One Man Army

Album: Happiness Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch (1999)
Charted: 70


  • Lead singer Raine Maida: "'One Man Army' is about the struggle for individuality. It's about finding the courage to strip naked and set fire to all your inhibitions. It's about cleansing yourself of all the people and things that suffocate your individuality." >>
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    Chrissy - Vancouver, Canada
  • During a free performance at Kent State University for their "Flash Fest," Maida told the crowd that this song was about an elementary school student who was picked on and bullied a lot, so he set fire to his school. >>
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    Dave - Kent, OH

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  • Jeremy from Miramici, CanadaI really believe this song is all about questioning and breaking free from christanity. (not an attack on christanity but the corruption that it holds today) When he says give them the finger are you worried that your thoughts are not quite clear I can relate to this, because even though I believe I'm athiest I still question even that.
    Ultimatly I think hes saying he doesnt want to remember falling for the lies of christianity, but doesnt know what else to believe.
    He sings Unbutton your clothes undress your soul show them your vigor.
    and by this I think hes saying that christianity is based off of guilt, as long as your confess your sins your naked to your religion, making you afraid of what you believe in.
  • Christopher from Miami, Flan absolute anthem for anyone who wants to break free, from the static around them, and the people whom cause it.
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