Build God, Then We'll Talk

Album: A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (2005)
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  • This song follows a girl who sleeps around to get what she wants in life. It is also about deceit: A lawyer tells his good friend the constable about this "Virgin," who sleeps with the constable to get a job at the firm. He is cheating on his wife with said virgin, and even takes his wife's purse and replaces it with one of another color, presumably to pay for the sex. >>
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    Sydney - Cincinnati, OH
  • The lyrics, "There are no raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses, it's sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses, at the shade of the sheets before all the stains, and a few more of your least favorite things" refer to the song "My Favorite Things" as sung by Julie Andrews' character (a nun) in The Sound of Music. >>
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    Rachel - South Point, OH
  • "Build god and then we'll talk" is a quote from Chuck Palahniuk's book Choke. Panic has drawn inspiration for many of their song titles from his books. >>
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    nidhi - Mumbai, India
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Comments: 75

  • Eileen from Sydney, AusOk, first I just want to preface this by saying I value everyone’s opinion, and I’m not trying to bash anyone. I just want to share some of my opinions on some lines.
    So, regarding the line ‘and the habit of decomposing right before your very eyes’, I think the meaning is that the place kind of disappears in your mind or like its something that, once you’re done with it, it kind of fades away from your memory or reputation or something. Not that it’s like physically decomposing but idk.

    Also lot of people have some interesting thoughts on what the word ‘purse’ means in this context. I found a definition on Urban Dictionary which I think makes the most sense: Purse – ‘Before a prostitute and her client engage in any sexual activity and are still in the street the prostitute will negoatiate a price for the forthcoming sexual pleasure and or/ accept money beforehand. This is called 'pursing’.’
    But still I mean idk lol.
    Overall, this song owns. It's a bop.
  • Madison from San Jose, CaOkay, so first off, I really don't think she is a prostitute. For the night she sleeps with the lawyer and cop, she may seem like a hooker. She's young, and, assuming the lawyer is high up in the firm, he is probably middle-aged, and everyone says that old men don't get laid, she knows that sex will get her a job.
    THE ROSARY TUCKED INSIDE HER LINGERIE: I'm thinking that she believes in God, yes, but she isn't overly religious. It's just she believes, and that's it. end of story. The term "Comfortable Christian" may apply here.
    ANY PRACTICED CATHOLIC...: It's just that sleazy. May not apply to the virgin. (BTW- She may or may not be a virgin, I always thought she was...)
    HIS WIFE: I always thought she was probably a stay-at-home mother/wife, since lawyers make a lot of money. Yeah, she's staying with him, he has money. Do we know whether or not she loves him, or if he still loves his wife? No, but it's possible.
    That's all I got for now:)
    Bye!! :)
  • Meg from Tuscon, AzAlrighty, I'm gonna throw in my two cents. haha this songs makes me cry,and i really think that everyone's interpretation is correct because music art.

    my thoughts:
    at the start it's a lawyer meeting this "'virgin' at the standard, cruddy(decomposing right before your very eyes) motel. I think that she is probably catholic, because of the rosary and because i think the first paragraph of the song is what is going through HER ming at the time. She's going to sleep with him in order to get a job at the firm, because she is young and probably had bad luck finding one before.

    she's incredibly desperate and will prostitute herself because of it, but she thinks its an extremely disfigured and wonderfully (as in incredibly) screwed up version of love and sex. (inside, what a wonderful characature of intamacy)

    next it talks about what's gonna hapen: she is going to do bad things and (....o_o) will get a job at the law firm and be sucure. but even the lawyers wife knows about his affair. she'll stay with him for fear of uprooting thier picturesque famaily.

    later, it talks about how the husband told his wife that he was meeting with the 'virgin' for buisness purposes.
    I the cop finds her at the hotel (the lawyer left) and asks her what happened. then ithink a car crashes or his car crashes and the 'virgin's purse (bag to carry around) fall on the grounds and spills out its contents: the purse the lawyer gave her(MEANING MONEY DONE FOR SOMETHING ILLEGAL..of somethin like that)haha

    then he tells the girl that he wont arrest her....
    if she did to him what she did to the lawyer.

    The whole "There are no raindrops on roses,
    Or girls in white dresses.
    It's sleeping with roaches,
    And taking best guesses
    The shade of the sheets and before all the stains
    And a few more of your least favorite things"

    reffer to the sound of music song about "Favorite things"
    and the 'virgin' (wich other that innocence, can represent naivety) realizes that the world is filled with terrible things and she is now scum (in her own mind) and she slept with scum. it's basically her reveling in sadness.

