Pas de Cheval

Album: Pretty. Odd (2008)


  • Bassist John Walker told VH1: "Ryan (guitarist Ryan Ross) and I came home one night - I was living with him while we were recording. We ended up writing a whole song that was a bunch of different parts. And this song is probably about half of that song. We mixed up some parts and redid some parts. Then as we started playing it with the rest of the guys it turned into this."

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  • Clb from A Place, Vaone of my favorite songs on the album
  • Brittany from Townsville, Australiaanother Pretty. Odd song [Laugh][snicker]... ...[Giggle]
  • Robin from Oakville, Onthe name of this song was originally "sing it for them" untill they came up with this name which is a balerina move which represents a horse gallop
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