I Don't Want To Change The World

Album: No More Tears (1991)
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  • This song could be Ozzy Osbourne's mission statement:

    I don't wanna change the world
    I don't want the world to change me

    Long a target of moralists who felt he was corrupting society, Ozzy remained unrepentant and often egged on his critics, as he does here:

    Tell me I'm a sinner I got news for you
    I spoke to God this morning and he don't like you
  • This is one of four songs from the No More Tears album that Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead co-wrote, the others being "Mama, I'm Coming Home," "Desire," and "Hellraiser." The other writers on the track are Osbourne, his guitar player Zakk Wylde, and his drummer Randy Castillo.
  • No More Tears was the first album Ozzy released after he went sober. His songs became more personal and reflective as he wrote more about his life, or at least what he could remember.
  • The version on Ozzy's 1993 album Live And Loud won him his first Grammy, taking the award for Best Metal Performance. He got another Grammy in 2000 when Black Sabbath won the same award for "Iron Man," from their Reunion album.
  • Up to this point, Ozzy's albums usually had demonic titles and artwork. No More Tears was his first with no reference to evil or insanity.
  • "I Don't Want To Change The World" was a setlist staple on Ozzy's tour to support the album. He planned to retire and spend time with his family after the trek, so he called it the "No More Tours" tour. It didn't take: Ozzy came back two years later with the "Retirement Sucks" tour when he got bored.

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  • Dan Gillespy from Courtenay BcA very very good and a very very cool Ozzy Osbourne classic.
  • Michelle-paulette from Houston, TxWell it's certainly not against religion in general. It does seem to be specifically against Catholicism and the founding principle of original sin, as well as the concept of the Holy mother Church being the only path way to salvation. The reason I say this is because Ozzie is actually an Anglican, at least he was in 92 often wears a cross, sometimes kissies his cross, and within the song he specifically said he spoke to God this morning which is how we found out he doesn’t like you. Also he says that he prays that he is here to stay. Praying and talking to God, is not atheistic, Why would you pray or talk to a God you don’t believe in? But it is clear that he does not want believes pushed upon him. He’s not looking to change the world but he will not allow the world to change him.
  • Tom from Anglesey, Uk, WalesActually, "Just Say Ozzy" Doesn't have Demonic artwork, and that came out before No More Tears, so No More Tears was the SECOND album without demonic artwork.
  • Jessica from Chattanooga, Tnactaly its about how religous (deleted) push religon "tell me im a sinner i got news 2 u i spoke to god this morning and he dont like you
  • Jeri from Edmonton, CanadaI think he's trying to tell us not to think too highly of him,he's an ordinary person just like us but my mind doesn't get that message! Ozzy Rules
  • Ravyn from Hell, NyThis song is pretty much about people looking up to him as a God, which he is not.

    Although, he is to me.
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