    Soo this songs makes me cry, but it is an excellent song! and i love P!ATD

    hope this helps :D
  • Frankie from Westwood, NjOkay so my take on the song is that its the beginings of prostitution. She IS a virgin (the rosary) but she desperately needs this job so she's sleeping with the lawyer in a sleazy motel. The constable says oh I wont jail you if you sleep with me. He knocks her up (And not to mention, the constable, and his proposition, for that virgin
    Yes, the one the lawyer met with on "strictly business"
    as he said to the Mrs. Well, only hours before,
    after he had left, she was fixing her face in a compact.
    There was a terrible crash (There was a terrible crash)
    Between her and the badge
    She spilled her purse and her bag, and held a "purse" of a different kind.)The Bagde being the cop. A 'purse' being either A)my guess is that its a placental purse meaning she's pregnant or B) a coin purse which is supposed to be commonly used to hold drugs and such. She spilled her purse when the cop burst in and ya know *ahem*.
  • Hayley from Walkersville, FlIt's these substandard motels on the (lalalalala) corner of 4th and Fremont Street- Apparently a hotel in las vegas famous for it's hookers. Appealing only cause they're just that un-appealing- Meaning the only reason they would want to go there is because it's a good place to get away with things like prostitution. Also you wouldn't expect a lawyer or someone "respectable" to be there. Any practiced catholic would cross themselves upon entering.- It's a bad place, trashy, etc. Pretty self explanitory.
    The rooms have a hint of asbestos and maybe just a dash of formaldehyde,
    And the habit of decomposing right before your very (lalalala) eyes.- Again, it's trashy etc. Along with the people inside
    What a wonderful caricature of intimacy
    Inside, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy.- He's saying the people inside are worthless, it's mostly filled with prositutues and whoever has hired them that night. Tonight's tenants range from: a lawyer and a virgin, accesorizing with a rosarie tucked inside her lingerie- The tenants of the motel that night range from a lawyer and a "virgin" to who else knows what. As for the rosarie tucked inside her lingerie I'm pretty sure it's just to add to the irony of the whole song. If she was a good catholic that honored God she wouldn't be committing prostitution, but she may also just be trying to better her life who knows. She's getting a job at the firm come Monday.- The prostitute is sleeping with the lawyer because he has agreed to give her a job at his law firm if she does. The Mrs. will stay with her cheating attorney. Moonlighitng aside, she really needs his money. A wonderful caricature of intimacy. - I think this is switching point of views from the prostitute to the lawyer's wife. Moonlighting is a second job someone does usually at night (in this case it's prostitution) she's sleeping with the lawyer to get a job at his firm so she can put her old ways behind her (moonlighting aside). Then it goes to the wife's point of view, where she know's he's cheating but she's going to stay with him anyway because she really needs his money. Then at the end, a wonderful caricature of intimacy, it's saying how this all is twisted and not how it's supposed to be. The prostitute is having sex with the lawyer just to get a job at his firm, and the lawyer's wife is staying with him simply for his money and not because she loves him. And not to mention, the constable, and his proposition, for that "virgin"
    Yes, the one the lawyer met with on "strictly business"
    as he said to the Mrs., only hours before,
    after he had left, she was fixing her face in a compact.
    There was a terrible crash (There was a terrible crash)
    Between her and the badge
    She spilled her purse and her bag, and held a "purse" of a different kind. This is switching point of views agian. It's talking about the constable (police officer) and his proposition or deal he gives to the "virgin" who is actually the prostitute but called a virgin to go along with the whole theme of irony throughout the song. The same "virgin" the lawyer met with on "strictly buisness" or so that's what he told his wife. Also, the lawyer was with her only hours before the cop sees her. After their buisness was done the prostitute is "fixing her face" or putting on makeup, trying to conceal herself so she doesn't resemble what she just did. The terrible crash between her and the badge is the prostitute running into the cop (I think litterally). As they run into eachother she spills her purse which shows evidence of her being a prostitue (which he is supposed to arrest her for) Instead of him arresting her he gives her a deal. If she sleeps with him he'll keep his mouth shut. Again showing irony, because you would think a cop would obey the law but instead he uses his power to get what he wants. The purse of a different kind represents their deal and what the girl had to do. Her share of the irony is that she thought the lawyer would be the last man she would have to prostitute to and when she got her job at the firm she could put her past behind her...little did she know only hours later she would have to do the same exact thing again. There are no raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses.
    It's sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses
    The shade of the sheets and before all the stains
    And a few more of your least favorite things.- They're trying to get the point across that life isen't what you think it's going to be. Raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses symbolizes innocence, which anyone would want. But unfortunately this girl's life has been filled with sleeping with roaches (the men she's had to sell herself to, to support her needs), taking best guesses because obviously she hasn't had support she's just had to get by and do the best she can, shade of the sheets and before all the stains (representing just another thing that goes along with her being a prostitute) And a few more of your least favourite things because I'm sure she's been through much more then that.

  • Kelly from Jacksonville, FlHer badge is her rosary. What she did (her sin) has "crashed" with her values/beliefs. The lawyer writes laws...not virtue. She represents you, all of us. We are all swayed by laws instead of virtue and try to rationalize our sins. Very valuable song if people would look to the soul behind the lyrics.
  • Bitty from It's Cold In, Akokay so lots of people have most likely said this but i'll just say my opinion, there is a virgin and she wants a job at the lawyers firm so she goes to the corrner of fourth and fremont street to meet him, there they go to a motel and he sorta forces her to do it for the job. she is a practiced cathloic cause of the rosery, but the motel is crap and sleezy(practiced cathloic would cross themselves upon entering). the lawyer is a cheeter and the wife know but wants his money, the crash could be something happens to the lawyer so the badge/constable comes to the last place he was at and the last person he was with, i.e the virgin, and its basiclly how in th sound of music life is good with raindrops on roses and girls in white dreese but the would has come to people sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses instead and innocence is lost kinda thing
    that just what i see i could be totally wrong
  • Bailey from Tampa, FlIt's about a hooker. Caricature of intimacy. Carictture= distorted portrait.
    Therefore a distorted image of intimacy=sex.
    It's about her getting caught.
    "Tonight tenants range from a lawyer and a virgin" It's talking about her clients for hte night.
    "Moonlighting aside, she really needs his money
    Oh, What a wonderful caricature of intimacy. yeah" Moonlighting= to work at another job, often at night, in addition to one's full-time job. Meaning that though she has a different job, she still needs the money from prostitution.
    "Between her and the badge
    She spilled her purse and her bag, and held a "purse" of a different kind." badge=cops
    Purse of a different kind= black book, because that's where she keeps her her clients, who provide her with money." Along with The people inside " meaning her clients are busted as well.
    Part with the constable is simply talking about the rather ironic coincidence that she'll be working with the lawyer she just met with.
  • Emma from Between, GaI think it's just about a trashy hotel where a prostitute (the classy kind lol who for some reason wants to work for a law firm), who claims to be a virgin is getting some business. I think "What a wonderful caricature of intimacy" is sarcastic. It's just ironic that they choose a crap hole for relations. It's all very hypocritical too. Like how the prostitute wears a cross lol. So the lawyer leaves and a cop breaks open the door, and she had to give him her little black book of numbers. There's no way a cop would bust in if she hadn't done it before. So she is definitely a harlot.
  • Carynn from Portland, Orthis song is really complicated but kinda what I think is that it's about a prostitute that needs money and a job. She goes to this hotel, thats kinda a crappy hotel that just gets worse all the time like the line "along with the people inside" as in both the hotel and the people are the same. her clients that night were a range of people from a lawyer to a virgin. but she also want to stay true to herself "accessorizing with a rosary, tucked inside her lingerie" she is probably Catholic considering the "rosary" and she wants to still be a believer as she is having sex with all these people. 3rd part about the constable (police officer) is that she and him have a deal that he wont arrest her if maybe she would stop for have sex with him. But them on her way out she ran into another cop and her bag fell reviling a book or a paper that had all he clients and times on it or something. which would explain the "along with the people inside" like the book with name being the people inside. then as the thinks about it she should have sticked with god and the real word wasnt what it was suppose to be "raindrops on roses" romance "girls in white dresses" symbolizing marriage cause she always sleeps around "sleeping with roaches" the guys she sleeps with "at the shade of the sheets before all the stains" meaning she goes to so many hotels and stuff she always guesses what shade the sheets are before they have sex. the girl always wished she would get married and not have to sleep around so that's what the "a wonderful caricature of intimacy" kinda means. idk that's all just my opinion kinda long...
  • Jeff from B-town, Majust wanted to clear this upabout the "purse of a different kind"

