Miracle Man

Album: No Rest For The Wicked (1989)
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  • In this song, Ozzy ridicules televangelist (and longtime foe) Jimmy Swaggart, referring to him as "Jimmy Sinner."

    The song was written by Osbourne, his guitarist Zakk Wylde, and his bass player Bob Daisley. Daisley, who wrote the lyric, originally mentioned Swaggart by name, but decided it would be more effective to keep it nonspecific.
  • In 1985, after a teenager killed himself while listening to Ozzy's song "Suicide Solution," Swaggart went on a crusade against rock music and took every opportunity to point out Osbourne's depravity. Ozzy got the last laugh in 1987 when Swaggart was caught with a prostitute and admitted an addiction to pornography. Swaggart became known as one of the biggest hypocrites ever to walk the earth, while Ozzy got his own TV show.
  • Ozzy used an English church as his stage to skewer Swaggart in the music video, but events took an unexpected turn when some of his guests befouled the chapel. "When the music went on, the pigs all took a massive s--t at the same time," he remembered. "Because it was so f---ing loud in there. My wife went, 'Oh, f---!' The playback started and they all went pfffffftttt! Sixty pigs s--tting! I had a pair of brand-new suede boots on, and I never wore them again. I couldn't get the f---ing smell of pig s--t out of them."
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Comments: 2

  • Jodie from XxA devil with a crucifix
    Brimstone and fire
    He needs another carnal fix
    To take him higher and higher

    Now Jimmy he got busted
    With his pants down
    Repent ye wretched sinner
    Self-righteous clown

    Love those lyrics.
  • Jodie from XxOzzy did not write these lyrics. Bob Daisley did. Another good song.
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