up (2009)
Charted: 26 18
  • This is the lead single from American pop rock band OneRepublic's second studio album, Waking Up.
  • Frontman Ryan Tedder blogged on his MySpace page that before the song's release as a single, the band had already performed it live a lot. He added, "however the recorded version is quite another animal then what we performed live- it's BETTER!! we hope u like it- this might be the most fun energetic song we've ever tackled."
  • Wayne Isham directed the song's music video, which features the band playing on a small stage for the performers of a masquerade ball. Isham has been a top music video director since the mid-1980s when he began directing promo clips for Motley Crue.
  • Tedder explained to Digital Spy the meaning of this song: "It's kind of a self-deprecating anthem and it's about how we've felt as a band at certain times. When OneRepublic came out, because of the other writing and producing I'd done, and because Timbaland was associated with our first single, we got completely discarded by the critics. Even if OneRepublic made the coolest art record ever, we'd never be able to erase the memory of how we broke. This song's aimed at all the cool-ass bands that we'll never be."

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  • Mae from Nashville, TnI agree with Aaron. It sounds to me like it's about what is screwed up in the music industry. "They got all the right friends in all the wrong places, So yeah, we're going down" seems like they're talking about what critics think of their band. Their connections aren't good enough to get them anywhere. 'We've got all the right moves and all the wrong faces, So yeah, we're going down" means that while their music is good they have a bunch of 'nobodies' in their band, so they will never be popular. In 2014, One Republic has certainly proved these critics wrong. They are an awesome, very successful band.
  • Jacobi One Fanobi from Bristol, Tn"every pretty girl deserves to go to a ball," Jim Carrey in "Yes Man"
  • Aaron from Pasandea, CaSounds to me how the music industry is dominated by illuminati influence. Thus them having all the right freinds in all the right places. Since it has gotten more popular to discuss this sect in music and media then its no secret so everybody knows. The end result is although their goal is control it will fail. Those involved will go down. They will have a short lived bout of success that ultimatly ends suddenly. If you listen to virtual insanity by Jamouriqui you will find that he was very detailed with his description of this sect. Also alot of one hit wonders leave because the choice that their confronted with which is to simply sell out completely in the name of ambition. Basically what some would call selling your soul. This has happened to such groups as Lincoln Park, Poppa Roach, and the infamous Slim shady who repeatedly talks about selling his soul to the devil. Lil Wayne, Jay-z, Biance and so on. If you notice a trend when this happens is a name change and sound overhall. Kindom Come perhaps or the creation of Sasha Feirce. Its right in front of your faces but its so hard to see. Ignorance is bliss. Curt Cobaine learned the ailes of soul selling early on and couldnt live with the empty feeling of being a shell of a man in the name of ambition. Along with Lauryn Hill who walked away from a blossoming career. Ask yourself does anyone in Hollyweird look happy to you?
  • Zeech from West Palm Beach, FlThere is a riff from Prince's Little Red Corvette in this song.
  • Zeech from West Palm Beach, FlThis is the type of song that you hear once and it sticks in your head. Compared to most music today it is very very good.
  • Lamonica from Nashville, Tn~This song sounds like its about the end of the world~
  • Alex from Tampa Bay, Lai love this sonnnnng!
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