    And not to mention, the constable, and his proposition, for that "virgin"
    Yes, the one the lawyer met with on "strictly business"
    as he said to the Mrs., only hours before,
    after he had left, she was fixing her face in a compact.
    There was a terrible crash (There was a terrible crash)
    Between her and the badge
    She spilled her purse and her bag, and held a "purse" of a different kind.

    it means that she was going to pay off the constable with sex. the "purse" is his ball sack. i don't know a nicer way to put that.
  • Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaWhen I hear this song I think of people gossipping at a party. and the 'there are no raindrops on roses' part would be the wife. In the end her husband gets caught with the 'virgin' gets caught and the wife murders the 'virgin' in a rage. That's how I see the song playing out in my head now. And, no offense, but some of you either need to get a dictionary or stop being lazy and 'nt typin th e hole wrd.' Sorry. ~~Ta~~
  • Hannah from Summerville, ArPATD! OMG, it's like the best alternative band evr! its hard for me to pick 'tween them and mcr. anyway, i luv this song! me n' my friends even have an interpretive dance 2 it lol. altho i rly dont like their new look [THEY GOT RID OF THE "!"!!!!!! AND THEY LOOK LIKE THE BEATLES :( not the best image for a punky band] and only a few songs on the new album.
    btw, their old album A FEVER U CANT SWEAT OUt, i like allllll of those songa
  • Maria from Seattle, WaGosh! I'm in love with this song!!! Ryan Ross is a really deep thinker. That's one reason why I love panic at the disco....There's sooo much behind this song, someone should write a book or make a movie of it! lol.
  • Randi from Culpeper Killed Superman, VaThis song makes me wanna cry cause its so true. Alyssa, you explain the song so well but as always I have my own opinion to add.

    The girl is a good virgin catholic girl who's been sheltered her whole life so when she enters the real world she is manipulated into sleeping with the lawyer to get ahead in life. So he takes her to a disgusting motel where she'll lose her virginity. Her virtue is being taken away (the habit of decomposing right before your very eyes) but she still has faith in God even though shes sinning (Accessorizing with a rosary,
    Tucked inside her lingerie) Even though shes godly and God is supposed to provide everything she knows she needs the job (moonlighting aside she really needs his money)But the constable knows about the set up the lawyer has with the virgin so he makes a deal to pay her if she helps the constable prove to the lawyers wife that the laywers a cheater. So she has evidence in her purse but loses it during the crash, her purse gets swtiched with someone elses
    -------And not to mention, the constable,
    And his proposition, for that "virgin."
    Yes, the one the lawyer met with on "strictly business."
    As he said to the Mrs. well only hours before.
    Well after he had left,
    She was fixing her face in a compact.
    There was a terrible crash, (there was a terrible ) crash,
    Between her and the badge.
    She spilled her purse and her bag,
    And held her purse of a different color-----
    The virgin realizes she never shouldve done all this, she shouldve just trusted God would provide (taking best guesses) and that the world is a big bad scary place (There are no raindrops on roses and girls in white dress. Its sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses)

    But who knows I could be totally wrong lol
  • Marie from Chicago, Ili love the plot, but more so the meaning behind it. all of these people are having sexual relations with people they aren't supposed to, and all have ulterior motives to love. another thing they have in common: they arent happy.
    they are all having sex just to fill some void in their lives. The Mrs, because she needs the money, the "virgin", because she needs a job, and even in But Its Better If You Do, "to be forgetting you."

    there is a moral message of this song that is the same as But it's Better If You Do. It simply depicts how people are all having sex for reasons other than love and explaining that it will not get you that or happiness.

  • Marie from Chicago, Ilthats what i love about panic, all their songs, at least on their old album remind me of poems we study in lit class. they're brilliant with their intricate weaving of words as well as the overall statement about society. they have a different view on life than the "tap that" attitude displayed by most pop artists. a rare breed of intellectuals that are just friggin amazing. and they brought a circus on stage!!!!!
  • Lexa from Plantation, Flin the cd booklet for the Album, it has additional lyrics, including a line where when the 'virgin' spills her purse and reveals of a differant kind. Then is says 'either arest for posseision' (drug)
    then when the 'mrs.' is mention with 'moonlighting aside' it might mean her cheating and making her own money as a whore
  • Sabrina. from Boston, MaThis is mostly about the book, 'Choke.' In the book, it describes sex-a-holics and they're jobs, and it's about a man who pretends to choke in upscale restaurants. The title is also a line in the book.
  • Sunny from Pittsburgh, PaThis song is simply about prodstitution in Las Vegas.

    You can tell this story-which if you take the music away and just read the words is what it really is-is set in Las Vegas in the first verse when Brendon sings, 'It's these substandard motels on the (lalala) corner of Fourth and Freemark Street' which is the intersection that leads to Old Vegas where the older Vegas Hotels are, and they certainly aren't in the same condition as the newer hotels and casinos.

    The plot of this story is simple actually tracing the intertwined lives of these four people. The story starts off with a secret and illicit meeting between a very rich lawyer and prodstitute (in the song she is actually refered to as a 'virgin' with quotation marks) in a shadier area of Las Vegas where they won't be caught.

    The Mrs. is the Lawyer's wife who knows of this affair but does nothing to stop her unfaithful husband because she only married him for his money and as long as he doesn't leave her she still has all of his money. 'Moonlighting aside she really needs his money, oh what a caricature of intimacy.' Only highlighting the irony of the situation between this married couple.

    Moonlighting is also a term for cheating.

    The story concludes with the prodstitute leaving the hotel as she is 'fixing her face in a compact,' she runs into a policeman (the badge) and is arrested for prodstitution and 'holds a purse of a different kind' (which is bail.) You can also infer that she was turned in by the Lawyer's wife as a way of getting revenge.

  • Alyssa from Seattle, WaI think that the virgin in the song is a young virgin who has no money or family. She is a Catholic, too. She needs a job. She makes an agreement with the lawyer that she will sleep with him if he gives her a job. This girl is already in trouble with the law, though, so when the constable shows up to arrest her for God knows what, he is very lonely, and thinks she is attractive so he takes some sympathy on her and is going to let her go, but her purse rips. The constable finds evidence in the contents of her purse that she will be sleeping with a married man in exchange for a job, and tries to arrest her for prostitution. She kills him and the 'purse of a different color' that she carries is her guilt. The lawyer sleeps with her and she hates it and the fact that this is how low she must sink. So, when he leaves she commits suicide, as she'd dying she looks back at all the things she'd done: She's become a "prostitute" to get a job and cannot live with herself because of that (There are no raindrops on roses or girls in white dresses), she lost her virginity to a dirty roach (it's sleeping with roaches,), and she killed a man (the shade of the sheets and before all the stains). 'Build God, and Then We'll Talk' could mean 'make life cleaner and then everything will be better'.
  • Amy from Nunyabiz, AlThis song's funny. It always gets stuck in my head forever when I hear it.
  • Malik from Allentown, Paok,you people obvoiusly do not know what this song is about...this song is about a lawyer that is married and a girl that is recently becoming a prostitute and they get together on i little visit that is strictly business as he says to his wife.but knowing that she needs his money she blackmails the she lives with him and gets a job from him and the wife goes to with a cheating councler.then the wife takes his wallet with rage "a purse of a different kind"and then she dies.then he realizes what he has done "there are no raindrops for girls in white dresses the virgin girl"its sleeping with roaches the prostitute."a few more shades" the thoughts of his old wife."before it stains"the bloody car acciedent."and a few more of your least fav things"his wife before she died
  • Lava from London, EnglandLove the song... The meanings of their songs are so deep.
  • Lexi from The Ville, OhClearly, you are all illiterate. This song is about a innocent girl that can't find a job so she sleeps around from the motel she lives in. Sleeping with the lawyer is one prospect of her getting out of prostitution and getting a real job. The other part of the story is the lawyer's wife getting arrested with drugs "a purse of a different kind"; her drug use could be because of her husband's cheating. The "caricature of intimacy" is the a view that there is a defect in the way that the "people" inside are close and affectionate. The lawyer looks for sex besides his wife and the "virgin" is one by her own means because she has never been intimate with a man without payment for it.
  • Brandon Gallagher from Marysville, SdAlrgiht first of all, The songs title, Build God Then We'll Talk, means that if you can match god, then you can talk to me. The whole song talks about a "POPULAR" whore, (popularity going back to the title). What it is, she lives in a run down hotel, climbing with prostitues and sexually immoral. What happens is, she needs money to pay her bills so she can stay at the hotel. What happens is, a lawyer hers her cry for help, and tells his wife that he would be home late, and then goes to take advantage of the whore. He sleeps with her, then he leaves, with her feeling awful and upset. Then what happened was the police find out what he did and goes after him. The whore is fixing her face in her car, but the laywer drives up, and has an "accidental" crash. The lawyers wife spills her purse and her bag, the one he lied to, with the law, and they catch him. What happens is then he feels bad and wants to kill himself for killing her, (There are NO rain drops on roses, that means no tears, or girls in white dresses, because he killed her, and sleeping with roaches, the bad living in the hotel, ruffle the sheets, he feels bad for when he pounds her under the sheets, before all the stains, the bodily fluid they spilled, and a few more of your least favorite things. Another thing I get, is that, she or the girl, had to become a porn star for money, they find out shes under age, the lawyer defending her won't charge her if she has sex with him, then she has regrets, she dies, he cries, then sudicde takes over. Those are my to points of views.
  • Samantha from Lima, PeruThe song is about a hooker that is sleeping with a married attourney in order to get a job.
    They just have sex, they don't have feelings 4 each other, it's empty.
    On the other hand, she has a arraingment with the police
  • Ali from Wine, CaA rosary is not, in fact a rose. A rosary, usually called Rosary Beads, is a string of beads (and most of the time has a charm of Jesus on it) is used to pray with. And its Catholic.
  • Collin from Portsmouth, VaIt's not about what these peole said,you know:This song follows a girl who sleeps around in desperation for money. She lives in a disgusting hotel and hates it. (thanks, Holly - NYC, United States)
    The lyrics, "There are no raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses, it's sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses, at the shade of the sheets before all the stains, and a few more of your least favorite things" refer to the song "My Favorite Things " as sung by Julie Andrews' character (a nun) in The Sound of Music. (thanks, Rachel - South Point, OH)
    "Build god and then we'll talk" is a quote from Chuck Palahniuk's book Choke. Panic! has drawn inspiration for many of their song titles from his books. (thanks, nidhi - Mumbai, India)

    it's about this woman who sleeps around, you know, a prostitute and to say much else like" it's refering to the sound of music, is falacious. I mean I'm thirteen and I can figure that out. Damn!
  • Kayla from Pikeville, Kyit's obvious what this song is about. The virgin girl is sleeping with the married lawyer to get the job. If anyone thinks literally about what a caricature is: a picture of a real thing, but distorted to look like a cartoon or something, I had one done of myself. So this means that it's a twisted and strange view of "love" in this song. The way I took the lines about the badge and purse, etc. was that the Mrs. (lawyer's wife) had gotten busted for something and also had an affair with the policeman to get out of it, the "purse of a different kind" being his goods lol (I've heard that term used before referring to balls) Anyways, the whole song is about this married couple that keep cheating on each other for whatever reason and that is their caricature of their love, because it is messed up and twisted.
  • Kelleigh from Ohio, OhI don't know that anyone's mentioned this, but the ACTUAL street name, even though it IS pronounced Free-mont, is really spelled Fremont on the sign. Just so you all know.
  • Tommy from Wallaceburg, Canada The reason why there is so much debate over the whole "purse of a different kind" thing is because it is both vague and nonsensical. The reason for this being that the band chopped down Ryan Ross' original lyrics to fit the song. If you have the CD, check out the lyrics page in the booklet. You'll notice that a lot of the lyrics to some of the songs are significantly different.

    I'll write the original lyrics here, and put an end to all of the disputes:
    "...and not to mention, the constable, and his proposition, for that "virgin".
    Yes, the one the lawyer met with on "strictly business"
    as he said to the Mrs. only hours before.
    Well after he had left, as she was fixing her face in a compact,
    there was a terrible crash. Between her and the badge.
    She spilled her bag and her purse held a "purse" of a different kind.

    And here is where he entertains that proposition:
    arrested on possession
    (now if this were you)

    think of what you wouldn't want to happen.

    They ended up... well, making love isn't exactly what I'm looking for.

    Oh, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy."

    As you can see from that, the "purse" (that was in her purse) is, in fact, some sort of illegal substance. The "proposition", however, is definitely sex.

    An interesting thing to note about the original lyrics is that the "Raindrops on roses..." part comes directly after the first "...along with the people inside", instead of what would normally be called the chorus. I hope that clears everything up.
  • Geoff from Lincoln, RiI don't think the "purse" of a difrent kind is a paymentif she go caught by cops and i don't think it's a lis of clients anyone have any other ideas?
  • Jordan from A Place With My House, Mdi meant baby lol
    not bay
  • Jordan from A Place With My House, MdWell i heard that when ("She spilled her purse and her bag, and held a "purse" of a different kind.") That the police kicked open the door and she was fixing her face with her com[act and then she dropped it and her purse and the other bag is a bay in her womb :)
    i think that sounds right!?!
  • Carolyn from Modeso, CaA prostite sleeps with a Lawyer then she runs into the badge AKA cops , then she sleeps with him so she wont be arrested
    "the constable*AKA* police officer and that proposition for that virgin"
  • Tae from Bremerton, WaI think this song is about life. things will never be perfect and sometimes you have to do something you don't want to survive- even if it's hurting others.
  • Darien from Bolivia, NcOkay this is what I understand from this song


    (It's these substandard motels,
    On the (lalalalala) corner of 4th and Freemont Street.
    Appealing, only because they are just that un-appealing.
    Any practiced Catholic would cross themselves upon entering.)

    This means that a cheap dirty motel sits on the corner of 4th and Freemont Street. It's inside is messy and full of prostitutes having affairs with men. It would also be a sin for a catholic person to enter the motel.

    (The rooms have a hint of asbestos,
    And maybe just a dash of formaldehyde.
    And the habit of decomposing right before your very (lalalala) eyes.
    Along with the people inside.)

    This part is describing the people inside the motel and that these people like the motel and rooms inside of it are not being taken care of and could at any time decompose.

    (What wonderful caricature of intimacy.
    Inside, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy)

    This just tells you what everyone inside the motel think about thier affairs.

    (Tonight tenants range from
    A lawyer and a virgin.)

    This means that there is many rentings of rooms in the range of girls (another word for girl was virgin)and guys(another word for guy was lawyer)

    Accessorizing with a rosary,
    (Tucked inside her lingerie.
    She's getting a job at the firm come Monday.
    The Mrs. will stay with the cheating attorney,
    Moonlighting aside, she really needs his money.
    A wonderful caricature of intimacy. (Yeah))

    This means the virgin hides a rose in her lingerie as she waits for the attorney who belongs to a picture perfect family. The virgin knows this is wrong but needs the job to support herself. At this time she trys to think like the prostitutes and says to herself wonderful.....intimacy as he walks her into the rooms and on to the bed.

    (And not to mention, the constable,
    And his proposition, for that "virgin."
    Yes, the one the lawyer met with on "strictly business."As he said to the Mrs.)

    This means that before the virgin met with the laywer she met the constable. While the virgin was with the constable the laywer was telling his wife that he was going to be home late tonight because he had to go to a buisness meeting

    (well only hours before,
    after he had left,
    She was fixing her face in a compact.
    There was a terrible crash,
    Between her and the badge.
    She spilled her purse and her bag,
    And held her purse of a different kind.)

    this means the lawyer left after taking advantage of the young(virgin) girl. But before the lawyer arived at the motel hours before, The virgin was getting ready and fixing her make-up. She was walking down the street and bumped into a female officer. The officer was very friendly but they both dropped thier purses and picked up the oppisite one.

    (Along with the people inside.
    What wonderful caricature of intimacy.
    Inside, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy.)

    This means this is how the girl or virgin is feeling about what she was done(sleeping with the laywer)

    (There are no raindrops on roses,
    Or girls in white dresses.
    It's sleeping with roaches,
    And taking best guesses
    The shade of the sheets and before all the stains
    And a few more of your least favorite things.)

    This means hours after she has relized what she has done she is found by another prostitute crying on the floor of the motel room. she repeats---There are no raindrops on roses,Or
    girls in white dresses.It's sleeping with roaches,And taking best guesses The shade of the sheets and before all the stainsAnd a few more of your least favorite things--- over and over which basically means she is saying:

    There are no blessings on prostitues it's sleep with males who are cheating secertly but if you take off the sheets you will uncover the secerts hidden, some secerts you might not want to hear others you do want to hear.


    Everything else is repeated in the lyrics and I have already explained them.
    I hope that you understand the song a little more.

  • Kate from San Angelo, TxIf you read part of the song that says " She was fixing her face in a compact, there was a terriblecrash. Between her and the badge." More then likely after she was leaving from meeting with that lawyer she was fixing her face makeup whatever and ran into the police then she accidently spilt her bag (or she got taken to the police station) and she was holding a purse of a different kind. I think that made sence but if it didn't oh well (thanks, kate TX
  • Beckylucyanne from Cardiff, EnglandUm just a thought about the rosary, i think (but im not absolutely sure!)that the rosary can be used for penance, like asking forgiveness. So maybe it's saying that the 'virgin' is guilty for what she's doing and asking god for forgiveness. Agree about the irony of it being tucked inside her lingerie tho...
    Great song, P!atd are brilliant!
  • Tom from Hastings, United StatesTHIS IS JUST SO0ME STORY I MADE UP OUT OF THE SONG BUT I THINK IT FITS THE SONG REALLY WELL :As the lawyer left for his conference , he waved good bye to the portrait family ; the trophy wife and children.
    Which others interpreted as the gold digger with two free presents.
    He put his bag in the car and set off. After thirteen minutes he parked at the motel on forth and Freemont Street which was a bit of a dump; falling apart before your very own eyes. You know the type, the kind that condones every wrong doing going, under its roof.

    As he sat their looking around, he got out his wallet and looked at the picture of his family.
    It was only Hours before back at the firm a girl had came in for a job interview, he said she got the job for a price.
    The girl no more than seventeen-the virgin who had waited to find the right man to love- crossed over and smiled at the lawyer. Who now was stepping out of his car to greet the virgin. But underneath the virgin was ripping up her every morel, and crying and sobbing inside.

    He grabbed her hand, as she reluctantly tried to pull it away, she whispered the words Will I get the job into his ear; he nodded then whispered back and a present if yer good and then lead the girl inside.
    As they walked in a whiff of asbestos greeted their nose.
    At the reception desk he ordered one room for two and led her down the hall. The girl looked at the other people: like the regular hooker; Missies-who had a home and was the wife of a attorney, who at the time was sleeping with his Personal Assistant - was leading the constable into her room wearing no more than lingerie. The lawyer and the virgin arrived at the room where he went in. She turned the sign-which was a bit battered-on the door to do not disturb.
    As she closed the door tears were rolling down her face, leaving wet patches on the red top she was wearing. The lawyer shouted out Did you bring the rose and the.. BANG!
    As they say you dont know what happens behind closed doors.

    The next morning the door flung open and the lawyer looked back at the virgin and flung money at her she laid on the floor, crying in despair, at the same time the constable walked past and said to the 'virgin' Ill double yer money you whore She jumped up and closed the door.
    As the lawyer walked through the reception, he passes a catholic priest -who was handing out free bibles to local motels- crossing himself before he entered. The lawyer thought this funny but did nothing. He walked over to his car and shewed of four magpies who were sitting on the bonnet, and set off to return to his supposed portrait family.

    All day you could hear the sobs of the girl from the room the moaning that seamed eternal, the Missies- who was convinced this was scaring of customers-went to comfort the girl as she knew what it was like, because she let men violate her body every day. doll if u gunna make this yer living, yer guna have to learn its just sex But little did the misses know, that the virgin had not done this for a living but to get a job to make a living. A bit cliché.
    But the virgin took no comfort in this, and just repeated the words:
    There are no raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses
    It's sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses
    Referring to her loss of virginity, and that she just slept with the lowest of the low ; a roach.

    At the same time there was a terrible crash. And the Missies dropped her purse-which contained a black book which contained a list of client names- between her and the police. Who had been the cause of the terrible crash. The police had noticed the money on the floor, and her not wearing much more than the Misses. Putting two and two together, the police had worked out what had happened and let the virgin off as this was her first offence. But because of this they Left the virgin holding something of a different kind ; a baby.

    The lawyer returned to his perfect family, leaving his dark secret and his caricature of intimacy behind at that motel on the corner of forth and Freemont Street.
  • Brittney from Foresthill, Caa purse, or a "purse" money...the contsbale pays her for sex.
  • Daniel from Nowhere, AzFor those who wondered what the "accessorizing with a rosary tucked inside her lingere:

    A rosary represents innocence, but the only people who will see it in her lingere are those who are... "having fun" with her, let's say. So it's an emphasis on the irony of her situation.

    -IMP ;) :)
  • Love from Los Angelos, Cai think that panic likes to name every song something strange that has a point though. i think he's teling her to go pray to god (i think he's catholic) and then sotp prostituting and then he can look at her without disgust
  • Galina from New London, CtI think we're all confused about the meaning of the song... someone volunteer to ask the band members of P!ATD...
  • Herman from Ridderkerk, NetherlandsAll nice and everything, but why is the title like it is? Why "Build God, then we'll Talk"? Doesn't make any sense if I read the thing written above...
  • K from Las Vegas, NvJust to let you guys know "4th and Fremont" is a corner in Las Vegas (where panic is from) that is FAMOUS for its prostitutes
  • Josh from So Cal, CaThis is my favorite song ever! It's so complex and I love that there's a story behind it.
  • Lucius from Gaston, InI don't see where anyone is getting anything with the wife and the constable. o.O It says, right there in the lyrics his proposition for that "virgin." Being the same "virgin" that slept with the attorney to get a job at his firm.
  • Kayla from Millwood, MoI think - Ajshay, Silver Spring, MD said it best but then again maybe it's suppose to sound diffrent to diffrent people. Songs can sound different to all kinds of people and we even may be wrog about the hooker and the lawyer. But I still don't get why she has a rosary tucked inside her lingere *shrugs shoulders*
  • Sook from Waterford, MiThis song is not my favorite but I feel the need to understand it. All right so the hotel is crappy and the hookers inside are too. "caricature of intimacy" means it's fake love. There are two people a lawyer and a virgin. Now I don't understand "Accessorizing with a rosary tucked inside her lingerie" does this mean that she's a scared religious girl? Maybe. She gets a job at a firm and she's going to be the mistress of the lawyer, right? The constable thinks this girl is still a virgin so he comes after and takes her. After the constable left, she fixed her face to make her look, well, pretty. Police crash into the room and her purse and bag spilled leaving the contents. The contents inside were most likely drugs. The "raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses" is Urie saying there is no true love there's only loving reality. "sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses" means you get the whore or you take a chance that she's a virgin.
  • Rachel from South Point, Oh"Raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses" are items listed in "My Favorite Things" in the Sound of Music... as sang by a nun. Hence, no raindrops on roses or girls in white dresses.
  • Kelsie from Bloomington, IlOkay, this is what I got out of the song... the virginity represents innocence, not necessarily that she's a virgin, the lawyer, that job usually a little more twisted and deceptive. She has to sleep with this lawyer an order to get this job. The wife sleeping with the officer, again symbolic in that the having an affair is usually against the law. The a different purse spilling from the other purse and the people inside is not necessarily drugs, but dropping her loyalty to her husband, her dignity even in a meaning to perhaps get back at the husband. So I'm not completely sure but I found that both the wife and the other "virgin" were innocent until they both slept with someone to get what they wanted, a job or revenge against their husband. The no raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses once again shows that in this song neither the wife or "virgin" is truly pure. Who knows, may be I'm completly off. Did that make sense to anyone besides me?
  • Breanna from Antioch, Tnits just a song , so who knows ?
  • Breanna from Antioch, TnThe song is about a "virgin" she's not really a virgin but they call her that, she needs money so she sleeps with the attorney in a cheap, dirty hotel , so she can get a job. His wife doesn"t know, IT'S behind her back that's why shell stay with him. the purse of a dirrfrent kind seemed to be yhat she got busted for being a prostitute and she also had a possein of something which seemed to me to be drugs. It didn't seem to me that she had sex with the constable, just that he busted her for being a prostitute.
  • Isabelle from Cedarhurst, NyI think it's very interesting how the chorus seems to contrast "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music. I think a major theme in this song is showing that life is often much dirtier and imperfect than we'd like to admit.
  • Savannah from Tucson, AzTo start things off, i love this song, the music itself is just pleasing to the ears. The idea of telling a story like this is genius.
    Taking apart the song by a few lyrics at a time, for me, gives me a better interpretation (along with others that ive read). I believe that the "virgin" is also referred to as the "Mrs." because it only really tells you about "a lawyer and a virgin" (later mentioning the constable). and for example the lyrics "the mrs will stay with the cheating attorney, moonlighting aside, she really needs his money" the most common ideal of this line is that the wife will stay with her husband even though he is cheating. however, by definition, moonlighting is to work another job, often at night. she could be married and she knows the lawyer is cheating but she really needs money (for reasons unknown). And when it goes on about the constable meeting the same "virgin" that the lawyer only left hourse before, and the whole compact thing. well ive noticed in a lot of hooker situations, after a night the prostitutes will fix their faces to make themselves decent. and of course the terrible crash and the deal between the authority (the badge) and her is obviously an addition to her little black book (the purse of a different kind)
    A bit more about the hotel too, they describe that its basically a dirty, crumbling prostitution motel on Freemont and 4th, and inside is the caricature (a grotesque imitation or misrepresentation) of intimacy. which basically translates to "fake, unmoral loving" aka a night with a hooker. then in the end he sings about how there arent any luxurious things but the night spent in the motel is also spent with the roaches, stains on the sheets, etc. it all fits. thats my opinion and it makes sense to me. such a good song.
  • Lucius from Gaston, InMonica- I think it means the "virgin" because, only a few lines before that it says "
    and not to mention, the constable,
    And his proposition, for that "virgin."" and a constable is an officer. Besides, why would the wife be fixing her face in a compact if she's at home and not having the sex?
  • Monica from Noneyabuisness City, CaI always wondered which "she" they are talking about in the lyrics "...she was fixing her face in a compact
    There was a terrible crash, (there was a terrible ) Crash. Between her and the badge. She spilled her purse and her bag,
    And held a purse of a different kind..." are they talking about the virgin or the mrs.?
  • Nat from B-town, CanadaI always thought that the storyline was about a virgin whom in order to get a job at a lawyer's firm, she has to have sex with lawyer, and does so in this cheesy motel. The lawyer tells his wife he's on the trip with said "virgin" on stictly business. The wife knows that he's cheating, but she stays with him because she needs his money. After the deed is done, the lawyer is driving with the "virgin" (no longer a virgin), and there is a terrible crash. To avoid getting written up, the cop propositions the "virgin", and the "virgin" ends up fondling the cop, hence the lyric: Between her and the badge / She spilled her purse and her bag, and held a "purse" of a different kind.

    But then you all made very good points about the song being about a hooker. Freemont Street is apparently a very known street where hookers hang out. The "lawyer" and the "virgin" are her clients that night. The lawyer says that he's out on stirctly business. And like I said before, the wife knows he's cheating but she stays with him because she needs his money. Or, the hooker knows he's married, but really needs his money. Afterwards, the lawyer is driving the hooker... possibly back to her corner?... and then there was a terrible crash. Between her and the badge / She spilled her purse and her bag, and held a "purse" of a different kind could mean that the hooker spilled the contents of her purse, and the ourse of a different kind could be maybe her black book with all her clients listed, etc. The officer can arrest her, but instead propostions her. Which would explain, AND contradict the line And not to mention, the constable, and his proposition, for that "virgin" because it does say VIRGIN ... but then that would rule out the "virgin" being the hooker's client, because the lawyer is driving home with the virgin, as the following lyrics states that the lawyer met with the virgin that police officer propositioned.

    So I think I was right all along, and the only reason they are on Freemont Street is because it's easier to get away with having sex there.
  • M from Austin, TxEr, this song is TERRIBLE. Sure, the lyrics are okay, but how the actual song is laid out is so bad, I can't even stand to listen to it anymore. And it's pretty easy to figure out what it's about.
  • Ajshay from Silver Spring, Mdi mean come on, they say what its about in the song! its about these people sneaking around this dirty sketchy motel. and the motel is like the people sneaking around in it-it has "the habit of decomposing right before your very eyes." first the virgin sleeps with the cheating attourney for a job, and then the wife is raped by the police officer...when they say "there was a terrible crash between her and the badge", that can be see in two ways...with the law and also literally with the police officer. she dropped her stuff and "she held a purse of a different kind", lol i may completely off, but thats what i got from it.
  • Robin from Washington, MoMy view is the song first talks about how the virigin really needs a job and figures that the only way is to sleep with the lawyer to get the job. Then after she sleeps with him she ends up running into and sleeping with the constable so as not to get in trouble. She starts out a virgin and becomes a "virgin". The setting is a place of a well known prostitution hotel, easier to get away with it. The purse of a different kind can be a range of things, from drugs to guilt to and std. Hard to tell. The end of the song goes on to talk about how it's not pure but gross. These are just my opinions.
  • Mikki from Goldcoast, Australiai agree with natalie, raindrop and lucius.. it is about a hooker who has slept with many clients that nite. 1 of them being the lawyer, who has a wife at home that knows he cheats but is staying with him for the money.

    The purse of a differnt kind thing is in reference to a little black book (sort of like a little diary filled with clients names) and when the hooker spills her bag the book fell out "along with the people inside" ie: the clients were all listed, and the police officer could arrest her.

    Another great song by P!ATD, luv this band!!!!! :):)
  • Jemma from DublinIt's a very good song, whatever it's about.
  • Marc from Philadelphia, PaI think it is about a virgin who want a job and to get the job she sleeps with the lawyer but the lawyer get her pregnant and when she get in the crash the purse of a diferent kind is a baby(She spilled her purse and her bag, and held a "purse" of a different kind) and when she got in the crash the baby was killed.
  • Raindrop from Pittsburgh, PaNo.. it is about a hooker.. lol... freemont street is known for its hookers. a caricature of intamacy would be what a hooker does... duh! her clients range from a lawyer to a virgin... the people she will sleep with that night. The contable slept with her too... she spilled her purse(her real purse) and held a purse of a different a kind(payment for her services) theres a lot more but just listen to the words people... its about a hooker. trust me...
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI love this song. It has a really good story line behind it. This song can have different meenings to everyone. I think it is about a girl trying to get a job at the law firm so she slept with the attorney to get the job. But that's just me.
  • Megan from Ny, NyLove it, ove it, love it. This song has deep symbolic meaning, while still maintaining a catchy pop aura.
  • Maria from Nowhere, Otheri agree with Lucius i think its not a hooker but a girl trying to a the job at a firm and does whatever it takes.. tay could possibly be right too about the wife and a police man, i dont know...
  • Tay from Ltown, Nei think its about how this virgin is sleeping wiht the lawyer to get a job. teh lawyer says to the wife its "strictly business" then he runs off to this gross motel. The twist is when the lawyer leaves.. the wife also has an affair with this police officer or soemthing (ther was a terrible crash, between her and the badge) and its a "wonderful characiter or intimacY' becuase of all the sneaking aroudn and scandelous acts.
  • Lucius from Gaston, InNot to be an arse, but I think you're off a bit on the meaning. It follows a girl who slept with an attorney trying to get a job at his law firm. (She's getting a job at the firm come Monday.
    The Mrs. will stay with the cheating attorney)
    You don't normally give jobs to least, not in that sense. But, I believe the meaning is hidden a little deeper than that, it seems to me that it is about the (disgusting) way people (at least some of them) view intimacy. "A wonderful caricature of intimacy." Also, to further support the fact that the lawyer was with the "virgin" check lines 19-21 of the lyrics.
  • Kelli from New York, Nyyeah...i agree with natalie. but props for listening! panic! is the best.
  • Natalie from Csprings, CoThis song is about a hooker who gets caught. She's not the virgin, the virgin part is just saying that her clientele, the people who've hired her that night, ranges from a lawyer to a virgin.
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